The Day I Painted Our Door Pink

So it all started a couple weeks ago when I sent Mitch a text…
While I don’t really consider myself a girly-girl, I do enjoy this pinky-purple colored hue. And after educating Mitch on the shade, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I needed magenta in my life. Like yesterday. So where better to apply that bold splash of color than here on our new front door?
Mitch and a friend installed the door a couple months ago and I’ve been itchin’ to paint it ever since. I was totally going to go green (the color, not the movement), and the day I was to pick out the paint at the store, I noticed on my way to take Bryce to preschool, like 90% of the doors I passed along the way were green. So you know I had to change the plan. Our door needed to be different. It needed to stand out. I love the Craftsman style door we have, but it needed a color to make it more noticeable. Magenta.
I first started by priming the door gray.
Then we broke out the real deal: Benjamin Moore Royal Flush
I must admit I was a little scared at this point…
It looked a little more like hot pink than the magenta I was wanting.
Break out the sunglasses!
But after the second coat, it really darkened up and it’s a pretty shade of that purply-pink I was craving. Shoot, I feel like it could even pass as a burgundy color.
So we have some bigger plans out here. I’m sure you noticed that the area around the door looks like crap. Yeah. There’s a plan for that…we’re gettin’ there. After Mitch installed the door, he spray foamed around it (no more leaky drafts!) and the plan is to build out around the door with two side panels. (You can read about all that here.) Another thing we really would love to do is re-side our house since the siding is stained and nasty. And the ceiling of the portico needs a fresh coat of paint, as it’s super nasty too. Not sure what we’re doing with the old wasp nest…I kinda like it!
So when the door was installed, Mitch allowed for the build-out of the two side panels. See how the door frame sticks out from the siding? That’s so that Mitch can put two faux “sidelights” on either side of the door. We’re still trying to figure that part out–what material to use, how to construct it, etc. There aren’t any tutorials that we’ve found on the subject, so we just need to think everything through first.
And since it’s always fun to look back at “our list” and cross things off that list, here we go:
This was the list we made a year and a half ago
  1. Tear out the arborvitae on the right hand side
  2. Purchase and plant the azalea and cherry laurels 
  3. Define the border of the beds
  4. Purchase and lay the weed barrier
  5. Lay the brick walkway
  6. Tile the concrete slab on portico
  7. Replace pendant light
  8. Replace front door
Almost everything crossed off! How cool is that? And here are a few more things we’ve since added to the list (of course):
9.    Add faux sidelights to sides of door
10.  Spruce up portico (beef up the posts, arch the ceiling, etc)
11.  Add dormers/pitches to roof
12.  Re-side the entire house
Who knows if/when those other things will get done. They’re kinda on our “wish list.” But what do you guys think? Would you ever paint your door magenta?? I had some people on Facebook say that their husbands would never let them paint their door a color like that. Guess I’m lucky, eh? 😉