30 Outstanding TV Stand Ideas That You Will Love 

Most homes have a television set in the living room as the centerpiece. Nowadays, televisions are mounted on walls, and TV stands have become decor pieces or storage areas for television accessories such as soundbars and remotes. Some people also use them as bookshelves for those coffee table books. 

Nevertheless, you can use TV consoles to make your house look inviting and to communicate your personality. Whichever style you use, these TV stand ideas will inspire you to create a lovely TV area that suits your personal style and preferences. 

1. Install a built-in tv stand on the wall

2. Get a distressed wooden TV stand to contrast the modern gadgets to that vintage look

3. For the backdrop of the TV stand, accent the wall by painting it or drawing patterns on it

4. Add a piece of painting on the TV stand

5. Add candle lighting and lamps to the TV stand for mood lighting

6. Use artistic furniture for the TV stand

7. Add book collections around the TV stand

8. Put your collectors items on display next to the tv stand

9. Paint your TV stand to your theme color

10. Use a custom console which can be a DIY craft

11. Add paneling on the wall behind the tv stand

12. Add shelves around the tv stand for your displays

13. Add a couple of faux plants or faux vines around the TV stand

14. Wainscot the tv wall area in the pattern of your choice

15. Display pieces of pottery on the tv stand

16. Display family photos on the TV stand

17. Use pretty woven baskets  to give a laid bohemian look especially for open TV stands

18. Add a shiplap pattern to the wall attached to the Tv stand

19. Put a vase of fresh flowers or a diffuser on the TV stand for a pleasant smell and sight

20. White is an attention grabber, so if you are for the clean girl aesthetic, consider having a white TV stand

21. Install a marble TV stand for a polished elegant look

22. Install an electric fireplace next on the tv stand  for a warm feel

23. Install a floating tv stand for minimal style

24. Illuminate the TV stand using led lighting

25. Display sculptures or figurines on the TV stand

26. Decorative orbs have become a bit of a sensation  when it comes to centerpieces so you can display them on your TV stand

27. For a shiny and bright look, get a tv stand with a mirrored surface

28. Glass domes or jars can be crafted to look artistic enough to be displayed on the TV stand

29. If you have a plain tv stand, consider adding a bold wallpaper as a background

30. Lastly, ensure you always adorn that TV stand according to the season’s festivities , be it Easter, Christmas or even Halloween