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Best Dual Shower Head For A Great Shower

November 28, 2021

We all know the saying that goes two heads are better than none well; we can apply this proverb in the case of showerheads. An average American takes an 8-minute shower each day every year. Thus, you need to find the best dual shower head that can guarantee total enjoyment as you are showering. A dual shower head is an innovative and worthwhile system that you can invest your money in. Moreover, this invention yields a lot of advantages hence improving your showering experience.

Furthermore, the system offers simplicity and reliability in cleaning because it has an overhead and handheld shower unit that operates entirely. Therefore, before you buy a combo shower head, consider researching more about what it has to offer. This article will explain more about the best dual shower heads in the market, their benefits and factors you will consider before buying one. So, let’s get into it!

What is a dual shower head?

Just like the name dual suggests, there are two shower heads instead of one. However, it’s not the same as having two similar water jets in your bathroom, and the two shower heads are different from each other. The first one is what one would consider as the main head and remains in one position. With the main head, you will stand under it and shower as usual. The second shower head is versatile, unlike the main one. It has a lengthy hose that you can reposition vertically to another part of your body instead of targeting only your head. You can also remove it from its holder and use it in a handheld method. Some models are stationary dual shower heads; They don’t have the handheld feature but include two similar heads that you can re-angle. However, you can’t lower or raise them.

How do you clean the best dual shower head?

It’s essential that you clean and sanitize your dual shower head. To think that items involved in keeping you clean can get very dirty, it’s very contradictory. However, it would be best to clean them as it can cause a health risk when not properly cleaned. The following is a guide on how to clean nasty stains that have built up in your bathroom.

First, you can use white vinegar to clean your shower head. Use a plastic sandwich bag filled with white vinegar and wrap it around the showerhead and leave it for a few hours or overnight. After that, you can now remove the vinegar bag and wipe the showerhead with a soft cloth to remove any remaining residue. Then, use a damp magic eraser on the areas you didn’t cover with a plastic sandwich bag soaked in vinegar, such as a shower head pipe. Finally, leave the water running for some seconds to remove the remaining crud.

Advantages of the best dual shower heads

1. Increased water flow

A dual shower head lets you shower with an increased water flow. The showerhead has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute to meet the current regulations. However, with two shower heads, you have the advantage of getting double the number with better water pressure.

2. Best for couples

A dual shower head is excellent for couples who love showering together as they won’t have to rely on passing the handheld shower between them. In addition, due to the excellent coverage that dual shower heads provide, it’s easier for couples to shower together without worrying about the lack of water flow.

3. Provides greater coverage

Dual showerheads lower the amount of time you spend in the shower and provide more excellent coverage. In addition, since it provides increased water flow, the shower heads cover a more significant body area, thus allowing you to wash your body quickly. 

4. Versatile

Dual shower heads come with unique features that will provide you with a pleasant and exciting experience. In addition, showerheads bring many benefits, mainly since you can perform height adjustments and shower under many colors. Now that we know the benefits of the best dual shower heads let’s look at the best in the market.

1. AquaDance 7-inches 3328 Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo 

AquaDance premium high pressure is the ultimate dual showerhead for pampering; it hits just the right spots. It has large heads that combine with six delivery settings, meaning you can choose to experience an intense massage or just a relaxing shower. One of the best things about this showerhead is that it’s very versatile with a three-way deal. With its versatility, you can choose to shower with one of the heads independently or both concurrently. Moreover, you don’t have to call a plumber to fix the dual shower head for you, as it fits any standard shower arm without the need for tools. 

Next, you will tighten the three connectors with your hands, and your shower is ready. AquaDance Premium is a high-quality and high-pressure shower head that will provide you with an immersive shower experience. The overhead and handheld showerheads feature six premium settings that effectively provide you with the perfect water flow pattern for a smooth shower. In addition, the adjustable dual shower head features a chrome finish and an aesthetic appeal shower space.


  • Has a water-saving mode
  • Has adjustable showerhead


  • Requires a household to sustain a considerable water pressure

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2. Hydroluxe 4-inches 1433 Face Dual 2-in-1 Shower Head System

Hydroluxe shower head system is a true shower luxury; In that, you can choose to either use both overhead and the handheld shower together or separately. The dual shower head has 24 combined water flow patterns. In addition, the shower system has an anti-swivel lock and a 3-way water diverter. Also, the dual high-pressure showerheads feature five settings: massage, power rain, pause, stay warm mist water-saving economy rain. 

Hydroluxe comes with a five feet super flexible hose and nuts that helps with quick hand tightening; hence you can be guaranteed that it’s safe and secure to use. When it comes to installing the showerhead, you can safely install it without the help of a plumber. Hydroluxe comes with an instruction manual to help guide you with a step-by-step process of installing the showerhead with the help of some hardware tools. 

