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You can stick a fork in it–the boys’ room is finally DONE! Just gonna show ya pics today then I’ll follow up with a more detailed post about everything. Hope you enjoy:) Warning: there’s a butt-load of pictures in this post.





























You can read about the details of this room below.
Thanks, guys, for your positive feedback on the boys’ room…so glad you liked it:) As promised, this post is a details post–a breakdown on cost, projects, finds, etc in the room. So you might want to grab something to munch on ’cause this may take a while.
First up, a quick before and after for you newbies and a refresher for the rest of us. This room used to be the master, so it’s a nice size for a shared bedroom. (And yes, the crib was in the master–our house was only a two bedroom until recent months, so Bryce was always in our room.)
The color of the walls is True Value Livelihood (read more here). It’s a slight grayish green. I wanted something neutral on the walls so we could accessorize with color. The ceiling is Benjamin Moore Dark Olive. Painting a ceiling a dark color is definitely a leap of faith but we knew it couldn’t be worse than it already was.
The white ceiling just looked dirty even though we had painted it several years ago. You could see the seams of the individual tiles and it was just ugly. We had originally thought about doing something cool to it like we did in Ryder’s room, but then ran out of steam and just decided to paint it dark. I chose the paint in an eggshell finish as I didn’t want it to look drabby and flat (normally ceilings are painted in a flat finish). I love the sheen of it during the day. A flat finish would just suck in that light. Do you see the light bouncing off the ceiling? Ahhh
The trim is the same throughout the house (excluding the master bed/bathroom): Behr Swiss Coffee. Love this creamy white color. I gave it a fresh coat in semi-gloss. You can read about the DIY curtain rods here.

Next, we got a call from 1980s and they wanted their ceiling fan back. I was happy to oblige.

Did you notice Mitch’s kinked neck? Yeah, he couldn’t even walk under the fan without hitting his head on it. (And no, we don’t have low ceilings…I just have a very tall husband) Not good. I knew I wanted something unique in its place. And something DIY would be totally awesome. And all without spending an arm and a leg. Well I picked up the lampshade at a yard sale this summer with the boys’ room in mind. How could we make this work??
Mitch cut those wires at the top and used electrical wire staples to adhere it to the ceiling. (He rigged up that idea himself…smart feller.) He simply pressed the staples into the ceiling with his thumb.
And the actual light fixture we used was this one from Home Depot. We looked for the cheapest light we could find (that used more than one bulb) and that’s what came home with us. I sprayed the metal part brown (couldn’t find my oil rubbed bronze paint anywhere) since it was originally white. Didn’t want that to stick out up against the dark ceiling color. Unique, cheap, and a DIY…all the bases were covered.
Next up, beds and bedding.
The beds were an awesome Craigslist find. I paid $100 for these beautiful old poster beds and I absolutely love them. I think they make the room. The people we bought them off of were super cool (actually we talked with the husband when we picked the beds up, his wife wasn’t there but she now follows MLST on FB–hi Laurie!) Laurie said that the beds were from an old mansion in Harrisburg probably from around the ’30’s and you know this history lover here can’t help but imagine what kind of rooms these beds were in. If beds could talk…er, maybe not.
The sheets were the one splurge in the room. I had to get them. I couldn’t imagine any other sheets on these beds…they’re perfect with the plaid wool blankets. They’re from Pottery Barn Kids. They were on sale, so at least I feel pretty good about that, but it was still a hard one for this cheap-o to swallow. The plaid blankets I found at a thrift store…amazing that I found a pair of them, isn’t it? The gray stripped pillow covers are from Ikea and the other pillows in the front are random down-filled ones from GW. And I wrapped the boxsprings with some extra burlap I had on hand to cover up the not-so-pretty boxsprings. And that’s a vintage cooler there being used to store the boys’ blocks.
The child’s rocker was Mitch’s Mom’s when she was a little girl. And the Gone Fishing poster I found at an antique store for a couple bucks (got the huge frame at Ikea). Thought it was really cool-looking and it’s from Canada…a nod to Mitch’s native land;)

The curtains are the same ones from Ry’s room. Actually there’s a lot of the same things from his old room in here. The desk, bookcase, the bench, etc (you can read more about those here) were simply moved over with him to his new shared room.
Closets annoy me. At least older closets that aren’t very efficient. There’s a shelf up top and one random bar right under the shelf and under that–nothing. Just wasted space. So, we stuck a dresser in the middle of that former wasted space and as with Ryder’s old closet, we took off those sliding doors (actually we did that right after we moved in 8 years ago). It cracks me up that all the closets in our tiny little el cheapo rancher are all lined with cedar. The builders didn’t bother to put more than two outlets in a room, but heck, by all means, they lined the closets in cedar wood! It’s a cool feature that deserves to be showcased, hence no doors or curtains hanging in front. And how fitting in this rustic camp-themed room.
We hung a light in there since it’s pretty dark. It’s a plug in so we didn’t have to worry about wiring it in. The storage on the shelf are just random crates/cheese box that I found while thrifting. I like to think outside the box (well…I guess they’re still boxes, huh?) when it comes to storage options. It’s the cool unexpected things in a room that make it stand out.
There’s room on the floor for a hamper (this one is filled with stuffed animals but can also work for dirty laundry).
The wall sconce is a jelly jar light that Mitch rigged so we can pull the chain to turn it on (i.e. you don’t turn it on by a switch). He’ll do a follow-up post on how he did that. This is a very inexpensive project…right up our alley!
What else?? The gallery walls were pretty much made up of thrift store finds. That’s a real working bugle up there on Ry’s side. Picked it up at a thrift store for $5:) The trains and shelves were made for the boys for Christmas by Mitch’s Dad. Those were the first things we hung on their walls then we just eyeballed the rest of the stuff. That mountain picture is an old paint-by-number painting.
I tried to include the boys’ interests in their gallery walls. Bryce is totally into trains so I got a couple vintage train pictures for his wall. (I wasn’t about to plaster Thomas up there!)
Mitch found the canteen when he was out thrifting for Christmas presents one day.

