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Were ready for ya h3 well kinda

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Three more weeks, people!! And Baby Hertzler (who we’ve affectionately dubbed H3) will be here. We’re super excited. Seriously. We CAN.NOT.WAIT. to meet H3. Mitch and I had a discussion the other day about his/her room. And yeah, we decided it’s definitely not on the “must-do” list. (There’s the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and mudroom that need our attention…yikes!!) Baby will sleep in our room in a bassinet for a while and really, there’s no rush to finish the nursery. If it’s a boy, it’s not really going to change much at all. If it’s a girl, there will be changes made. Which the prospect of more work is making Mitch cringe. It won’t change much. We’ll just add a sparkly chandy where Ry’s ceiling fan was and throw in some pink in the mix. No biggie. (I say that now.)

And the boys are adjusting superbly to their new environment. They love being together in the same bedroom. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but they’re champs and doing SO WELL together. Ryder literally falls asleep right away. Sometimes we hear Bryce singing/talking to himself and have to go in and tell him to go to sleep, but he’s not disturbing Ry at all. That’s a huge relief. I was picturing our lives in total chaos dealing with a newborn and two brothers who fought every night while going to sleep. It’s such a relief to not worry about them.

We have a super cool idea for the boys’ ceiling. You remember Ry’s ceiling treatment? Well we wanted something just as cool (and inexpensive) as his and I think we finally came up with it. I’m going to keep ya in suspense, but just know–it’s a awesome idea and if we can pull it off, it’s gonna look awesome too…eek! So excited!

I’m waiting to put things on the boys’ walls until I know exactly what we’re doing in there (plus I think I have to gather more stuff for their walls). I’m thinking gallery walls personalized to each boy. It’ll be fun collecting stuff that’s uniquely “them”.

So that’s all for now. I had to use Mitch’s computer for this post cause my laptop died. Darn technology! So hopefully it’ll be up and running soon and I can check back in with you shortly. If not, have a great weekend:)

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