30 Simple ways to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Is it just me or do we all find ourselves searching for a particular kitchen tool only for it to turn into a game of hide-and-seek?

With a good organization, you eliminate the guessing game of where your utensils are and avoid the hassle for you and visiting guests. Here are some wonderful ideas to organize your kitchen items.

1. Magnetic knife strap 

2. Clear acrylic or glass storage containers

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3. Use a Lazy Susan for your condiments or spices

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4. Use shelf baskets when arranging grouped kitchen items

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5. Put a Pegboard on the kitchen wall to hang utensils

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6. Use spice drawer organizers for a neat look

Image source: Hydrangea Treehouse

7. Drawer dividers help you reduce the clutter in your drawers

Image source: The organised housewife

8. Install a pullout pantry especially in small spaces

Image source: Décor Pad

9. Shelf risers potentially give you more space to lay our utensils in a cabinet

10. Install pull out shelves in tight spaces

11. Add more drawers to your cabinets

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12. Tension rods can be used to hang teacups

Image source: Jen woodhouse

13. Label your bins or jars

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14. Store your fruits on hanging fruit baskets 

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15. Install corner shelves to optimize your corner space

Image source: Driven by décor

16. Organize your cookbooks on a floating shelf

Image source: William Abranowicz

17. Using a rolling cart or trolley makes it easy to change the position of your shelves

Image source: Ikea

18. Declutter your space using a pot lid organizer

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19. A drawer with a pull-out trash can enables you to put them away when not in use

20. Use over- cabinet door organizers for extra storage

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21. Arrange your wine glasses on a  rack

Image source: Rikeys

22. Use a  fold down table to be put away when not in use for more space in the kitchen

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23. Install under sink drawers or tray organizers

24. Use mason jars for storage 

 Image source: Ikea

25. Install hanging wall shelves in your kitchen

Image source: Ikea

26. Use a dish rack for the plates and bowls

Image source: Ikea

27. Add an extra countertop stand

28. Use stackable wicker baskets for your pantry organization

Image source: Dave Lauridsen

29. Add an over the sink rack for your wet utensils

Image source: Ikea

30. Add a hanging rack for the pots and pans

Image source: Ditte Isager