can you put a mini fridge on a carpet

Can You Put a Mini-Fridge on a Carpet? Find Out

May 16, 2022

Whether you are a college student, a parent raising a family, a career-minded A-type entrepreneur or fill any number of lifestyle niches, the chances are you have a refrigerator or a mini-fridge. Besides, a refrigerator is an essential appliance for living, garages and workspaces. However, they’re not fit for every space. For example, most small apartments and dorms have carpets. And so can you put a mini-fridge on a carpet? Well, here is the best answer.

Can You Put a Mini Fridge on a Carpet?

Placing your mini-fridge on a carpet is not a good idea, and we don’t recommend that. There are several reasons for this recommendation, including;

  • Carpets usually obstruct airflow into the fridge’s condenser, which helps in cooling.
  • When put on a carpet, the compressor would be under pressure, increasing energy usage and higher power bills.
  • Carpets usually trap heat and may cause your refrigerator to overheat.
  • The heat from the bottom of your fridge might cause the carpet’s color to fade.
  • If the refrigerator or the compressor overheats, the entire unit may cease operating.

No electrical appliance technician would ever advise you to place your refrigerator on a carpet for all of these reasons. It shortens the appliance’s life, but it also damages your carpet. Conversely, what if you already have a carpeted kitchen floor and no other place to put a mini-fridge? The solution is to take a few preventative measures to keep your fridge and house safe.

What Are the Precautions When Placing a Mini Fridge on Carpet?

Most people who live in small apartments do not have the luxury of placing their appliances in the best possible places. Also, you might have a house with enough place to place your appliances in the best possible locations, but the issue is that the room is already carpeted. If you have no other option but to place your mini fridge on a carpeted floor, we have a few alternatives. You can put your mini fridge on a carpet if you follow the precautions listed below.

1. Put something underneath the mini-fridge

Putting a mini-fridge directly on the carpet will cause issues in the long run, so a buffer between the bottom of the mini-fridge and your carpet is essential. This buffer can be a durable rubber mat or a sheet of plywood, encouraging airflow to the fridge’s underparts while protecting the carpet from any damage.

2. Ensure the mini-fridge is always properly closed.

If you place the mini-fridge on a rug, there is a high probability that the carpet won’t allow the fridge door to close properly. Therefore, you must ensure that the door is properly closed whenever you close it. However, if you follow the precaution in number one of this guidance, you will reduce the likelihood of this occurring. It will lift the mini-fridge, allowing the door to open and close without being obstructed.

3. Check for leakages on your mini-fridge

Even after placing a mat or a sheet of wood beneath your mini-fridge, leaks can still cause carpet damage. Therefore, before placing the fridge in a carpeted room, plug it in and check for leaks. Running your hand below and around your fridge door can reveal any leaks. Besides, if you see air blowing, there is a leak, and you should avoid putting the fridge in a carpeted area.

4. Buy a mini-fridge with coils in the back.

Mini fridges come with coils that warm-up on the rear or below the fridge. If the coils are beneath the unit, this might cause damage to the carpet or the buffer. Instead, select a mini-fridge with its coils incorporated into the back to avoid damage.

5. Conduct regular fridge maintenance

Since placing your mini-fridge on carpet makes it prone to damage, you should do routine maintenance. Check your refrigerator for leaks and spills every month and defrost it entirely every four months. When defrosting the refrigerator, thoroughly clean it to remove spills and food residue.

What to Put Under a Mini Fridge on Carpet?

Whether you have a mini-fridge or a full-sized refrigerator, always lay something below the appliance rather than installing it directly on the carpet. This eliminates some of the issues we mentioned previously, such as heat accumulation and airflow obstruction.

If your primary concern is to keep your carpet neat and clean, here are two products that you can use;

1. Spill tray

You can use a spill tray to avoid the struggles of cleaning up your carpet after a leak or moisture buildup. This tray is made of a single piece with sturdy walls that will not bend or fracture under the weight of the fridge. And instead of the fridge leak soaking directly on the carpet, this tray will collect all of the water and prevent water damage.

2. Under fridge mat

Under the refrigerator, the mat is made with an absorbent fabric. It can absorb any water leakage or moisture from the garage-ready refrigerator before getting to your carpet. And since the underside of this mat is covered with waterproof PVC film, it will protect your carpet. The PVC membrane keeps liquids from soaking through and helps hold the mat in place. 

Frequently Related Questions 

1. Can I have a mini-fridge in the bedroom?

 Avoid placing your refrigerator in the bedroom because the fridge condenser produces heat and noise, which can be distracting when sleeping. Furthermore, if you require repairs, forget about privacy in your bedroom.

2. What can I place beneath my mini-fridge on the carpet?

You can use a sturdy wooden board, under the refrigerator mat or spill tray between the carpet and the fridge. This will promote proper air circulation and keep water off the carpet.

3. Can I place a mini-fridge on cardboard?

Yes, you can place a piece of cardboard below your refrigerator. However, keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution because the cardboard will not be able to withstand condensation from the fridge’s compressor. We recommend only using the cardboard to place your fridge for 24 hours. Any longer than that might result in worn-out and soggy cardboard that could damage the fridge’s compressor and coils.

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