best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas

Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

December 13, 2021

You may find it challenging to find the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas since they have unique special features that differentiate them from those in big cities. However, if you live in a rural area, you need to buy yourself one of the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas specially designed for long signal reception ability, given that the distance from the rural areas and broadcasting towers is long.

This article will explore the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas, factors to consider, their advantages and FAQs to help you come up with a solid decision before making any purchases.

What is an outdoor tv antenna?

A television antenna, commonly known as tv aerial, is specifically designed with a tv receiver for receiving over-the-air broadcasting signals from a tv station. To get the best tv reception, you need a good outdoor antenna and transmitter. There are two types of antennas, indoor and outdoor; Indoor antennas are situated on top or next to a tv set. In contrast, the best outdoor tv antennas for rural areas are placed on a mast at the top of one’s house, loft or attic to achieve better dry conditions and increased elevation, beneficial for better reception and antenna longevity. Moreover, outdoor tv antennas are necessary to achieve adequate reception in rural areas from broadcasting stations. The typical outdoor antennas are the yagi, log periodic, and for ultra-high frequency channels, it’s the multi-bay reflective array antenna.

Now that you know what’s an outdoor antenna let’s look at the best outdoor tv antenna in the market today!

1. RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

RCA outdoor Yagi Satellite has smiled on all users who bought this product. It’s easy to install and set up. Moreover, you can mount this outdoor antenna on your roof, inside the attic or on the wall. Since it’s small in size, finding space to place is a lot easier. However, size does not limit its functionality as it provides high picture quality channels on your tv. You can watch HD,4K and even 8k channels, and the range of RCA antenna is over 70 miles.

The uniqueness of this product is very appealing, as its simple installation process is because of its small size and its clear and concise instructions. Secondly, you can download the RCA signal app, where you will find high-quality channels and set the antenna in the best position to enable you to view those channels with no interference. Not only does the RCA antenna provide 4K and 8K pictures, but also good sound quality. It also waterproofs and uses.

Suppose you are looking for a perfect small but powerful antenna that’s easy to set up to provide ultimate performance, 8K picture quality. This outdoor antenna is suitable for you.


  • High-quality picture quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly dependable
  • Has an app to help one find HD channels


  • Does not come with a coax cable
  • Picks up limited channels

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2. Antennas Direct ClearStream Multidirectional TV Antenna

ClearStream 2V multidirectional is one of the antennas designed by Antennas Direct. Antennas Direct multidirectional tv antenna has a range of 60 miles and offers full 1080p picture quality so that you can enjoy watching your favorite channels in high picture quality. You can adjust the antenna depending on your need since it’s a multidirectional antenna. In addition, you can install the Antenna Point app, which provides a list of the numerous broadcasting towers around your area to find the best direction for your antenna.

The unique features are that this antenna is designed to provide the best performance as it is lightweight and compact. The features we mentioned makes installation easier. The Antenna Point App lets one find the nearest towers and the direction your antenna should face to find the channels you want to see. Overall it’s sturdy and has a great antenna that’s durable, and you can install it indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for an outdoor antenna that picks up broadcasting signals in a range of 60 miles, then this antenna is suitable for you.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight. 


  • The range is not long

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3. Antennas Direct Bowtie Multi-directional TV Antenna

Another antenna designed by Antennas Direct is the bowtie antenna with a range of 70-mile radius. Bowtie outdoor antenna excels in every aspect in that it has a great range, is durable and provides high picture quality. Also, it’s a multidirectional antenna. Hence you can easily adjust it to any direction to find the channels you want. Usually, bowtie antennas take a lot of space. However, Antennas Direct has designed them in a way that will provide you with two times the more incredible performance with half the size of conventional bowtie antennas.

Its unique features are; one, the bowtie antenna has a gain of 17.4dBi, which is remarkably better than any other antenna hence known as the most powerful antenna in the whole world. Antenna Direct provides weatherproofing hardware that keeps the antenna stable regardless of weather conditions. It will also provide you with 1080p picture quality, all for free. Moreover, to make the antenna more ideal, the Antennas Direct has used premium quality material when making the product to withstand wind, water and the sun.

So, suppose you are looking for a versatile antenna that you can set up indoors and outdoors. In that case, this antenna is the best fit for you if you live in a rural area where trees and roofing materials may act as interference, blocking the broadcasting signals. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to set it up
  • It’s multidirectional
  • Very powerful more than other antennas


  • Expensive
  • Does not include a coax cable

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4. Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna

The Channel Master antenna is small but can receive signals from 80 miles away. It has excellent features and performs, making it one of the best outdoor antennas in rural areas. Channel Master makes it easier to watch favorite channels all for free. It comes when preassembled, thus making it easier to install since it won’t consume much time and effort. Channel Master has been in the industry since 1949 and has established a lot of trust among its customers with the high-quality products they produce.

