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You can cross that bad boy off list

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It’s done: our little side project is complete. Mitch and I put the finishing touches on the driftwood mirror last night. So today I’m going to share with you the journey from this super ugly mirror into a cool driftwood one. Here’s what it looks like now.


But this guy had very humble beginnings. Actually very ugly beginnings. Remember when I posted a long time ago about finding a mirror at Goodwill? Here’s the original post. Check it out. And here’s what the mirror used to look like.
So it was in need of a slight makeover and I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with it–I knew I wanted a starburst mirror of sorts but didn’t know what I wanted it to be made out of. Then when I planned this New England trip, I knew (hoped) I could find driftwood to pretty this little lady up. And I sure did. There was an abundance.
First, I painted the ugly mirror so that if by chance a portion of the frame itself would be showing, you wouldn’t be able to see that horrible faux finish. It’s Ben Moore’s Revere Pewter (the same as our bedroom) and just happened to be pretty much the same color as the driftwood. Love it when everything works out on its own.
I had a little helper:) Oh before we painted the frame Revere Pewter, I sprayed the inside part with a gold spray paint I had on hand just to give it a little shimmer.
Ahh…much better already.

Then Mitch attached the driftwood to the frame with a nail gun. I wasn’t sure how this part was going to work out–didn’t know if I had to glue the wood or nail them, but the nail gun proved to be the best resort (we didn’t even try glue) and really worked like a charm. So around the frame we went, nailing a layer of driftwood. After the initial layer, we went back and added another one with smaller pieces to fill in any gaps we may have missed.


I had to include this picture…Mitch’s expression is priceless here. I think all I asked was for him to hold up the mirror so I could take a pic, and this is the face I got.

And here’s the retake after having a good laugh.

And here’s Mitch holding it up in the place where I want it to go. We had to measure it and I think it’ll work here above where our bed will be. We actually might have to trim a piece or two to make it fit–it’s pretty ginormous.

Can’t ya see it–hanging over our bed there? I think it’s the perfect spot for a starburst mirror and how fun to know that we made it ourselves with driftwood I gathered from the New England coast! Can’t wait to see it in its permanent spot.

So there’s another project completed that has been on the wish list for a while. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Have you finished anything lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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