Best Palm Sander for Your Wood Workshop

You will save a lot of time as well as energy using a palm sander compared to the manual approach and without having to compromise with the quality of the final result. Whether you need it to get kitchen cabinets ready to paint, sand old paint off a piece of furniture or smooth down a deck in preparation for a new stain, it makes the admitted wearying job of sanding easier and more effective than just scrubbing away with a piece of sandpaper. You will note the difference if you have the best palm sander with you.

This tool is used to put the right finishing touches on a woodworking project so as to transform the decent work into stunning craftsmanship. That’s why some DIYers spend hours sanding wood projects by hand to achieve the perfect finish. It feels good to achieve stunning results, right?

You need a sander if you have an interest in woodworking because there is a lot you can do with it. That’s why we have decided to save you the struggle of researching for the best palm sander in the market as well as factors to consider when buying the tool. Check them out! 

1. DEWALT DWE6411K Palm Sander

dewalt palm sander

Dewalt DWE6411K has a 2.3-amp motor which allows the tool to reach up to 14,000 OPM (orbits per minute), giving you the power to handle a wide range of jobs. It also ensures that you always get a superior finish without having to do tons of work. This palm sander has a dust-sealed switch that is resistant to dust to ensure that it carries on for a long time. It also has a locking dust-port system that allows you to lock vacuum hose up.

Dewalt DWE6411K palm sander weighs 4.2 pounds, making it easy to handle for all woodworkers. The lightweight help you give your materials a smooth surface swiftly and with minimum hand fatigue. The reduced overall height also allows you to get closer to your work.

 This palm sander is much quieter and has an improved dust collector that can trap even the fine particles when compared to the old DEWALT models. Furthermore, this dust boost is made of rubber and is firmly flattened to the unit to protect it against dust ingestion.

Dewalt DWE6411K palm sander is designed with a textured body grip and anti-slip top that help to make it comfortable to operate while also giving you better control over your woodworking projects. Moreover, the low-vibration design minimizes hand fatigue.

This palm sander has a heavy-duty paper clamp that keeps your sanding material secure while you work. Although it is the best palm sander for a beginner woodworker, it lets out a lot of dust which makes a mess and can be dangerous for your health if you experience continuous exposure.

The package includes DWE6411 Sander, dust bag, a paper punch, carrying bag.


  • Low vibration 
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to load sandpaper
  • Very comfortable to handle
  • Lightweight


  • Dust port leaks
  • It fails unexpectedly

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2. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

bosch palm sander

Bosch ROS20VSC has a 2.5-amp motor which has a speed dial that allows you to adjust your OPMs from 7,500 up to 12,000. That’s useful if you would like to fine-tune the speed for finer sanding jobs. It comes with a built-in micro-filter system that filters fine dust and traps dust particles as small as a one-half micron in diameter and has a compact twist-off dust canister that allows you to see the dust level. The dust canister easily detaches for mess-free tasks. Besides, the palm sander can be connected to a vacuum-hose in case you prefer to hook it to your wet or dry shop vacuum. 

The sanding pad of Bosch ROS20VSC is pliable and will let you sand curved material easily. Under the pad is 35,000 strong hooks to attach a 5-inch sanding disc to. The disc attachment is easy through Bosch’s signature Hook and Loop disc attachment system allowing the sanding pads to firmly stick to the hand sander where they act like a Velcro adhesion material. You can easily swap the discs when necessary.

Ease of use and comfort was put into consideration when Bosch ROS20VSC was designed. The ergonomically shaped handle has a rubberized soft-grip top and is long enough to allow you to hold the sander in a different position, reducing strain on your wrist and hand greatly. Additionally, it weighs only 3.5 pounds and has an 8-foot cord, thus you can stand comfortably while working.

