A mailbox makeover

This project was a loooong time coming. As a matter of fact, I blogged about wanting to fix up our mailbox here, almost 4 years ago (!!!). But you know how it is–projects like these tend to sit around for a while, even if you have good intentions. And we totally did. We even had a new mailbox and post down in our basement. Sheesh. So we had no excuse. It’s funny how that sometimes we need a little kick in the pants to get goin’ on a project such as this.

Yeah. We got a notice in the mail. HA! What?? Our mailbox needs attention??
Ya think??

So that was all the motivation I needed to get crackin’. That same day, I lifted the post out of the ground way too easily and got to work.

We bought this already-constructed post at Lowe’s a couple years ago, intending to add some more interest to it by “beefing” it up. Mitch started, but then other projects became priority. He added some cedar to the pressure-treated post and called it a day. We also bought the post “cap” to add a little extra to it.
I originally wanted to paint the post white, but I don’t want any upkeep (shoot, once this project was done, I wanted it to stay that way!) so I decided to stain it instead. I used leftover stain from our butcherblock counters (Minwax Walnut).
I painted the red flag magenta (Benjamin Moore Royal Flush) to tie into our front door. It’s a fun personal touch.
Mitch cut a piece of pressure-treated wood and attached it to the post so the mailbox could be screwed into it.
And liquid nailed the cap to the post (we still might add a couple nails to it just in case).

I planted some flowers, added some numbers and just like that, we have a mailbox that received the attention it so desperately deserved.

We also added a cute little solar lantern to the back 🙂
Ahh…much better!!
So what does your mailbox look like? Is it in need of “some attention?” Guys, this was a super quick and easy update that really makes a big impact. Makes me wonder why we waited so long to do it!

In other exciting, non-mailbox related news, come check out a blog post I wrote for Mitch’s company–Golden Barrel. I’m going to be blogging over there a few times a month. I’d love for you guys to follow along!