The Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

Are you bored using corded Dremel tools for years? Why don’t you buy a cordless one then? You will be amazed while using the cordless Dremel 8220 as it has come with many new eye-sparkling features. This article is about the Dremel 8220 review, so, those who are new and want to buy the Dremel 8220 can also read this article to know the details. Let’s dive into the deep.

What is the Dremel 8220?

The Dremel 8220, a multi-purpose rotary tool, is regarded as one of the first-rated and top quality rotary tools that are used for engraving, cutting, and polishing your objects to give them different beautiful shapes. I’m sure; you cannot resist your temptation if you go through the following features of this products.

Dremel 8220

The Dremel 8220 Review

Product Specification:

  • Amps: 12V Max
  • Speed Range (RPM): 5,000 – 33,000
  • Accessory Change System: EZ Twist Nose Cap
  • Number of Speeds: Variable speed for better control and accuracy
  • Separate On/Off Speed Control: Yes
  • Lightweight: only 4.4 pounds
  • Dremel 8220 Price: $ 93.06

The Most Important Features of Dremel 8220

  • Lithium battery for holding long-lasting charge: The Dremel 8220 battery is so powerful that you can use it for hours without any hindrance. With the help of the Dremel 8220 charger, you can charge the battery within an hour.
  • Easy portability: The best thing that it is easy to port. You can carry this dremel 8220 cordless tool without any overwork.
  • Enough Speed: With this cordless tool- a user can control and fulfill their tusk nicely. The tool has 5000-33000 rpm speed range- which will help to do any kind of speedy works.
  • Ball Bearing: Extra-ordinary ball-bearing construction for smooth operation.
  • 541 aluminum oxide grinding wheels for sharpening and grinding.
  • Fast accessory change option for fast accessory changes.
  • Multi-purpose functions let you get a dozen tools in one.
  • An integrated hanging hook makes it comfortable for all-day.


  • 561 cutting bit for multipurpose cutting use
  • Cordless from top to bottom helps working in a tight space.
  • Well-matched with all Dremel accessories and attachments.
  • On/off switch which will help to control speed.
  • Ability to run 28 different accessories.


  • some people may not be satisfied with it’s selection of attachment

The Final Words:

For its highest performance and versatility, people like the Dremel 8220 rather than the Dremel 3000 and 4300 models. It is popular among the Dremel brands for its variable-speed. In that dremel 8220 review- we tried our best to highlight all features and benefits. So, you can buy the cordless Dremel 8220 today and bid your old corded one good-bye forever. If you face any problem, you can take help from the Dremel 8220 manual. Make your working days better than before by the dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool.

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