The package includes sanding disc, dampening ring, vacuum adapter, dust canister, sanding pad as well as carrying case.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • It is versatile 
  • Effective built-in dust filter
  • Has a lightweight


  • Dust canister leaks sometimes
  • Moves uncontrollably

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3. Makita (BO3710) Sheet Finishing Palm Sander

makita sheet finishing

Makita BO3710 has a 2.0-amp engine which allows the tool to reach up to 11,000 OPM (orbits per minute) for increased efficiency and smooth finish sanding. It operates with minimum noise and vibrations thanks to the built-in counterbalance system. This palm sander is one of the quietest on our list making it the ideal sander for woodworkers who hate sanding noise.

The handle of this palm sander has an ergonomic rubberized grip and it is designed for a better fit and added comfort to keep you comfortable as you operate it. Makita BO3710 finishing palm sander has a through-the-pad dust collection system which is efficient for a cleaner work environment. Furthermore, it comes with a large 2-finger trigger switch with conveniently-positioned lock-on button for continuous use and increased operator comfort.

The package includes Makita BO3710 finishing palm sander, dust bag, punch plate and abrasive paper. 


  • Easy-to-use finish sander.
  • Very quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Through-the-pad system for collecting dust.


  • Not durable
  • Not very powerful

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4. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Palm Sander

makita finishing sander with case

Makita B O4556K has a 2.0-amp motor which allows the tool to reach up to 14,000 OPM (orbits per minute), giving you the power to handle a wide range of jobs like smooth finish sanding. It has inbuilt ventilation that cools the motor and protects it from overheating. Furthermore, it is designed with all-ball bearing construction to reduce vibration and noise when working.

The handle of this palm sander is padded with thick rubber that will keep you comfortable as you operate it. Furthermore, Makita B O4556K comes with an extra handle which provides a secure grip with both hands for defined workflow control, the position of the handles is handy for working with both hands.

This tool’s on/off switch is conveniently positioned in a place on the grip where you can deactivate the sander with the same hand you are working it with. The switch is rubberized to prevent dust contamination for longer tool life. Moreover, the through-the-pad dust collection system is efficient for a cleaner work environment.

The extra handle makes this tool user-friendly and the best palm sander when safety is considered. The package includes Makita B O4556K, tool case, dust bag, punch plate and 3 sheets of abrasive papers.


  • Easy to change the operating component
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort grip
  • Effective finishing sander


  • The smell of heated plastic while working
  • Doesn’t collect all the dust in the bag

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5. SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander 

best sheet palm sander

SKIL 7292-02 has a 2.0-amp engine which allows the tool to reach up to 14,000 OPM (orbits per minute). It is the best palm sander because of advanced technology features. This is evidence where the tool has a pressure control technology which warns you immediately when you apply excessive pressure on it.

SKIL 7292-02 1/4sheet palm sander has a dust-sealed switch although it is not protected by a rubber boot as well as a clear plastic collection canister that has a micro-filtration to trap even the smallest dust particles. The clear canister removes the guesswork of when to empty it. Furthermore, this palm sander has an inbuilt vacuum adapter which allows you to connect a vacuum attachment to the sander for maximum dust collection.

The handle has a soft-grip design for extra comfort as well as control. It long enough to allow you to hold the sander in a different position, reducing strain on your wrist and hand greatly. Last but not the least, the package includes SKIL 7292 palm sander, paper punch plate and 1 sheet of abrasive paper.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Great for the price
  • Lightweight
  • Effective palm sander


  • The quality is cheap
  • Not durable

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Palm Sander

1. Orbits per minutes 

Considering the orbits per minutes can determine the right kind of surface for your palm sander. Harder woods will need more power and will hence require a sander with more orbits per minute. We recommend you to go for a sander that has higher capabilities because it is better to have it in case.

2. Comfort 

The last thing you want is to hold an uncomfortable palm sander since sometimes you can spend a considerable amount of time sanding. Padded grip and an ergonomically-shaped handle are some of the features that you would want to look for in your palm sander for added comfort.

3. Weight 

Considering the weight of a palm sander is a matter of preference, however, it is good to know what is normal. Palm sanders can weigh about a pound and be heavy as 5 pounds, with two a half pounds running middle of the pack. Sometimes heavier models will provide more power, but they also happen to be difficult to use for fine detail work.

