how to boost tv antenna signal

How to Boost TV Antenna Signal Homemade

April 19, 2022

What are some ways to boost your TV antenna signal? We’ll cover how to boost TV antenna signal homemade in this detailed guide. You can have the best TV antenna but this doesn’t always guarantee you the best service. 

And although you can go to the store, online or physical, and get an amplifier to boost your Antenna, we thought we’d look at some free options first. If these methods don’t work, then you can go out and get some equipment to help. 

Let’s dive in. 

Ways to Boost TV Antenna Signal Homemade

1. Eliminate Any Signal Interferences

Interferences close to your TV antenna can be a major cause of you not enjoying the TV stations you love. These interferences come in many forms, and we’ll look at how to deal with a few. 

a). Electromagnetic Appliances

Some electromagnetic appliances in your home that may be messing up your TV signal include microwaves and hair dryers. This is especially the case if your home wiring is the old wiring system where the electromagnetic shielding is poor. 

You may go into the kitchen to warm your food for the game only to come to face white noise. So, how do you fix this situation?

During the next blackout, the best thing to do is to check the entire system. First, check the antenna and the coaxial cable that runs to your TV. Make sure that the coaxial cable doesn’t touch or run closely perpendicular or parallel to any electrical cables. 

Once you’ve done that, run your microwave or hairdryer and see if your TV signal is affected. This will allow you to know if that’s what’s causing the interference. 

b). Cell Phone Signals

Shocker, right? Well, not so much. You’ve probably ever wondered how your smartphone works. If not, we’re here to tell you anyway so that you can find out if that’s what’s causing your TV interference. 

Cell phone signals use 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) that can interfere with your TV stations and UHF channels. If this is the case, kindly consider getting an LTE filter to protect your TV antenna from these signals. 

Install it between your TV and the end of your antenna’s coaxial cable. 

c). Radio Signals 

Radio signals are likely your culprit if you live near an FM station. If you feel that you clearly fall under this category, consider getting a preamplifier. 

These have FM traps that can block these annoying signals. 

d). Reflective Surfaces

If your TV antenna is up on the roof, the metal roof surface could be causing the interference. Reflective surfaces can weaken or even completely block your TV signals. 

For indoor antennas, surfaces like bug screens or burglar bars can block the TV signals. So, how can you fix that? Ensure that your TV antenna is at least six feet away from these metallic surfaces. 

2. Put TV Antenna Near A Window

It’s a common misconception that indoor antennas are not as effective as outdoor antennas. Nonetheless, consider placing it near your window if you have an indoor antenna. 

This is because ceilings and walls are obstructions to the TV signals. Therefore, placing your antenna near the window can reduce the interference. 

3. Elevate the TV Antenna

The higher you go, the better the TV signal reception. Therefore, if you want the clearest signal to watch your favorite shows, consider setting your TV antenna to the highest position possible

In addition to reducing interference, you’ll also have access to more channels. This is because you’ll be reducing obstacles for the signal to come to the antenna. If you can install your outdoor antenna on the roof, the better. 

Try and aim towards a transmission tower by mounting your antenna on a perfectly vertical mast. The fewer times the signals bounce off surfaces like walls, trees, and hills to get to your antenna, the clearer your reception. 

4. Locate Broadcast Towers

Locating broadcast towers within your area will allow you to properly position your antenna. You can check online to find which towers are located near you. 

There are websites that focus on sharing this information, and you can check their resources. This information can even allow you to choose the right type of TV antenna and choose the proper direction for pointing your antenna

5. Position TV Antenna Towards Transmission Towers

As we’ve mentioned above, you want a clear site between your antenna and the tower. Once you’ve located these transmission towers, the next thing is to position them properly. For outdoor TV antennas, ensure that they are properly mounted to the side of your house and as high as possible. 

Ensure that the front of your antenna is facing the tower you’re aiming at. The line of sight principle also works for indoor antennas. Therefore, ensuring that the TV antenna has a clear path towards a specific tower will reduce the number of times the signals bounce before they get to the antenna

If you are located near several towers, the better. 

Final Thoughts

Which one of these ways to boost your TV antenna do you think will work for you? Remember to position your antenna at the highest position of your house and to have a clear line of sight from towers near you. 

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