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For those who’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen pictures here and there of my kitchen. Well it’s about time I do a full reveal. So here ya go–our kitchen. And since we’re big fans of dramatic before and afters here at MLST, let’s dig into the archives.

Kitchen when Mitch first moved in. (he bought the house about 6 mo. before we were married…we got to work right away!) Can we say dark and dated??
This was after we painted the walls a sunny yellow and added crown.


Then to the cabinets–first we removed the soffit above since it was just wasted space and then we painted. Everything. Walls, cabinets, trim…I would have painted the floors if that were an option!
And here are the “afters” of that makeover. What a difference a little paint can make! It really brightened things up.


I loved my vintage ’50s kitchen! The pictures above were taken right before we remodeled so it doesn’t show this kitchen in its “glory.” At one time I had a vintage ’50s refrigerator and an old chrome-legged table where the island is pictured. I had vintage touches everywhere. Loved it. But then we figured the fridge wasn’t so efficient and put it out alongside the road and some lady snatched it up in a jiffy:( (update: Mitch found an old photo…sorry the quality is bad, but you get the idea–super cuteness!)



We ended up removing the closet you see here. I’m pretty sure that was the very first “big” project in our house:)



Okay, you ready???
So it went from this…
to this.
Detailed post(s) will be next! Hope you enjoy:)













For a detailed post on the kitchen – below.
Thank you all for your comments about our kitchen reveal the other day. I’m glad you all like it! As promised, this is the post where I spill all the details about the room. So let’s buckle down and get to it.

First of all let me start off with a little background. When we decided about three or so years ago to stay in our little two bedroom/one bath (that didn’t even have a bath!) rancher and renovate instead of moving, I asked Mitch if it would at all be possible to get a new kitchen while we were at it. No harm in asking, right? My logic: let’s get ‘er all done while it’s a mess that way it’s DONE. That’s understandable/reasonable, right? Mitch was not on board. At first, anyway. Of course once I get an idea in my head, it’s hard to divert my attention to anything else. So I was scouring magazines and the internet (this was before Pinterest days) looking for ideas that I wanted to incorporate into my kitchen. I even started a scrapbook with all the pictures I collected. When it was finally time to start renovating, it was very helpful knowing exactly what I wanted. I didn’t settle for “good enough” or give in when someone suggested another option that I wasn’t crazy about. And I think that’s important when you’re renovating. Stick with what YOU want. (Of course I changed my mind a few times along the way!) People will always try to sway you with their opinions. Do your homework (i.e. know what you want) and then stick to your guns!

We discussed buying an Ikea kitchen and that was the route we were going to go. This was my plan: we’d get an Ikea kitchen and I’d paint the cabinets. I knew I wanted a white kitchen but I didn’t like the white cabinets that Ikea offered so we were going to get stained ones and I’d paint each and every one. That was until I jumped on Craigslist one day and randomly typed in kitchen cabinets. (This was one of the first times I went on Craigslist.) I found a guy nearby who was selling his old kitchen cabinets. They were white. Score. We checked them out. They were okay. We didn’t know what we were doing/how we were going to “make it work” but we figured it was “cheap” and that’s all we could afford. This man was also selling an island that was never used along with a gas cooktop and stove that fit in the island. We looked at that too. And decided to buy the whole shebang. Well long story short, before we handed over the cash, I learned a friend of mine had recently gotten a custom kitchen done for her by a local Mennonite man for an unbelievable price. It was about the same price as an Ikea kitchen BUT we didn’t have to paint the cabinets or install them either. SOLD! Meet Adin, our cabinetmaker. (Go here to see our cabinets being made.)

The island I mentioned from the CL ad, we did buy along with the cooktop and oven. I had Adin spray the island black to contrast with the other cabinets. (It was originally an off-white.) And he also built and added the bookshelf at the end of it since the island abruptly ended and had an unfinished end to it. (I think originally it was intended to be used as a peninsula, therefore the one side was unfinished.) Stools were purchased from Overstock.
I love my island. I love that the cooking station is in it. I love that I can look out the living room windows and watch horse and buggies go by while I stir a pot of soup. It’s very practical for our family and the setup is great. BTW, we were told the counter is soapstone. I don’t know enough about hard surfaces so I’m not sure if it is or not. The butcher block top over the bookcase part was leftover from the butcher block we installed in the rest of the kitchen.
Speaking of the counters, we chose to use Ikea butcher block for the main part of the kitchen. We love the warm, rustic element it bring to the otherwise white space. You can read here about how we stained/sealed our counters.
I wanted our cabinets to reach all the way to the ceiling. Not just because I have a really tall husband (that’s a really good reason though), but there was all that extra storage up there that we didn’t have in our former kitchen. I wanted to pack the biggest punch/get the biggest bang for our buck space-wise that we could. I wanted to stash my stuff somewhere besides in boxes in the attic. And I also wanted to “mix it up” a little by getting some glass-fronted cabinets in there too. It helps break up the look a bit. The white subway tile was purchased at Lowes. It’s a classic look that I love and will never go out of style. We actually had another local Mennonite man install it for us since this was before Mitch’s tiling days;)
The one side of glass-fronted cabinets holds my Fire King Jadeite collection. I like having them on display, yet out of reach of little hands;)
Oh BTW, Mitch added an electrical outlet under that cabinets for my mixer after we had already had the backsplash installed. Read about that here. So now my mixer stays put right there on my counter and I can whip up one of my tasty skillet cookies with help from my two little bakers of course;)
The undermount cast iron Kohler sink was a Craigslist find. I really wanted an undermount. I like the seamless look of a counter top with an undermount. The sink retails for over $500 and we got ours for $75. Brand new. Plus Adin installed it for us. At no extra charge, I might add. The faucet is from Home Depot. The Roman blind was made by a local seamstress. I wanted a pop of color since everything was pretty subdued in the kitchen. I chose Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom for that pop. It also has cute little birds on it. Ya can’t go wrong with adding some feathered friends into the mix. In the above picture, you can see our integrated dishwasher. When looking for appliances, I knew I didn’t want stainless. I had two little boys at the time and I could only imagine all the little fingerprints I’d be wiping off constantly. No thanks. I knew I wanted integrated appliances and we found our dishwasher and fridge at a discount appliance warehouse for great prices. And Adin made the panels that attach to them.
I didn’t want a huge built-in microwave and I knew I didn’t want one on my counter either, so Adin built this cabinet specifically for our microwave. We don’t have under cabinet lighting. Instead I use little lamps throughout our kitchen. I love the warm glow of light they provide. (You can read about the coffee station here and our DIY bulletin board background here.)
The pendant lights we scored at the ReStore for $20 each. Read about that here. The light above the sink was found at a thrift store. Read more here.
We added a large pantry and additional cabinets where our former hall closet was. Read about the demo here. And we opened up the wall a bit. (There used to be an archway into our living room.)

The flooring is vinyl planking that is found throughout most of our home. Read more here. We’re thus far very happy with our choice in flooring. It withstands the rigors of daily life with three young children and hides dirt very well;) The antique rug I found out antiquing one day with Mitch. That’s a story for another post. I really wanted an antique rug in my kitchen. I love the warmth, texture, and character it brings.
I think that about covers it. I’ll tell ya about the wall removal and installation of the barn beam when I reveal the dining area. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Thanks, guys!

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