15 Modern Farmhouse Décor Ideas That Bring a Rustic Vibe

The modern farmhouse décor is like a bridge between traditional and contemporary styles as the vintage looks are adapted to create a more modern and chic look.

In modern farmhouse style, the goal is to appear rustic but not old fashioned which requires a tricky balance. This kind of aesthetic pretty much relies on the use of wood and other natural materials to provide an airy, simple and warm feel in a home.

So for those people looking to revamp their space to such décor or introduce little aspects of the farmhouse aesthetic into their homes, here are 15 décor ideas to get you there.

1. Use barn doors to create that authentic rustic feel in your space.

2. Create a versatile look using distressed wood furniture around the house.

3. Use a neutral color palette or earth tones to give your space a simple outlook.

4. Introduce nature into your space using potted plants.

5. If possible, raised ceiling patterns or finishes are a good airy look.

6. Make use of the exposed beams to provide the rustic charm.

7. Adopt the shiplap design on either the ceiling or the walls to elevate your space and give it a trim look.

8. Make a simple gallery wall with your family photos or use a favorite art piece to draw attention to a specific part of the house.

9. Have a porch connected to the living room that opens up the space to give a cohesive outdoor- indoor look.

10. The use of open shelves to display your artefacts in an orderly manner provides an artistic background

11. Texture your space by layering pieces of different sizes, patterns and materials such as jute rags, linen pillows, couch blankets and wall art.

12. Wooden flooring enhances the warm tones in the house and provides a finished look.

13. Take advantage of the natural light to provide an airy and well lit space.

14. Use old mirrors, serving trays, and silver platters to create a mirage of space.

15. Lastly, mark it yours by including a personal element such as displaying the family heirlooms, vintage trinkets or a custom pottery.