35 Brilliant Ideas for Staircase Makeover

Tired of your plain old staircase yet? If so, we have got you covered with these 35 ideas on how to spruce up that space. The makeover may be extreme to the point of changing a structural design of the staircase or it can be a mild makeover that only requires you to add interesting details to your staircase , depending on your budget.

First you can match the aesthetic of your home to that of the staircase for a cohesive look.

The beauty of a staircase makeover is that you have many surfaces to work with, starting with a stair wall, balustrades, rails, the steps, and under the stairs.

Depending on your personal preference you can choose the ideas that match your home and personal aesthetic and implement them.

1. Choose a patterned tile for the steps, and you can alternate for only treads or the risers.

2. Consider installing concrete stairs for that minimalistic industrial style.

3. A metal staircase provides a very industrial look to compliment a dark themed home.

4. Install a wooden staircase for that cozy, rustic farmhouse décor.

5. A floating staircase gives your space a modern and elegant look.

6. Install a glass staircase for a futuristic aesthetic.

7. For the rails or balustrade, you can switch out the iron rails with thick ropes.

8. Bring the outdoors into your home by using plants as décor.

9. For the art lovers, display your favorite art pieces on the stair wall.

10. Arrange family pictures neatly along the stair wall without clutter.

11. Create a space for all your trophies and knick knacks on the stairwell.

12. Paint a mural on the stair walls to draw attention to that area.

13. Exploit all the storage you can get under the stairs by adding cabinets for clothes, pantry, or toys.

14. Expand your library storage under the stairs.

15. Fix a cozy reading nook under the stairs.

16. Embellish the rail for some shine using either golden or silver details.

17. Add wood paneling either on the stair wall or as balustrade.

18. Choose a decorative piece of rail over the common metallic paneled rails.

19. Install an inspiring wallpaper over the stair wall.

20. Add step lighting with a feature of motion sensors.

21. Install wall sconces or rail lights for some mood lighting.

22. Add a couple of bohemian wall hangings on the stair wall.

23. Write your affirmations or favorite quotes on the wall or steps.

24. Display an art project on the stair wall.

25. Paint the staircase walls and rails in your favorite color.

26. Use creative mirror design along the stair wall.

27. Carpeting the steps can look outdated unless done right by choosing patterns and color schemes that stand out on their own but also complements your home.

28. Add a small bench area on the landing for a cozy feel.

29. Display your best pottery collection on the base of the stairs or on a landing.

30. Experiment with different paint colors on different risers for an eclectic feel.

31. Use a dramatic chandelier as a statement piece for the area over the staircase.

32. Add texture and beauty to the walls by wainscoting it.

33. Install a spiral staircase especially for small spaces.

34. Store and display your wines under the stairs for a sophisticated look.

35. Add a window to open up the space and provide refreshing views.