Its unique features are that it’s a multidirectional antenna that receives signals in a span of 180 degrees range. Its small size boosts its high performance in that its gain is 22 Db in UHF and 5 Db in VHF. It’s also designed in such a way it’s weather-resistant so that you can mount it outdoors without necessarily having to worry about it falling or breaking due to bad weather. Channel Master has also been designed with high-grade materials. Moreover, you will find that this product comes with great features and performance hence suitable for anyone who needs an outdoor tv antenna for a rural area with a range of 80 miles and the installation process is simple.


  • Waterproof
  • Has a compact size
  • Easy to install
  • High picture quality


  • It’s a little bit pricey

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5. McDuory Digital Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

McDuory is another well-known brand for manufacturing great outdoor tv antennas. The outdoor digital antenna has all the essential features you would expect in a regular antenna and some unique features. For example, it has a range of 150 miles greater than most expensive antennas. In addition, this product comes with a 40 feet RG6 cable and a mounting pole for improving the antenna’s performance.

The best thing about this antenna Is that you can access local channels on multiple TVs using only one antenna. Moreover, this antenna provides 4K and 1080p picture quality and has commendable durability. Also, McDoury has used high-quality materials to make this product strong and claims that this antenna is waterproof, snowproof, sunproof and windproof. Furthermore, the installation process is straightforward, and with the product comes an infrared remote, which you can use to rotate the antenna and adjust it according to your needs. It also receives solid and weak signals to provide you with high-quality channels. If you are looking to invest a lot in an outdoor antenna for return of good value which offers excellent features, has a long range and has a remote control, then this antenna is most suitable for you.


  • It’s weatherproof 
  • Durable
  • Provides up to 8K picture quality
  • Long-range of 150 miles
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Only has 1080p no 4k

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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

You need to choose the best tv antenna that is most suitable for you before buying one. And to know which tv antenna is better for it has to meet specific requirements. So we have compiled vital factors you have to consider before buying one to make an informed decision.

1. Durability

Check the durability of the antenna before buying it since one of the most critical factors in this buying guide. Since its an outdoor antenna, durability has to play a crucial role. The outdoor antenna works in an open area facing weather conditions like water, humidity and snow. Hence, an outdoor antenna has to be durable and waterproof, like antennas coated with zinc to help prevent it from rusting. Also, don’t forget to check if it has measures that protect it from lightening effects. All in all, check whether your preferred antenna has sufficient durability before buying.

2. Range 

Different antennas vary in range. Consider the distance between your house and the broadcasting towers since you are looking for an antenna that can work in rural areas. Ensure that you select an antenna that can reach the broadcasting towers near you so that you can watch your favorite channels uninterrupted and in high quality. You should ensure that you purchase an antenna with a slightly more extended range than the distance from the broadcasting towers.

3. Omnidirectional

We recommend choosing an omnidirectional antenna over a single-directional antenna because they receive tv signals from multiple directions concurrently. However, a single-directional antenna only picks up signals from the direction it is faced at. The comprehensive coverage that the omnidirectional antenna covers results in a better signal. Even though the multidirectional outdoor antennas are pricier than single ones, in the end, they are worth great value and investment 

4. Installation 

Installation is another factor to consider since you don’t want something challenging to set up or install incorrectly. Therefore, you should take an interest in knowing about the installation process of your preferred outdoor antenna beforehand. If you are one of the people who doesn’t know a lot about installing antennas, then go for a wise choice that has a simple installation process. Also, go for a product that has simple, clear and concise instructions so that you can set up the outdoor antenna in minutes. But if you are one of the people who have experience installing an outdoor antenna, then the installation process should not be much of a concern. However, to be on the safer side, read the instruction manual to know whether you can easily set up on your own or not.

5. Price 

Price is also one of the essential factors in the list. And with that, you will find expensive and inexpensive antennas present in the marketplace. The difference is that the expensive outdoor antennas have a few additional aspects besides the basic ones, which inexpensive antennas don’t have; however, both have better functionality. So, if you are one of the people who don’t see price as an issue, then go for expensive ones. However, if you are on a budget, consider comparing different brands that offer the same outdoor antennas features to find one that will provide excellent value for money.

