35 Ways to Organize Your Pantry on a Budget

Organizing a pantry requires discipline for you and the people who access it. Having a system in place can be a big help in maintaining a clean and organized pantry.

First, ensure you check your pantry items regularly to either remove expired products or the dead stock that you never use. Second, if there is too much stock that would otherwise go bad or you may not need, donate them to other people. Avoid hogging. Lastly, reorganize your pantry with the updated stock in their designated zones.

This article provides you with 35 ways to ensure that the pantry system works for you while sparing your coins. Let’s dive in!

1. Categorize your pantry by food types to create zones

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2. Store items in clear, airtight containers for easy identification and freshness

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3. Add adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of items

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4. Attach racks or pockets to the inside of pantry doors for additional storage

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5. Install pull-out drawers for easy access to deep pantry items

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6. Utilize tiered shelves to keep items visible and accessible

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7. Implement a First-In, First-Out System by putting the new items far back and the older ones at the front

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8. Store items by frequency such as keeping frequently used items at eye level and less used items higher or lower

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9. Add baskets under shelves for additional storage space

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    10. Repurpose magazine holders to store items like foil, plastic wrap, and cutting boards

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    11. Repurpose file sorters or desk organizers for packets and small items

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    12. Use pegboards for hanging utensils or small containers

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    13. Install LED strips or battery-operated lights to improve visibility

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    14. Keep a small step stool or sliding ladder in the pantry for reaching higher shelves

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    15. Design the lower shelves of your pantry to store healthy snacks for children

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    16. Store dry goods like pasta, rice, and beans in mason jars

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    17. Use the same type of container for a uniform look and efficient stacking

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    18. Incorporate decorative wicker baskets for a cohesive and attractive pantry

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    19. Keep items in labeled plastic bins which show the content and the expiration dates

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    20. Group cereal, oatmeal, and breakfast bars in one area

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    21. Install a spice rack on the pantry door or wall

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    22. Store onions, potatoes, and other produce in breathable drawstrings bags or open baskets

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    23. If you enjoy a detailed organization, color code your pantry items

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    24. Use hooks for items like aprons, bags, or utensils

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    25. Keep cans and bottles organized and accessible with stackable dispensers

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    26. Use shelf dividers to separate different items

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    27. Create a designated area for baking supplies with measuring cups, mixing bowls, and ingredients

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    28. Divide bulk purchases into smaller, more manageable containers

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    29. Utilize corner shelves or lazy Susan to make the most of corner areas

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    30. Make deep pantry shelves more accessible with sliding shelves

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    31. Use a rolling cart for flexible storage and easy access

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    32. Keep bread fresh and organized in designated bread bins

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    33. Adapt to using stackable bins and baskets to maximize vertical space

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    34. Use a board to manage your pantry content such as what is to be bought or thrown out

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    35. Add a countertop for your pantry if possible, where you can load and dispense your items during the organization

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