Colors That Go With Turquoise For A Calming Space

April 1, 2023

Decorating your home can be an uphill battle of doubts especially when you’re dealing with a color that isn’t very common. This is why we’re going to look at colors that go with turquoise in this article. 

What Color is Turquoise? 

Have you come across a color that you couldn’t tell if it was green or blue? This is turquoise. Turquoise is a blue-green color that promotes the feeling of relaxation and gives you a refreshed feeling. 

For this reason, it’s perfect for bedrooms and other rooms meant for chilling and relaxing. Turquoise can also be used to comfortably brighten up a room while creating a merry atmosphere. 

If you have small kids in your home and you’ve been wondering what to put on the walls that will suit them while also creating an elegant atmosphere, turquoise is for you. 

However, just because it is a cheerful color doesn’t mean that it goes with everything. The worst thing you can do is to color clash your home and make the atmosphere worse than it was before. 

What Should You Pair Turquoise With? 

Another great thing about turquoise is that it goes well with several colors. It’s bright enough to be a color that makes the room pop while also being able to go well with bright colors such as pink and yellow. 

Other colors that pair well with turquoise include gold, copper, gray, and blue. 

Let’s now dive into colors that well with turquoise that will allow you to bring more life to your space. 

What Colors Go With Turquoise? 

1. Turquoise + Gray

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Turquoise goes well with neutral colors especially when you’re using it to make the room pop behind a neutral backdrop. 

Gray blends in very well with turquoise because this color combination creates a soothing feel. It’s like getting into a dry and warm room after coming from the rain outside. You’re happy to be home and you’re ready to get into some warm clothes and chill with your loved ones. 

2. Turquoise + Beige 

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Turquoise and beige go well together just as gray goes well together with turquoise. You can use beige as an accent color if you have a turquoise backdrop. 

You can also do this combination the other way around if you have beige walls or beige furniture. 

If you are working with a small room and want to make it feel bigger, you can paint the walls turquoise and then use beige as an accent color. For example,  you can use beige throw pillows against a turquoise couch. This creates a nice contrast and makes gives the room a calming vibe. 

Another way you can use this color combination is to give your bathroom a spa-like vibe. You can use turquoise shower curtains against your beige shower tiles. 

3. Turquoise + Copper

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Copper is a great option when gold is a bit too much for you. Copper gives your space a more rustic feel and makes your room have a bold but still elegant atmosphere. 

The key to combining these colors is to avoid overdoing it. You can have a light-colored background and then have some copper and turquoise pieces. This will help maintain the calm atmosphere while still adding some character. 

You get a modern theme that works for living rooms, patios, and more. 

4. Turquoise + Blue 

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Turquoise goes perfectly with blue to bring out a calm vibe. The blue color compliments the blue in turquoise and makes your space look very elegant. 

If styling is your thing, you’ll love this color combination that will make your space feel cool and royal. 

5. Turquoise + Black 

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Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have some black in here. As you can see in the beautiful image above, using turquoise as an accent color is a good way to go. It allows the room to pop a bit without being all dark and powerful. 

It adds some cheer and makes the space look more inviting. One thing to remember when using this color combination is that you should use it in a room that has good lighting. 

Avoid using black and turquoise in a room that is too dark as this can make the turquoise too overwhelming. 

6. Turquoise + Orange 

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One thing to note about this color combination is that these are both energetic colors. Therefore, unless you’re thinking of using it in a lobby where you want your audience to be properly stimulated and energized before they come in to meet with you, consider using these colors as accent colors. 

For example, you can have a neutral background such as light-colored walls and then have some turquoise and orange pieces. These can be decorative pieces or accessories. 

This way, you’ll still maintain a calming atmosphere with some pop of color. 

7. Turquoise + Coral 

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Again, this is another combination that you should mix with neutrals. Use both coral and turquoise as accents instead of the backdrop. 

For example, you can choose to have light gray walls or beige walls and then use turquoise and coral decorative pieces. You could also have neutral-colored furniture pieces and then use accessories of these colors. 

8. Turquoise + White 

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Turquoise and white go extremely well together especially when you’re going for a beach theme. After all, turquoise is a color that represents water and the sky. What better color to pair it with when you want to create a calming ocean breeze type of vibe? 

You can either use white as an accent color when you have turquoise walls or turquoise as an accent color when you have white walls. Either way, you’ll still get that relaxed, breezy atmosphere. 

Even something as simple as turquoise curtains in a white room can change these up a lot. 

9. Turquoise + Green

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Use lighter shades of green when you want to pair it with turquoise. 

You can either use them as accent colors against a neutral background or have them as the main colors. Both of these ways work. 

In fact, you’ve likely noticed that we’ve said this alot about many turquoise color combinations. This is the beautiful thing about this color. You can use it in many ways depending on the vibe you want to create. 

10. Turquoise + Gold 

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Last but certainly not least, we have a color combination fit for a king or queen. Just look at how this living room is popping with class and style. 

Because both of these colors are warm colors, you need to mix them with some neutrals or cooler colors to get a magnificent result. If you have a turquoise wall, you can add in some gold decorative pieces or accessories to make the place pop with style. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Colors that Go with Turquoise 

1. What is the difference between turquoise and teal? 

Teal is darker than turquoise. While both of these colors have the same greenish-blue combination, turquoise has some aspects of yellow while teal lies on the medium bottom end of the color spectrum. 

This makes it darker than turquoise. 

2. What rooms should you use turquoise in? 

You should use turquoise in rooms meant for relaxation because turquoise is a calming color. It is associated with water and the sky and can change the atmosphere into a calming one. 

You can also use turquoise in rooms that are too dark for your liking. For example, if your living room is full of the color gray, you add some nice turquoise throw pillows to brighten up the place. 

3. What color is the opposite of turquoise? 

Red. To know the opposite of a color. Check the color wheel. The color that lies opposite the color you’re asking about is the opposite color. 

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In this case, reddish-orange sits opposite turquoise. Therefore, if you want to create a perfect balance in your space, you can both of these colors. However, you’re going to need to use it right. 

Use the red as an accent color and turquoise as the main color. This is because of the overpowering nature of the color red. It’s no secret that red is a bold and powerful color. Therefore, using it as the main color can be overwhelming. 

Also, avoid using both colors on your walls in the same room as this can cause them to color clash in a very unattractive way. Only use red as an accent color to turquoise if you want to use these two colors together. 

4. Can you use turquoise in an office space? 

Yes. In fact, using turquoise can increase productivity and communication. After all, it is a calming and soothing color that can put those in the space at ease. 

Another reason why turquoise is a good color for the office is that it is a shade of blue, and blue is known for its calming effect.

You can also use turquoise for your lobby and home office.

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