This showerhead will save you water as it comes with spray settings, and you will suddenly notice a change in the utility bill. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the durability of this system once you put your trust in it. So, go ahead and drench yourself and take your shower experience to the next level. 


  • Easy installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • Designed with stainless steel 
  • Has water-saving mode


  • The 3-way diverter is placed too high

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3. Dream Spa 3-way 8-Setting Overhead and Handheld Shower Combo 

Dream spa dual shower is one luxurious showerhead, and if luxury is your top priority, this system is right for you. Though there are many spa-like showerheads, Dream Spa is the leading one to provide a luxurious look. The showerhead is designed with chrome-polished steel for a stylish surface. Dream Spa is designed with a plastic shower head that works at 1.75GPM and other features that work effectively to improve your showering experience.

They include a pause option that helps you save water and a touch-clean rubber surface. It’s easy to install the system without the help of a professional hence saving some extra bucks. The only thing you need is to have some tools ready for installation. The unit comes with a Teflon tape, washers and instruction manual to guide you to complete the procedure. It also comes with anti-clog dust that uses innovative technology to help prevent mildew and mold growth, and you can quickly clean it afterward.

So, go ahead and experience a luxurious shower with a Dream Spa showerhead. The showerhead has a 3-way diversion system with six spray settings like massage and stop. In addition, you easily adjust the showerhead’s angle.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with Teflon tape and a cleaner
  • Durable
  • Easier to clean with rub-clean jets


  • Has no lifetime warranty.

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4. Ana Bath Anti-Clog 5-Inches Dual Shower Head with Handheld

Ana Bath will provide you with a great shower experience because it has two equally wide showerheads, overhead and handheld. Furthermore, it is easy to clean the unit with anti-clog nozzles. The nozzles do not affect the water supply that goes through the showerhead. Ana Bath does not need a plumber to help mount the showerhead, all you need is to assemble the right tools and make some quick turns, and you are ready to go. 

Both the overhead and handheld showerheads will give you the same experience with their five spray settings. This dual shower head is most suitable for couples as it could be beneficial. The manufacturer has designed the shower arm that fits in hand. It has a heavy section in the middle that tapers to the top to provide you with a tight grasp handle. The grasp head ensures that even if you are sloppy wet, the head will not slide out of your arm, thereby decreasing the risk of the shower head being harmed. 

Though limescale build-up can be a concern as it limits the water flow hence damaging the showerhead functionality. If you don’t treat it, the showerhead may be destroyed. But lucky for you, this product has nozzles for that purpose, and they are easy to clean. And the process is simple, pass your finger over the surface of the anti-clog, then run water along with the system and lastly, scatter the limescale.


  • Its handles are ergonomically designed.
  • Does not compromise the size of the showerheads
  • Has anti-clog nozzles


  • Has a cumbersome setting selector

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5. Taiker High-Pressure Overhead and Handheld Combo

Taiker has a large square head, and it’s pretty affordable. It’s a unit that will provide you with excellent value. Taiker has three settings on the handheld showerhead, and the handle is ergonomically designed to enable you to have a great showering experience. Moreover, it has a 72 inches’ hose, which will enable you to wash small kids and pets without any struggle. For square showerheads, it’s unlikely for them to move in a horizontal position despite having a swivel ball. 

However, since it’s mounted on a swivel ball, you can easily adjust the water flow direction, that is, up, down or sideways. Therefore, Taiker is most suitable for people with large families of differing heights. Also, Taiker is best for households with low water pressure, improving the water pressure when you angle your water downwards. Saving water will be your main priority when buying a dual shower head, so that Taiker will be a great choice, especially for environmentally conscious people. 

The handheld features a flow regulator that reduces water flow when the pressure is high to reduce water consumption. The overhead shower head is 2mm thick; the manufacturer claims that the thickness increases the water pressure without a high flow rate. Taiker has a built-in water filter that helps in preventing clogging, leaking and damage to the showerhead. Moreover, the product comes with shower hooks that can be useful when hanging your toiletries.


  • It has a water-saving model.
  • It has a directional spa overhead.
  • Comes with filters and hooks


  • The overhead cannot fully move horizontally

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6. Delta Faucet 75588RB 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head 

Delta faucet is another system that will save you money, stylish and water-saving unit. Moreover, it saves water without compromising the water pressure. If you are one of the people looking for a dual shower head design that is affordable yet easy to install, then this unit is most suitable for you. Delta dual rainfall and handheld showerhead will help you save space because it’s designed uniquely integrated and has a sleek finish that will enhance your shower appearance and utmost functionality. 

