who can i hire to install a tv antenna

Who Can I Hire to Install A TV Antenna?

April 21, 2022

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Who can I hire to install a TV antenna?” we’ve got you covered. We’ll look at the professionals to contact when you need to have your antenna installed as well as everything else you need to know. 

Before we get started, we have to admit that installing your own TV antenna has pros and cons. For example, it’s obviously cheaper to install your own TV antenna. You won’t have to pay a contractor or professional to go up there and do the installation. 

Also, there’s free information on YouTube and across the internet that you can use to put up your TV antenna yourself. If you put it yourself, you’ll also be able to change and adjust it whenever you want. 

So, what are the advantages of using a professional? We’ll look at those in detail in the next section. For now, let’s look at a few professionals who can help you out. 

Let’s begin.

Where Can You Find Professionals to Install A TV Anetanna?

The advantage of hiring a contractor is that they already know what they’re doing. The professional will know exactly where to position the TV antenna for the best results

Even if you watch several DIY tutorials, you won’t be able to cover everything you need to know. Therefore, why not invest in a good professional who will save you time and the headache of fixing any issues that arise in the future due to improper installation

When choosing a professional to install your antenna, you can either get one yourself or hire one through a third-party platform. 

We’ll look at both of these options. 

1. Word of Mouth 

No matter how much our world evolves, recommendations will never go out of style. Therefore, a good way to get a contractor is to ask other contractors in similar fields or your friends and neighbors who have used one. 

2. Classifieds

Good old classifieds can give you information about contractors near you. You can also check the local newspapers, online sites such as Craiglist, and even the Yellow Pages. 

3. TV Antenna Manufacturers and Suppliers

You can ask the company that you bought your TV antenna from if you have or know of good professionals who can help you out. 

This can work well if you get your TV antenna from a local manufacturer. This will mean that you won’t have to wait for long to have the contractor come over and fix the antenna for you. 

Let’s now look at some good third-party platforms you can hire to vet a contractor for you. 

4. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit is similar to Uber because it provides you with a list of vetted “taskers” who can give you their professional service. 

Therefore, the same way that you use Uber to order a ride, you can use TaskRabbit to order a contractor to come and fix your antenna. If you hate haggling over prices in person, you’ll love that you’ll be able to do the price negotiations over the app. 

5. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a platform that provides you with prescreened service contractors who can help you with various home improvement tasks. This includes putting up your TV antenna

The platform is easy to navigate, and you get a questionnaire you can use to provide details of how you want your installation to go. 

6. Amazon Home Services 

Amazon Home Services is similar to HomeAdvisor and allows you to get a contractor with ease. The professionals on the platform are all vetted. 

Therefore, you can trust that they are professional and they know what they are doing. 

Now that you know how to find a professional who can put up the TV antenna for you, let’s look at why you need one in the first place. 

Why Should You Hire A Good Professional to Install A TV Antenna? 

TV antennas in a village

1. To Save Time and Energy

You’ll need a lot of time investment if you decide to do the installation yourself. This is because you’ll have to learn how to do it and then actually go out or up and do it yourself. 

On the other hand, if you hire a professional, they’ll know exactly what to do and what they need to be done as soon as possible. 

Some of the pre-installation tasks that you’ll save your time from including the following. 

a). Doing Research

You won’t have to read through several installation guides to get a grasp of what the installation process is about. 

b). Sourcing for the Right Tools 

Some of these tools include safety gear, ladders, fixing tools, and more. You won’t have to buy or borrow any of these tools because your professional will already have them in hand. 

c). Understanding Local Regulations 

Before you get up there and install your TV antenna, you should be familiar with your local regulations concerning the matter. This can take time and effort, even if you’re just checking online. 

A good and professional contractor will already know all of these so that you don’t have to trouble yourself. 

2. Safety 

Another reason you want to get a professional to do the installation is the safety of you and your loved ones. Anything can happen as you install the TV antenna on the roof. 

In addition, you might not be able to secure the antenna as a professional would properly, and this can cause a safety hazard in the future. Because they’ve done this before, the professional you hire will be able to know how to secure the antenna and the mast properly. 

3. To Get the Best Location 

The professional contractor will know how to properly position your antenna for the best results. 

They will know what height is sufficient to mount your best TV antenna and what direction it should face depending on the location of the broadcast towers. 

4. To Protect the Existing Structures 

A professional knows what holes to drill and roof tiles to remove while installing your TV antenna. They won’t be aimlessly poking around in the dark and experimenting. Therefore, you won’t find open drills in your walls or holes in your roof. 

This is especially important because you won’t deal with future problems such as leaking roofs. 

Final Thoughts

You can either source for a contractor yourself or go with third-party platforms that can help you hire a professional to install your TV antenna. If you’re in doubt, consult your antenna manufacturer for any clarifications. 

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