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Best Electronic Water Descaler to Prevent Limescale Buildup

May 31, 2021

Living in a place where hard water is an issue makes you wonder what you can do to prevent it. Hard water leaves limescale buildups that are frequently left on the surfaces that the hard water comes into contact with. However, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you have the best electronic descaler in your home. Using an electronic water descaler will help you prevent the accumulation of limescale deposits on your taps, home appliances, and plumbing fixtures. You can still benefit from water minerals like calcium and magnesium.

An electronic water descaler is also essential to people allergic to salt-based food and those with health issues such as kidney and heart problems. Although it is not a severe health problem, water hardness can give your soft skin and hair a hard time. Thus, you will always require an electronic water descaler even though you don’t have an allergy or any chronic health problems.

Finding the best electronic water descaler can be overwhelming, especially because of the many different brands currently available on the market. If it is your first time buying this machine, it is even trickier. To help you make the right buying decision, we have the best electronic water descaler reviews. Keep reading!

1. YARNA (CWD24) Capacitive Electronic Salt-Free Water Descaler System

best electronic water descaler yarna

If you are looking for the best electronic water descaler to serve the whole house, you can count on the YARNA Capacitive Electronic Salt-Free Water Descaler System. This water descaler model will keep your plumbing system at its best performance since limescale deposits will no longer be a problem. Besides, there will be no rust, plus you won’t need to replace your kitchen sinks, fixtures, faucets, and other metallic surfaces where the hard water passes through anymore.

This electronic water descaler treats water in your home without adding salt to it, meaning you will have soft and healthier water for consumption. This water will be fit not only for you but also for the loved ones who might be allergic to salt.  This unit also effectively enhances the soap lather, which means you will save money and time. Furthermore, you can achieve healthier hair that is not likely to have split ends or dry up, plus you will not have itchy skin and scalp.

This electronic water descaler doesn’t require any professional or special tools while installing, so you can count on this model if you have zero plumbing knowledge. The water softener works with any pipes with no less than one inch in thickness, including copper, iron, and plastic. Although this water descaler model comes with a high price tag, you are offered a 100 percent money-back guarantee and a one-year return period if the gadget doesn’t satisfy your desires. Therefore, you don’t have any reason not to buy this model considering it is reliable.


  • Easy to install, no plumbing skills needed
  • Compatible with any pipes
  • Comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t require salt into the supply


  • A bit expensive
  • Not much effective as expected

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2. iSpring Whole House Salt-Free Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner (ED2000)

best electronic descaler

If you are looking for the best electronic water descaler that effectively improves the water quality, we recommend the iSpring Whole House Electronic Descaler. This water descaler works effectively by reducing hard water’s harmful effects and preventing limescale deposits in the pipes and fixtures. It is much compatible with any water pipe available, including PVC and PEX.

This unit solves hard water problems with no need for chemicals or even salt, unlike other water softeners that add salt to the water supply to remove hardness. Thus, consider this model if you prefer not to have salt in your water or have health issues. This descaler can prevent scale deposits in your showerhead and sinks.

When you install this descaler in your water system, you will rest assured that limescale deposits will not accumulate on the metal surfaces, dishwashers, and water utilizing appliances such as water heaters and washing machines. You can be sure of these water utilizing appliances’ efficiency and the easier washing of dishes and garments.

This unit has drawbacks, just like any other water descaler on the market. One of these drawbacks is; it is effective for hardness levels from ten to nineteen grains. Conversely, it is one of the best picks for people who prefer a model with no maintenance requirement and easy to install.


  • Doesn’t require salt into the supply
  • Compatible with any water pipe
  • Easy to install with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Effective on preventing limescale buildups


  • It is effective on water hardness from 10-19 grains

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3. Eddy (50 LPM) Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy electronic water descaler

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is another unit worth your attention. People go for this water descaler since it works well in preventing limescale deposits and buildup in sinks, pipes, faucets, and showerheads. You don’t need to add any chemicals or salt into the Eddy electronic water descaler and your water supply system, meaning you will have soft and healthier water for consumption. This model doesn’t remove water minerals like magnesium and calcium from the water system, unlike water softeners.

