Colors That Go With Burgundy For A Luxury Atmosphere

Burgundy is a popular color used in cosmetics, interior decor, fashion, and wedding occasions. Since it’s an inviting and warm shade, it makes living room walls and clothes look stylish. Moreover, many hues go with burgundy because it’s a delightful and versatile color. Warm, bright, and neutral colors look good when paired with burgundy. If you are looking for the best coordinating accessory or colors that go with burgundy you can use in your home; In that case, you will find plenty of color combinations that you can pair with burgundy in this article. So, let’s get into it.

What Color Is Burgundy?

Burgundy is a dark red shade color with cool purple undertones. People often confuse burgundy with maroon, a brighter brick-colored red with no purple undertones. Burgundy derived its name from the rich red wine exported from Burgundy, France. In addition, some people confuse berry and merlon with burgundy because of their wine-like colors.

Burgundy signifies power, sophistication, and ambition. Most people consider shade as a sign of wealth. However, it’s not associated with the negative connotations of a traditional red. Rather it’s more of a comfort and energy hue than an aggressive one. Moreover, the color pairs well with several colors to create an eclectic, modern, sleek, bold, or cozy.

Remember to consider opting for true and tried hues even if you are trying to organize chic outfits for your party or decorate your home. Analogous schemes are color combinations of any three hues on the same hues wheel-like, purple, lilac, and burgundy.

Complementary schemes are color combinations opposite each other on the hues wheel like teal and burgundy. Finally, triadic schemes are any three colors on the hues wheel separated by three spaces like navy blue, mustard yellow, and burgundy.

When you utilize these color schemes effectively, you can bring out eye-catching arrangements with the shade of dark red. Now that you are familiar with these schemes let’s now discuss them.

Colors That Go With Burgundy

1. Pair burgundy with black

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The color combination brings out a strong dramatic look. Due to its aesthetically pleasing contrast, fashion, interior and art designers have used this minimal classic combo for years.  

Black is a rich contrasting color and signifies sophistication and elegance. You will find that there are so many shades of black as well. Some are more saturated than others; however, they all pair well with burgundy. It’s easy to combine these colors into your space. In addition, the hues schemes translate nicely to patterns too. So, don’t be scared to mix shades of burgundy with black and white or black and polka dots patterned fabrics. 

2. Pair burgundy with charcoal gray

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Presently, charcoal gray has become quite popular in the home decor sector. Depending on the charcoal gray undertones you will consider, the dark shade of red can look cool or warm. 

 When you combine this neutral color, a deep and rich burgundy warms up a cool gray to give your space a moody aura. The color scheme can be feminine or masculine. 

3. Pair burgundy with purple

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Another color that pairs well with burgundy is purple. Purple combines the energetic red with calm elements of blue to create a rich-colored hue. It can look masculine or feminine, depending on where you consider applying the color. The purple color is commonly seen as a sign of royalty. 

The color combination of burgundy and purple brings out an eclectic and luxurious look. Bohemian interiors and oriental rugs commonly have both brightness and boldness. So, try out shades of purple like mauve and lavender to find a burgundy combo that suits you best. 

4. Pair burgundy with navy blue


When burgundy is paired with navy blue, the combination creates sophistication and a classical look. The hues contrast each other though they are both rich and warm. The contrasting effect is for visual interest in your space with a wall section painted with a neutral and light color and for an outfit. The pair combo is commonly used for most wedding occasions.

A shade of blue exudes a calming and relaxing effect. On the other hand, Navy blue is a darker shade of blue that signifies importance and power. It is mostly used in professional sectors like corporate offices and uniforms. They make a bold statement when the color combination is used in large quantities. 

Moreover, it would be best if you tried to avoid lighter neutral hues like white and cream to balance the combination; These colors can overwhelm the eye. On the other hand, you can use a navy blue color as a base and accent it with a bright shade of burgundy.

5. Pair burgundy with brown


Pairing burgundy with brown to achieve a more masculine look requires a darker shade of brown. The combination is earthly and rich and takes the mind to warm fall afternoons. You will see that there are so many ways to execute this combo. For instance, you can pair a rich chestnut leather sofa with velvety burgundy drapes to make your space look cozy and warm. 

You can also accent a dark brown couch with burgundy throw pillows or accent chairs to make the neutral colors pop out. From a fashion perspective, these colors are best suitable for a fall outlook. Moreover, you can try to pair a suede chocolate brown skirt or pants with a burgundy bowtie or sweater to obtain a professional and chic outfit. Burgundy accessories can also help you liven up a neutral or brown outfit.

6. Pair burgundy with green

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Typically, red and green color combinations are seen as Christmas colors. However, using the color scheme in your home or outfit won’t automatically scream happy holidays immediately. Since burgundy has purple undertones, it softens and deepens the red color. Luxurious fabrics like satin or velvet look good with this color scheme. This combination of light colors gives a bold contrast, and darker shades like navy blue offer an exotic look. 

7. Pair burgundy with mustard yellow

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Another classical fall color combination is burgundy and mustard yellow. The combo might seem like an imperfect pair, but they are vibrant and warm duos that complement each other properly. They are earthly colors and will add a sense of richness and elegance to your space if you consider them. A helpful tip for making these two shades work together is to ensure they are the same shade. 

One helpful tip to make this combination work well is ensuring they are of a similar shade. That means you should ensure that both colors have the same level of darkness or brightness. 

8. Pair burgundy with cream


Since burgundy is rich, try pairing it with a neutral color like cream to offset some of its boldness. Most people think the cream is a relaxing hue closer to white but it’s closer to yellow. Its warmth makes it pair nicely with burgundy’s warmth. This classical color scheme doesn’t stray away from the uninspired and more traditional pair of white and burgundy. 

9. Pair burgundy with gold

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Not only does burgundy pair well with standard colors, but it also looks nice when paired with metallics like gold. This expensive and lush-looking color combination brings a timeless outlook. However, if you are not careful enough, the warmth of this combo can overwhelm each other. Therefore, we recommend you balance the color scheme with light and dark woody, air colors like ivory and white contrasts.

10. Pair burgundy with blush

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We believe you can’t go wrong with burgundy and blush color combinations as the color scheme brings out an elegant, romantic, moody, feminine look. Blush is a soft shade of pink that pops against the dark red color with purple undertones of burgundy. 

11. Pair burgundy with bronze 

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Another metallic color that goes well with burgundy is bronze. It is a coppery, warm hue with red undertones. The red undertones complement the dark red tone in burgundy. That’s why they are mostly used in home decor, accessories or fixtures. 

12. Pair burgundy with peach

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Peach color lies between blush-pink and cream. It has orange undertones. Though the pair may seem an unlikely match, they pair nicely because of the cheerfulness and warmth of the peach pop against the deep burgundy. This color scheme looks lovely for a fall wedding even.

13. Pair burgundy with mint

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Are you looking for a color softer than the traditional green, or aren’t a fan of green? Then, mint color is for you. A pair of burgundy and mint is softer and slightly more feminine than a pair of forest green and burgundy. However, when both colors are combined, they create a startling elegance. Mint’s playfulness prevents burgundy from being too overwhelming, while burgundy’s strong and deep hues ground mint’s lightness.

14. Pair burgundy with teal

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If you are looking for a creative yet fun color scheme, try pairing burgundy with a blue-green teal. Both are complementary, so they enhance the intensity of each other to make the combination pop out. Teal is a variation between blue and green color that complements the warmth of red in burgundy. Overall, both colors are bold and strong. The color combination is more of a feminine palette.

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