6. Tv-Channels 

Many assume that powerful antennas pick up many channels, including their favorite ones, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. The truth is that even with an outdoor antenna, rural areas have access to few tv channels. That s why it’s advisable to use an online tool to check tv stations and broadcasting towers are in your area. DTS Reception Maps by the Federal Communications Commission is a reliable online tool. The map lets you enter your zip code and creates a map for all users of antenna tv to help you determine which broadcasting towers and tv channels are within reach. Channels like ABC, CBC will require you to buy a long-range tv antenna for better signal strength.

7. Frequency

You should know that tv channels broadcast over ultra-high frequencies and very high frequencies. To increase your chances of picking up your favorite channels, go for an outdoor tv antenna that can receive both ultra-high frequency and very high frequency. You could also go for a cheaper antenna that can work with ultra-high or very-high frequencies, but it would only mean that you will have to sacrifice low-quality pictures and sound. Thus, dual-frequency antennas are worth the investment.

8. Pre-amplifier

If you are one of the people who live deep in the rural area, know that even if you buy an omnidirectional antenna with long-range reception, it is not enough to pick up significant signals from broadcast towers. Fortunately, there is a solution to this! You can buy a separate preamplifier or buy an outdoor amplifier with a built-in amplifier on Amazon.

9. Splitter

Do you want to use your antenna to feed two of your TVs? If yes, then this can be somehow tricky. Using a splitter for signal distribution on the two televisions splits the signal strength. Simply what we are saying is that when you split the signal into two televisions, the signal will be half in quality. If you split between two televisions, the signal will be a quarter of the initial incoming signal. However, there is a solution to this: the distribution amplifier. A distribution antenna does not limit the signal strength like a traditional splitter; hence better option for rural areas.

10. Gain 

Furthermore, the gain is another factor you should consider checking in your antenna. Outdoor antennas with higher gain can even receive weak signals. Therefore, select an outdoor antenna that has higher gain to increase signal reliability. Also, higher gain ensures that the quality of the picture does not fluctuate, and you can now be able to enjoy your favorite channel in high picture quality.

11. Placement of antenna

Antenna placement is another crucial factor to consider when buying an outdoor antenna. Ensure that you install your antenna at the highest point possible to increase the chances of picking up a good signal and reduce interferences of the landscape. The best way to obtain a good signal strength is by placing your antenna at the highest point of the rooftop or the attic. Moreover, you can also use a mast or a pole to add extra height if need be. When buying an outdoor antenna, check the installation type they are suited for and mounting accessories they come with. For example, some antennas come with a mounting pole to mount them on the roof, while others require you to buy them separately.

Nevertheless, of choice, you choose to make, ensure that your antenna is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions for outdoor usage. Placing it indoors will weaken the signal, especially in rural areas. If you want to install an outdoor antenna inside, don’t do that, instead, choose an antenna that’s designed for indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

1. What am I supposed to do to obtain a better outdoor signal strength? 

Location is one key factor that affects the signal strength of your outdoor antenna. Ensure that you locate the antenna at the highest point of your house so that nothing will act as an obstacle and block the signals. Once you have installed the tv antenna, remember to re-aim the antenna in the right direction to receive signals and obtain the best quality to enjoy your favorite channels. 

2. Can one antenna support multiple televisions?

Most antennas can easily support two televisions. In addition, some antennas are specifically designed to support two televisions. And if you are one of those people, you don’t need to purchase any extra tools. However, if you use a regular outdoor antenna, you must acquire a splitter, a pre-amp, and extra coax cable to support two televisions effortlessly.

3. Are outdoor antennas waterproof?

Depending on where you live, ensure that you consider the weather factor before purchasing an antenna. Your preferred antenna should be able to withstand heavy rains, strong winds and thunderstorms. In addition, look for an antenna that is lightning protected and needs a mounting mast or iron-made j-poles.

4. Can one opt for a directional antenna?

Yes, you can opt for a directional antenna if you live in a rural area surrounded by hills. The multipath interface may cause problems and, in the process, makes signals unstable. The solution to unstable signals is to opt for a big directional antenna  

5. Where should I install the outdoor antenna: the attic or the roof?

According to many users, the best location to mount the outdoor antenna is the roof, especially with an aluminum roof. However, the attic is a great alternative, but check whether the broadcasting signals can penetrate well through the roof.

6. Do I need a rooter or a signal amplifier?

Yes, you will need an amplifier if you live far from the broadcasting towers and your signals are weak and unstable. When browsing, go for a pre-amplified antenna and make it your priority. If you go for a non-amplified antenna, and you have decent broadcast signals, making them stronger harms your digital tuner since amplifiers amplify both signals and noise. Rooters come in handy, especially in picking up channels from different places. You have to press the button on the remote control and rotate the antenna.

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