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Best Floor Wax for VCT

August 5, 2020

What would be better than having a clean and smooth floor every day? It seems to be tough as you have to do a hard cleaning. It needs more time and effort. Don’t worry! Now your floor will remain smooth and glossy all day long with waxing products.

Say goodbye to the damage and rough floor with the best floor wax for vct and have a clean and glossy home. But now the question is which waxing products are best? There are several types of floor waxing products available in the market. But the best floor waxes are made of quality materials. These waxes add a smooth layer and protect the floor from getting damaged by liquid or other substances. This article will help you to choose the best wax product for your house.

Top 6 Best Floor Wax for VCT & Buying Guide 2020


marble tile cleaner

If you want to invest in a cleaner that can clean almost anything from any floor, you can try it without a second thought. It is safe, deep cleaner for granite, porcelain and ceramic tiles, travertine, slate, limestone, and marble floors. It is reliable, suitable for marble, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.

It removes dirt and debris to the surface for easy removal. This marble and tile cleaner contains special cleaning agents that remove dirt from the pores without damaging the surface or reducing the natural color. Most floors do not require any kind. It is Eco-friendly and safe in the vicinity of biological children and pets.

It provides a clean floor every time you use it, and you don’t have to wash your floor to make sure it’s unabashedly clean. This is made possible by non-rinse hypoallergenic formulas. You need to use about 2 oz per gallon of water because it is a dense solution. It is only necessary to ensure that your solution has cleaned and taken care of all your floors.

Product Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Safe, for marble, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.
  2. Surprise- frees cleaning every time!
  3. Lots of concentrates use only 2-4 oz. Per gallon of water
  4. Safe for children and pets. Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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2. Ultra HIGH Gloss 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax

ultra high gloss cleaner

For lasting glow, Simonis is the way to go. It has a patented polymer technology that allows you to shine on a super-durable floor. You can test it to easily clean the floor of your home. Also, apply it as needed to clean or scrub floors.

Water-based, Ultra Line 33 floor finish and sealant from Simonies is not wax and polyurethane. Although it has a very light scent, its main advantage lies in the fact that it provides maximum protection on the deepest side of the wood. The product comes in a 1-gallon plastic bottle, which weighs about 3.78 liters.

It gives instant glaze as soon as it is used. It can also be used in various materials. It saves a lot of time compared to some other similar products.

Product Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Quick-drying formula
  2. Glitter like a diamond for a gorgeous looking floor
  3. Quick and easy application
  4. 33% high solid acrylic floor wax & sealer. Quick-drying, diamond-like shine
  5. Needs half the wear than other floor products
  6. Screw and scratch-resistant

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3. Trewax Professional Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon

trewax floor stripper

Looking for a high-quality cleaner to clean your floor that you can easily clean? Then you can buy this Trewax Professional Floor Stripper.

Trewax Professional Heavy Duty Floor Stripper removes old, tough wax buildup from floors to permit for brand spanking new sealers to be applied with ease. Simply pour on, mop up and rinse to go away your floors clean and prepared for a replacement sealer. This Vct floor wax remover instantly removes old wax buildup.

The concentrated formula works hard to urge obviate buildup over time and prepares your floors for the subsequent steps. Since 1935, Trewax has been the amount one provider of surface protection and restoration products. Quite 80 years later, Trewax continues to be the brand trusted by consumers and industry professionals worldwide.

Product Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Removes old, tough wax buildup from floors
  2. Simply pour on, wipe up, and rinse to go away floors clean and prepared for a replacement sealer
  3. Not recommended to be used on a cork, unfinished wood, laminate or marble floors
  4. Formerly Trexwax Instant Wax Remover
  5. Large 1 Gallon size

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4. Lundmark All Wax, Self Polishing Floor Wax, 1-Gallon, 3201G01-2

lundmark floor wax cleaner

This 100% USA-made landmark product preserves quality floor finishes all furnished floors and exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials standards for slipping and drying with high finish gloss. Also, it is great for cleaning dark spots on your hardwood floor. It provides an exact high gloss finish.

