Colors That Go With Gold: Pairing This Royal Color

April 1, 2023

The best thing about gold is that it goes with any color. Therefore, finding colors that go with gold is almost a walk in the park. 

You can use gold as an accent color or as the main color and it will work well both ways. Even small details like the gold handles of the cabinets or the gold frame of your mirrors will add some richness to your room. 

Speaking of rooms, you can have gold anywhere you want. Because it has warm undertones, you can use gold to add some warmth to any room. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive into some cool color combinations you can try if you want to incorporate gold into your decor. 

Colors that Go with Gold 

1. Gold + Black 

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Gold and black just go well together. Whether it’s just gold and black or gold and black and white, you’ll feel this combination’s elegant, expensive, sophisticated, and even dangerous vibe. 

You can choose to have black seats and then have gold light fixtures, coffee tables, and even shelves. Even having one gold accessory can make a huge difference in a black room. 

2. Gold + Orange 

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This color combination gives the best burst of energy. Whether you want to mix some orange curtains with gold stools or gold light fixtures, you’ll surely feel the effect of combining the warm undertones of gold with the hot hues of orange. 

Why do we love this gold color combination? Because it adds life to a room. It gives off a vibe of drinking some fresh lemonade or orange juice on a hot summer day. You can use this color combination in your kids’ rooms, in the kitchen, or even in the backyard. 

If you want a more elegant vibe, you can use a duller shade of orange and mix it up with another color such as a dull red. A good example is what we have in the image below. 

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3. Gold + Blue 

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Look at how cool and classy this living room looks. The good thing about pairing blue with gold is that all shades of blue go well with gold. 

If you have a richer blue that’s already popping on its own, adding gold will only make it pop more. 

4. Gold + Emerald Green 

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Even without seeing this combination come to life, you can already tell that it will be precious. After all, both of these colors represent incredible gems. 

This combination is elegant, sexy, and takes you back to the times of Pharaoh when people lived in gold and luxury. 

If you love having plants in the house, you can try out this combination like in the image above. Your plants will blend beautifully with the decor and make you feel like you’re in your own little green heaven. 

5. Gold + Blush Pink 

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Doesn’t this look nice and cozy? Imagine designing your beautiful baby girl’s room to look like this. She would love you forever. 

Gold and blush pink go well together because they are both warm colors. If you have a gold piece of furniture in your home and you don’t know where to place it, consider painting your wall a dull blush pink and placing it there as an accent color. 

6. Gold + Black + Ivory 

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Ivory is a warm shade of white that blends well with gold. Whether you just want ivory and gold or ivory gold and black, you can be sure that you’ll get an elegant room with a cozy vibe. 

If you have golden furniture in your home, you can paint your walls ivory to have it as the main color and gold as the accent color. The ivory walls will complement the gold trim and balance the solid shapes. 

This will then make your gold pieces pop. It works almost the same as the blush pink. Except, in this case, it gives off a cooler and more elegant vibe. 

7. Gold + Purple 

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Gold and purple are colors of royalty. Therefore, why have one when you can have two? You can either go all out with a dark shade of purple like in the image above or go for lighter shades of purple such as lavender. 

If you really want to feel like royalty, going with a darker shade of purple seems like the better option. However, if you just want your space to feel luxurious without being too bold or vibrant, consider going with lavender or any other lighter shade of purple. 

8. Gold + Red 

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Here’s another bold and powerful combination that couldn’t miss on our list. Red is a very powerful color all on its own. Now pair it with gold and you get power dripping in luxury. 

If you’ve been feeling like your home has been getting a bit bland and you want to spice things up a bit, consider this epic color combination. You will surely feel the difference once you’re done redesigning your house. 

You can choose to have red as the main color and gold as the accent color, or the other way around. 

9. Gold + Mustard 

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The best thing about interior design is that you can use your creativity and freedom as much as you want to create the space you want despite going with the unpopular opinion. 

For example, not many people think that gold and yellow can go together. But, the beauty of color in interior design is that any color can go with any color as long as you know how to balance it. 

When it comes to gold and mayonnaise, playing with prints is a good way to go. For the example, the carpet in our image above has some art that adds to the whole vibe and breaks the monotony of the mayonnaise. 

Another thing to note with this combination is that it works great where there’s enough natural light. The light balances things out and ensures that the ambiance doesn’t get too dull and heavy. 

10. Gold + Brown 

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Gold and brown work great when gold is an accent color. This means that it complements the brown and makes the ambiance grounded and relaxed but with a spark of life. 

The gold accents will be the focus of the room without being too overwhelming. For example, you can try to play around with gold lamps, mirror frames, and fixtures. 

If you are working with this theme in your bathroom, it’s best to commit to the golden vibe. This means having your mirror frame, towel hook, and faucet the same golden color. Avoid mixing gold with silver or any other contrasting metal color. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Colors that Go with Gold 

1. What colors shouldn’t you pair with gold?

It’s almost funny if we said that all colors go with gold. But, we’ll say it because it’s true. 

The secret to a good gold pairing is to create a good balance. For example, when pairing gold with brown, choose brown shades that are rich and dark. These ones allow the gold to stand out as a great accent color. 

Another example would be gold and yellow. 

Although this is a combination that would be frowned upon by many, it actually works well when you use patterns and ensure there’s enough natural light coming into the room. 

2. What are some do’s and don’ts when pairing gold with other colors?

  • Use gold as an accent color.
  • If you choose to have gold as the main color, ensure that the accent color is a rich contrasting color. This will prevent the room from feeling depressing. 
  • Avoid using gold as the main color in small spaces as it makes the space feel even smaller. 

3. What colors is gold composed of? 

Gold is a form of yellow. In fact, you can make your very own DIY gold-colored paint by mixing high-quality yellow paint with high-quality brown paint. 

This will give you a warm golden color that you can use to paint your walls and even furniture pieces. 

4. What are the various types of gold colors? 

You’ve likely heard of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and other types of gold. These are often naturally occurring in nature when gold mixes with other metals. 

When it comes to the gold color in interior design, you get the various gold colors by mixing the pure gold color with various alloys.

5. How does gold color affect a room? 

When put on walls, gold makes the walls gleam because it catches and reflects the light. 

However, ensure that the room that you’re using gold in receives enough natural light. This is because gold has a tendency to make a room seem smaller when there’s not enough natural light. 

A large painting or a high-quality wallpaper can brighten up an otherwise dull room by adding some rich color.

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