This descaler will help you maintain the efficiency of your heaters and furnaces, including tank-less models. It also helps minimize the straining of such devices; thus, you can rest assured of not replacing them often or spending on their maintenance. Conversely, your hair, skin, and scalp will remain healthy and protected every day with this unit on your water system.

This water descaler is easy to install on both plastic and metal pipes. Additionally, no plumbing change or wire cutting is required while installing it. If you have a little plumbing skill, you can install it directly without hiring a plumber since it has a straightforward design.

The main downside is that this unit is not recommended for iron or lead pipes. However, it works well on other pipes by descaling the water system, maintenance-free with great results up to 20-gpg. Furthermore, a cost-effective and money-saving solution is worth your attention.


  • Doesn’t require you to change your plumbing system
  • Compatible with many types of pipes
  • Easy to install virtually no plumbing skill is needed
  • It is a maintenance-free solution


  • Not recommended for iron or lead pipes

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4. HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler

best electronic water descaler

If you are looking for the best electronic water descaler that prevents issues like additional salt in your water and diet, count on the HQUA Electronic water descaler. This model is a salt-free descaler that will help keep limescale deposits away from your water supply. It promotes rust removal and prevention, so you can get sure that you don’t need to spend money on frequent, unexpected repairs. Furthermore, they treat the water without replacing minerals like calcium and magnesium, which the body needs.

This unit is easy to install. You don’t require special tools or any plumbing help to get it started to work. The moment you install it, it can instantly work to remove the hard limescale deposit already in your plumbing system. Additionally, the water softener works with any pipes not bigger than 1½ -inch pipes, including plastic, copper, or iron.

The main drawback with this water descaler is the quality issues. Users complain about the product arriving with missing parts. However, on the bigger side, this descaler is eco-and pocket-friendly. It also won’t cost you much to operate compared to a regular water softener that requires occasional maintenance, especially if your water supply contains excessive hardness.


  • Easy to install, no special tools or plumbing help is needed
  • Eco-and pocket-friendly
  • Doesn’t require salt into the supply
  • Can promote rust removal and prevention as well


  • Poor quality with low chances of quality control issues

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electronic Water Descaler

1. Installation

Most electronic water descalers are easy to install. However, it is understandable that sometimes, non-mechanical and non-techie folks can still be challenged with the process. You have to ensure that you can complete the installation yourself if you buy a water descaler to save installation costs.

Buy an electronic water descaler system where the instructions are simple, which you can follow and understand even without any prior or background knowledge in installing such systems. It would be best if you chose a brand that can offer support and extra instructions as needed.

2. Available area

Dual tank, salt-based, and even some salt-free water descalers may require a lot of space to occupy. Thus, you need to measure the dimension of the area where the electronic water descaler will be installed and compare the dimensions to the manufacturer’s installation specifications to be sure about the space.

Most of the salt-free descalers are smaller than salt-based electronic models. Additionally, you can install them directly on the water system and hang them down one or two feet, depending on the brand.

Magnetic water softeners occupy the least amount of space, and you can install them directly without cutting into your plumbing. You can install these small water descalers directly on the pipe without interfering with your floor space. These units are the ideal option for smaller houses since they save on space.

3. Ion exchange capacity

When people mention buildup water descalers, they normally refer to regular salt-based softening that depends on an ion exchange process to replace hard minerals (magnesium and calcium) in the water with sodium or potassium ions. If you have issues with extra salt in your meals, you need to go for a salt-free water softener.

Generally, the ion exchange process is usually considered as the industry standard and is still the preferred option for many homeowners because of their unique performance. Nonetheless, salt-free water softeners are becoming common with increasing effectiveness.