4. Dust seal

Consider the dust seal before settling for a palm sander. The last thing you would wish to have is for the dust to start flying everywhere when running the sander. Not only is it bad for your health, but it can as well affect the too you are using. A palm sander with a dust seal design will help keep dust out of sensitive parts of the tool. It is therefore good to go for a palm sander that has this feature as it will ensure that your tool lasts longer.

5. Durability 

You should buy a palm sander that is durable and able to last for a longer period of time since you will be using it to sand down wood and other items and it will have constant high-intensity contact. Take your time reading through reviews as customers will have pointed out whether or not the palm sander that they have bought is well-built.

6. Pressure detention feature

The new models of the palm sander are starting to use pressure detection features to help keen woodworkers achieve the prefect finish they are looking for. This features work by showing a gauge on the side of the sander that states the amount of pressure you are applying on the palm sander. If the pressure becomes excessive, the sander will alert you with a vibration or a sensor light so that you know to ease up the amount of pressure you are applying.

7. Power source

Most power equipment comes with two power options for their model: Battery-powered and corded. Depending on your space, a corded palm sander can be efficient and effective, never slowing to lower orbits per minute than you need or running out of power. For projects in the garage, shed or basement workshop, corded sanders are a great selection. Just pair them with an extension cord and they can be used in any workshop space that has electricity.

Battery-powered palm sanders tend to be vital when the project is outdoors and away from accessible outlets or when a workshop does not have electricity. These sanders can have problems with maintaining a set orbits per minute level if their battery gets low on power. To evade this, keep the batteries fully charged and switch them at regular intervals before the power gets too low. The battery-powered sanders win out in terms of manoeuvrability. Furthermore, no need to sidestep cords to avoid tripping over them while you are working.

8. Anti-slip technology

Anti-slip technology, firm grips alongside the top base as well as tight construction make the palm sander both safer and easier to use. Those features will as well provide more control as you sand, especially for more slippery materials. Avoid tools with a product description that does not use keywords like ‘slip’ or ‘grip,’ chances are it doesn’t have it. Rubber is commonly used for strong gripping material.

9. Clamps and levers

It is important to consider how the machine feeds and clamps down on sandpaper. Furthermore, remember that you will need to trade sheets of sandpaper more often than you would with a different kind of sander, so you want to ensure that your sandpaper is easy to slip in and out. A simple lever system is perfect for this.

When it comes to clamps, however, you want to ensure your sandpaper is also secure. Some of the poorly constructed models have the issue of sandpaper slipping as you work.

10. Compact design

The compact design makes palm sanders easier to store and use. However, we would not recommend a compact design for every type of sander, as palm sanders are used for small tasks. The design helps anyone who plans on using their palm sander frequently, or for anyone who has joint aches. Also remember that sometimes compact designs are more skilled at getting into corners, which is what you want from something like palm sander.

11. Low vibration

Palm sanders require lower levels of vibration. If you come across a palm sander that hasn’t been constructed for lower vibration, you will note that it is not only difficult to use but also more tiring to use over time. Therefore, look for palm sanders that have been constructed with lower vibration levels. Some palm sanders have a counterbalance system which is used to help distribute movement evenly as you use the palm sander.


Palm sanders might not appear to be as refined as most power equipment available out there. However, you will find them to be fundamental tools when it comes time to finish a table, chair set or any other woodwork. Finding the right best palm sander will depend on the kind of woodworking project at hand as well as your brand preference.

There are different types of sanders on the market. A lot of them are valuable but a top-quality double-action palm sander will provide you with the quantity of convenience that is not available with others. That can only be from the best palm sander.

Our best palm sander is Dewalt DWE6411K. We recommend this sander because, it is comfortable, has low vibration, has a powerful engine of 2.3-amp as well as a locking dust-port system that allows you to lock vacuum hose up. Although it is fit for a beginner woodworker, it leaks dust which makes a mess and can be dangerous for your health if you experience continuous exposure.

However, all five of the palm sanders we reviewed here will be right for someone. It’s now your time to decide which one is the best for you. Remember to follow safety measures while operating power tools to keep yourself and others.