20 Helpful Tips on How to Organize Shared Room for Girls and Boys

For a boys and girls shared room, the aesthetic and design should focus on the maximum functionality of the room. This includes maintaining privacy while also encouraging teamwork, optimum storage and organization,all while saving space. The space should focus on the kids’ personality, tastes and interests while still maintaining a cohesive look. Here are 20 … Read more

30 Ideas to Light Up Your Bedroom

To properly light your bedroom and show off all its unique architecture, you need to to layer the lights. It is no longer enough to simply have overhead lighting. Instead, lighting a bedroom is all about mood, temperatures, dimmers, motion sensors, and creating a smart home ecosystem. The rule of thumb is to have ceiling … Read more

30 Very Small Playful Bedroom Ideas for Kids

When kids outgrow their nursery room, it’s a call to design their bedroom into something more whimsy and playful. In most cases, we like to cater to their growing personality and incorporate those things they like. While designing a kid’s bedroom, you could consider splashing it with color, playful décor, and sturdy furniture. You could … Read more

Top 30 Cozy Bedroom Ideas You Should See

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries where we retire at the end of the day to regenerate and rest. Therefore, we find ways to make our bedchambers as cozy as possible. You can do that by playing around with various elements in your bed space. Picking out a color scheme that uplifts your mood can go … Read more