The dresser is a cast-off from my parents. You can read more about the horse head lamp here.

I didn’t show this in the last post, but here’s a picture of the toy box Mitch made in its new home–at the foot of Ryder’s bed. It’s perfect for in here…keeps toys out of the living room!
And finally, the letters above the boys’ beds. Yes, Mitch made them and yes, he’s awesome. I wanted their letters above their beds but had no idea how the heck we were going to pull that off. Mitch figured it out and he’s going to tell you himself in a later post how he did them. They’re mounted on barnwood!
Did I forget anything? If you have any questions about any of the other things you see in the room, leave a comment. I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.
Lastly I leave you with some shots of the boys enjoying their new room. They really do love it and get all excited whenever someone visits…they want to show off their room to them:) And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about–giving them a fun room in which to grow up.

For a tutorial on the barn wood letters go below.

Hi this is Mitch again. You may remember me from my pallet ceiling post and more recent love/hate list.

My wife has decided to make me a regular writer on her blog for some reason. So every once in a while I will be posting about certain projects that I do around the house. I am by no means an expert but just a guy that is not afraid to try and figure it out myself.

You may have seen the pictures from the boys room that we just finished last week. Well one of the features in the room was the large “B” and “R” above the boys beds. A while back, Kat asked me if I could make large letters out of barn wood for their rooms. I am definitely not an artist but figured I could try anyway. I think they turned out pretty well.

At first, I wasn’t really sure where to start and really didn’t want them to look cheap and homemade. Plus anybody that has ever seen me play Pictionary knows that I can’t draw overly well. Animals for me in that game were the worst and always gave everyone a good laugh. Also, it didn’t help much that she started thinking the letters probably wouldn’t turn out right if we did them ourselves, but despite that I felt fairly confident. Originally, it was going to be letters somehow pieced together out of barn wood attached to the wall, but we decided that it would probably look better if I just made some kind of wooden background and then attached the letters to that. Luckily, I have a fairly large stash of old barn wood that I found free on Craigslist last summer.

Warning: sweatpants alert! Yeah, that’s right, I’m not afraid to rock the comfort.

I randomly picked a size of 24 inches wide by 30 inches high for the background.
It came out to 6 boards per piece.

Then came the hard part, drawing a letter that actually looked good. I figured I am already wearing my favorite hat and sweetly paint-stained sweatpants, I got this! I decided to make it so there was about 5 inches of the background behind the letter on all sides, so that came out to making the letters 14 inches wide by 20 inches high. Really, I just picked up a pencil and tape measure and started practicing on a piece of cardboard. I made the thickness of the letter 2.5 inches and just took some measurements, drew lines with a straight edge, and made it up as I went.

I used a plate to trace the curves at the round parts of the “R” and “B” and then measured 2.5 inches from the little curve to make the larger curve. I am connecting the dots of the larger curve in this picture.

Once I was done drawing, I cut it out with scissors to see if I liked the size.
I was pleased enough to give it a try. I found some nice plywood scraps that were just the right size and redrew both letters on the wood the same way I did on the cardboard. I didn’t want to trace it from the cardboard because my scissor cutting wasn’t the greatest and I wanted straight lines.
With the drawing looking like an “R”, I was ready to use the jigsaw.
After cutting and a quick sanding, they actually looked pretty good.
My wife picked some left over red paint, grabbed her purple sweatpants, and started painting. Bryce didn’t get the memo apparently and figured undies were more appropriate attire.
With the barn wood boards still being loose, I wanted to somehow make them into a solid piece. I found a scrap piece of thin plywood and cut it to about an inch smaller than the barn wood background and placed it on the back of the wood…
then just nailed it into place.
All right, now it is all one solid piece.
I placed the letters on one last time to make sure it looked right. Wait…jeans? Oh well!

I was now ready to attach the barn wood piece to the wall. I wanted it to be secure to the wall but didn’t want any screws to be showing, so I found the studs and put a few screws in where I knew the letter would cover them.

Making sure they are centered and the same height
Nailed the letters to the board with nail gun
And the final products.
Personally, I think they turned out great and it feels good to say that I made them myself. I am sure that there are artsy people out there that could have done it much fancier than I did, but I doubt they would have looked as good in my sweatpants while doing it.

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