The showerhead design will offer you a massage shower mode that will provide you with a relaxing shower experience. If you are looking for a popular space to save space in your bathroom or little aesthetics, Delta’s two-head integrated design is for you. Mainly the five different settings concentrate more on massaging, meaning that this unit may most be suitable for people who love complex and intense shower sensations. Moreover, the unit has a dark finish that takes an appealing spin from other showerheads’ typical chrome color.


  • Has a trickle setting
  • Ideal for massage lovers
  • Integrated design for space


  • Designed with a plastic casing

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Factors to consider when choosing the best dual shower head

When choosing the best dual shower head, you should opt for one that will deliver satisfying and consistent water spray at any pressure and height. The following are other factors to consider when buying the best dual shower head.

1. Mount

Ensure that you pay attention to the type of dual shower head you want to buy. You will find that many people these days are opting for a wall-mounted dual shower head because it offers them a chance to shower without the need to hold them. The amount you will choose determines whether or not you can make any height adjustments to the showerhead.

2. Hose

Remember to pay close attention to the hose. The reason is that the hose determines whether or not you can make any height adjustments of the showerhead to help you get control of the direction of the water flow. Stainless steel products are the best in the market, and on top of that, they are most durable. However, it doesn’t mean plastic shower heads are not good, but a stainless steel hose is an excellent choice.

3. Diverter

One common feature that you will notice between all the shower heads as you are shopping for a new one is that they all have a 3-way water diverter. The diverter technology allows you to either use the two shower heads at once or separately. It’s very critically crucial if you want to save water, especially if at one point you need to use one of the two showerheads.

4. Multiple spray patterns

A dual shower head should be wide enough to spray and envelop your entire body. Also, when you buy a massage spray, it should target sore muscles and rinse the shampoo quickly.

5. User-friendly

A dual shower head should be easy to use and handle. Many multifunction showerheads have a spray dial that sets the spray pattern. Thus, these settings should be obvious, precise and easy to adjust, especially when the water is pouring out. For those handheld models, you should mount its head so that it will detach easily and securely. Make sure that it will never fall out unexpectedly, especially when you are showering.

6. Easy to install

Dual shower heads only take minutes to install. All you need is an adjustable wrench and a Teflon tape, hence ruling out options that require drilling or mounting hardware.

7. Additional Features

  1. An aesthetically pleasing shower head with a sleek look that can fit into all bathroom styles and settings.
  2. Consider opting for a dual shower head from a significant manufacturing company with reliable a reliable warranty, customer support and availability of replacement parts.
  3. Go for a dual shower head with a scale-resistant silicone because it makes it easier to clean, unlike metal nozzles that are hard to clean.
  4. Different types of dual shower heads include some features which may be confusing if you have always used a regular shower. The reason is that some models come to integrated LED lights that change color according to the water’s temperatures. Other models come with a control panel that gives you a choice to select your preferred color, while others include massage settings and a pause feature that helps you conserve water as you can pause the water flow as you shave. You will find that some showerheads have a touch–clean spray nozzle made from rubber which makes it easier to clean the showerhead with a cloth and remove any build-up in an instant.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Dual Shower Head

1. What is the purpose of a 3-way diverter in the best dual shower head?

The purpose of a 3-way diverter in a dual shower head is to shift the water flow from an overhead shower to a handheld shower. It also has a control panel that you can set to ensure that you get your desired water flow. Some brands have designed their shower so that you can use both showerheads at the same time.

2. Are the spray settings used in both overhead and handheld showers?

The answer is yes; You can use all the overhead and handheld shower settings in your dual shower head. In addition, you will find that different switches will help you when you want to change settings while taking a shower.

3. Do the overhead and handheld showerheads have any difference when it comes to the water flow?

There is no difference. You can enjoy the same water flow these two showers will offer you for a quick shower. Remember, this is a great feature you should consider before purchasing the best dual shower head, though most models have it.

4. What is the process of installing the best dual shower head?

You can fit a dual shower head on the wall on any standard shower arm. The showerheads are wall-mounted, thus no need for a plumber. Just follow the DIY process, and you are good to go.

5. What’s the need to buy a dual shower head?

A dual shower head offers the following main benefits. Firstly, you will shower very quickly, and it will be easy to clean the shower after that. Second, the handheld showerhead helps you rinse off areas that would be difficult to clean with an overhead showerhead. Also, the overhead will provide you with a constant water flow hence keeping your hands free as the handheld shower is docked in the mount.

6. Is it possible to have dual shower heads?

The answer is yes. There is a shower system that comes with two different-sized shower heads in one unit. While the overhead shower head is fixed on the wall or mounted, the handheld unit is attached to the overhead one.

7. How do I use a dual shower head?

A dual shower head is just like using a normal one. The only difference is that a dual shower head gives you a choice to choose either a handheld or overhead shower head separately or both at once.

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