How to Cut Gemstones with a Dremel

Do you want to know how to cut Gemstones at home yourself? Or are you searching on the internet on how to cut gemstones with a Dremel? Well, you are in the right place as in this article our main concern is to help those gems lover or jeweler lover to cut gems by hand. If you are a professional gems cutter then this article is also going to quit your question on how to cut gemstones lapidary.

Let’s have a discussion on what is a Dremel?

The dermal tool is a specialized tool to carve any wood, gems or stones. In every woodworking place or gems cutting store, Dremel is frequently been used. It is a small tool to shape and design any hard material. Cutting gemstones using a Dremel is less costly and reliable in terms of quality.

Dremel 8220, Dremel fortiflex and Dremel 4300 electric tool are some of the best dremel to name. With some simple tips, you can do gemstones cutting very easily. Without making any farther delay lets know how to cut your precious gemstone efficiently with a Dremel.

dremel cutting gemstones

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How to Cut Gemstones with a Dremel

According to the surface of your gems, you have to choose the right Dremel for your gems cutting. You may have uncut gemstones, hard gemstones stone or gemstones with a particular cleavage but there are suitable Dremel out there, ready to help you in every purpose. Consider a larger surface gemstone to do the cutting via Dremel.

To cut the gems with Dremel, you need to accomplish some steps.

Step 1:

Set up your Dremel by inserting the diamond bit into the last hole and slide it back and after all tighten it. On the case of an electric dramel, first of all, make sure the switch is off before inserting the bit.

Step 2:

Check the performance of the gemstone. For doing this, first of all, remove any inclusion like cleavage, colored spot or hardness from the gem to give it a better shape. Then move forward with a 20 grin cutting lap made of diamond to check the Dremel if it is working correctly or not. For the best cutting experience keep lap the in the high run and pour water after a while often to get the smooth finish of the cutting gem.

The expert says that before working hit up the dop stick and wax the gemstone itself. Only properly heating up them will ensure you a smooth finish of your preferred gem. Do not keep the gemstone in the doping process for long else it could harm the beauty of it. Whatever once the gemstone has attached with the dop stick and wax place it on the diamond cutting lap. Transform 260 grips to 600 grit lap to have a smooth finish.

Step 3:

Cutting the pavilion and polishing. For polishing-use diamond powder 8k and to plain the uneven edge of the diamond use grinding process with 800 bit.

Hopefully, now you know how to cut gemstones with a Dremel and how to use a Dremel to buff and polish stones. Thanks for listening to us.