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Subwayin it up

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Mitch has been busy the last few nights. Check it out, yo.



Piece by piece, he’s built this wall of tile. I’m in love.
This is the view when you walk in the door. It’s our laundry/mudroom. The washer and dryer will be behind the door. And that hole in the wall will house a sweet pendant light above a utility sink.

You see that light dangling from the cabinet hardware? That’s the only light we have currently out in the garage. So by the light of that wee fixture Mitch was tiling the last few nights.

He’s doing all this tile work without a wet saw. God bless ‘im. When he needs to make a cut, he uses this thing, which basically scores the tile then you pull down on the lever to break it. For really tiny cuts, nine times out of ten, the tile breaks in the wrong location. Mitchell is very patient but after I keep hearing, “Dang it!” last night around midnight, I knew he had had enough.

You can never have too much subway, in my opinion. Can’t wait to see it all grouted!

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