It is durable, and its gloss is outstanding; customers are happy with the result of the product because it gives their floors a new look. What I like about this landmark product is that it does not catch dust like other greasy products. When it is completely dry, it retains its appearance for several months.

It gives a quarter of a gallon to 500 square feet after applying 2-3 coats. This product is physically safe, biodegradable, and does not contain phosphate, so low VOC emissions.

Product Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Durable finish
  2. Carnauba wax formula
  3. No mopping application

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5. Ultimate Floor Finish & Wax Stripper Remover Non-Corrosive Concentrated – 1 Gallon

Best floor wax for vct

It is another multi-purpose product that will help restore your floors, especially if it is made of wood. It is non-corrosive, non-immunized, and non-hazardous. These are just a couple of the goal-setting shareware that you simply can use. This means that it is safe to use this product while it is strong enough to clean your floors. If you are looking for a good cleaner for your home use, then you can check it out.

One of the best aspects of this product is that it uses 33% high-solid acrylic wax and sealer in terms of functionality. According to the manufacturer, it provides a shine that is comparable to a diamond. It is also very safe to use at home.

You don’t need to worry about stains on your floor. Once you employ this concentrated product, your old wax and other stains will disappear during a jiffy. Most users were also proud of how easy it’s to use.

Product Key Features and Benefits:

  1. No correctors, uncovered!
  2. Economic and sensitive!
  3. Strong and effective!
  4. Money-back guarantee!

There is no danger of shipping and storing! This product that professionals have used.

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6. Lundmark Super Gloss Floor Wax

best floor wax for vct lundmark

Lundmark is a high-efficient floor wax for VCT that keeps your floor protected from damage through the liquid or other substance. The product is 100% safe, so you don’t need to worry about the side-effect of chemical materials.

Lundmark is all floor suitable. It can cover up to 500 square feet coverage only in 2-3 coats. You can use this product on Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, Vinyl Tile, Resilient Linoleum Asphalt Tile, Asbestos Tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT even in Laminate Flooring. The wax is also usable on the wooden floor. The high-quality floor wax gives a high gloss finish and protects your tile from being slippy or rough.

Just keep your mop into the wax and start cleaning. You can use a lambswool applicator for better results. Get rid of rough and hard flooring and make your floor smooth and glossy with Lundmark Super Gloss Floor wax. This high-performance floor wax adds o solid layer and keeps your floor soft and damage-free.

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How to choose Best Floor Wax for VCT Buying Guide

Before purchasing a floor wax, you need to focus on some essential matters such as- chemical materials, side-effects, flooring suitable quality, etc. Follow the instruction given below to get the Best Floor Wax for VCT.

Chemical Materials:

Most of the floor waxes are made of harmful chemicals. These chemical solutions are harmful to health. Besides, it can damage your flooring too.  Make sure that wax is made of natural ingredients.  Mostly VCT waxes are made of shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, perchloroethylene, toluene, and phenol.

All fool suitable:

Wrong wax can damage your floor. Select a wax depending on floor type. You will find some wax which is all floor suitable. You can use these waxes on Vinyl Composition Tile, or VCT, Vinyl Tile, Resilient Linoleum Asphalt Tile, Asbestos Tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT even in Laminate Flooring even in wooden flooring. So be aware before choosing a wax.


Many companies use Cresol for extra shine. But it is dangerous for our health. This substance causes kidney and liver damage. Even it causes health issues for animals too. So, make sure your floor wax is cresol free.

Final Thought on VCT Floor Wax

Does your floor become rough and damage? Then wax your floor get a smooth and glossy surface. Don’t worry about the injury. Wax will protect your flooring from all sorts of damage.

The list given above includes high-quality floor wax for vct. These waxes are cresol free and 100% safe for your flooring. Besides, these waxes are reasonable, so you can easily afford it. These are worthy enough and can be said the Best Floor Wax for VCT.

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