4. The capacity of the electronic water descaler

Water softness or hardness is commonly measured using grains per gallon (gpg), where one is equal to a solution of 0.002 ounces of calcium carbonate and one gallon of water. Water with 0 to 3 gpg is considered soft water, and 3.5 to 7 gpg is moderate water, while water with over 7.5 gpg is usually considered hard water.

An electronic water descaler can measure grains for each week that the unit can handle before replenishing. Small water softeners come with weekly grain capacities from 16,000-32,000, while large water softeners have grain capacities from 40,000-64,000.

Remember that the harder your water is, the more grains your electronic water descaler system will handle. A 54,000-grain system would function differently and better with 3-gpg water running through it than if it had –gpg water to manage.

5. Bypass valve

Valves control the flow of water through a pipe, opening or closing it when necessary. Conversely, bypass valves also function in the same way as regular valves; however, their purpose, when used with an electronic water descaler, is to change the flow of water directed away from the system. This function allows you to use the system’s hard water running into the home.

This feature may seem useless if you have just bought a water descaler, but a bypass valve can save you time and money by preventing your electronic water descaler from using excess energy and salt to soften the water used for washing the deck and watering the lawn.

Thus, you can use the bypass valve to change the direction of the water flow around the water descaler and back into your pipes. Once your flow is complete, close the bypass valve and return water flow through your electronic descaler. 

6. Water descaler regeneration methods

Metered (demand-initiated)- This method is what digital systems use to trigger their regen process based on earlier water output. This regeneration is one of the environmental and cost-friendly methods since no more water and salt is being used than necessary. 

Manual– This method might be inconvenient and so only popular with portable models. Under this method, you have to add up salt directly into the system reservoir and give it time to move the magnesium and calcium stick to the resin beads.

Timed- This timer-based regeneration method allows you to set a particular regeneration time. Then the descaler system will backwash, recharge then rinse at certain time intervals, using the same amount of water and salt all the time irrespective of your prior water consumption. So, if you use a large amount of water than usual, you might run out of soft water prematurely. Using less water means a lot of salt and water is wasted.

7. The cost of the electronic water descaler

The cost of an electronic water descaler depends on its size, type, brand, and other additional features. You are bound to spend anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for a normal ion exchange system. Water conditioners are relatively cheaper, but it is also good to have a budget before shopping.

When you consider the price, also remember to take into account expenses involved in installation and operation. Additionally, ensure the electronic water descaler can pay for itself in the long run; even after fifteen years, your home appliances and pipe should still be in good condition.

8. Warranty and customer support

Purchasing a product online gives you different products to choose from and at the best prices. Nonetheless, it would be best to consider the warranties, whether you want to buy the product online or in some stores. Some companies selling these descalers provide separate warranties for different system components, while others offer after-sale services. Furthermore, some companies offer a money-back guarantee after you return the product in good condition.

Think about the customer support services that the company is offering. The item you want to buy should have great and active customer support in anything, preferably 24/7 support.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Electronic Water Descaler

 1. Are electronic water descalers eco-friendly?

Yes, this one of the main benefits of electronic water descaler. They are equipped with eco-friendly features. Unlike other alternatives, they don’t waste any water during operation, plus they save energy.

2. Can electronic water descalers work on PVC?

Yes, most models can be installed onto PVC and other types of water piping. Ensure that your water is the right size before buying the electronic water descaler.

3. Which is better, a magnetic or electronic water descaler?

Electronic descalers’ ever-improving technology is unique to say that electronic descalers are the best option. Although they still use some of the same aspects of the magnetic style, they have added electricity, where the electromagnetic field remains stronger and won’t lapse.

4. Are electronic water descalers effective?

Electronic water descalers don’t remove wanted minerals such as magnesium, and calcium is essential in our diet. However, they cause side effects in our home appliances and plumbing, meaning they don’t soften hard water but instead alter hard water minerals structure, keeping them from adhering to the pipe and fixtures.

5. Which brands are most trusted for water descalers?

It is a little overwhelming when buying an electronic descaler. Many brands in the market are currently claiming to be the best at providing top-notch quality electronic water descalers, so selecting the best can be tricky.

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