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Hidee ho, neighbors! It’s been a while. We had a blast at the shore last week and it was probably the best week to go down there since there was major flooding back home. Thankfully we didn’t get any water in our basement and there wasn’t much damage in our neck o’ the woods.

Now it’s back to work here at home–Mitch is killin’ the garage reno. The master bedroom is totally drywalled and just needs to be sanded, THEN we can paint:) And I’m still on the search for treasures. I went to a town yard sale two weekends ago and want to show you guys the goods.

First up, this lantern. It’s a real oil lantern and super cool. Not your average Coleman here. How sweet would this bad boy look hanging from a hook on the wall? Love it.

And the super cool thing is that it really works. One night all of us were out in the boys’ playhouse sitting around the soft glow of this lantern, telling stories. Fun times.

Then this little shelf. If you know me, you know I love all things architectural salvage and this little guy fits the bill. He had a price tag of .25 cents on it. Seriously. I actually got a better deal on it, believe it or not. Keep reading.

This vintage wool rug was at the same yard sale. It’s the perfect size for our soon-to-be mudroom. I love the colors in it and priced at $4, I really couldn’t go wrong. I got a package deal that day: the above cute shelf and the rug below for a whopping $3. I love me a sweet deal.

So there ya have it–some more treasures to add to the collection. Have you found any bargains recently?

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