A mailbox makeover

This project was a loooong time coming. As a matter of fact, I blogged about wanting to fix up our mailbox here, almost 4 years ago (!!!). But you know how it is–projects like these tend to sit around for a while, even if you have good intentions. And we totally did. We even had a … Read more

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The Day I Painted Our Door Pink

door pink

So it all started a couple weeks ago when I sent Mitch a text… Magenta. While I don’t really consider myself a girly-girl, I do enjoy this pinky-purple colored hue. And after educating Mitch on the shade, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I needed magenta in my life. Like yesterday. So where … Read more

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Our dining room

dining room

I noticed the other day when looking through my house tour, I never officially revealed our dining room. If you’ve been following MLST for a little while, you’ve probably seen lots of dining room pictures, primarily from the DIY projects that were completed in that room. But I thought I may as well show you guys … Read more

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Molasses Cookies Made with Coconut Oil

molasses cookies

Just in case you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve kinda been in a baking mood lately. I think cooler temps does that to me (you, too?) ‘Cause after all–who wants to turn their oven on in the summer months of 90 degree days? Cooler temperatures, heartier flavors, and spices just are another reasons to love fall. … Read more

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A DIY Bridal Shower Gift

diy bridal shower gift

Now get out there and get your shower on!Wait…that didn’t come out right…I went to a bridal shower this past weekend. It was for a girl who used to be in my 4th grade class. Isn’t that just crazy?? Bek and I reconnected when she took our family pictures last year. And I was thrilled when I got … Read more

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Going over to dark side

going over to the dark side.jpg

It’s time to mix things up in our basement family room. For newbies to the blog here, a couple years ago, Mitch and I decided to stay at our (what was then) two-bedroom rancher and make more living space out of it for our growing family. We started in the unfinished basement. You can read … Read more

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Diy barnwood table


Have you ever had one of those projects that you have been planning for years? You have all the supplies and have thought it all out but the only thing missing is time and motivation. Well we probably have a ton of them but one in particular was the barnwood table that we just finished … Read more

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Diy chalkboard mason jar mugs

diy chalkboard mason jar

So as promised (I know…you couldn’t sleep last night, could you?), here’s the tutorial for the mason jar mugs I showed ya in yesterday’s post. Remember when I confessed that I’m not “crafty?” Yeah…still not. You can literally not have one single “craft bone” in your body and still complete this little project. So super easy. Here was … Read more

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Bangin’ Garlic Cheddar Biscuits (From Scratch)

It’s been a while since I last posted a recipe, so I thought I was due. And I got an easy one for ya today: garlic cheddar biscuits. A friend posted a recipe for two ingredient biscuits the other day on Instagram. Can you guess what the two ingredients are? Yeah, believe it or not, … Read more

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