35 Unique Ideas to Slick Up Your Home Office

Now that working from home has become a common phenomenon, a home office is a must have. We are creating offices in our living rooms, bedrooms, attics, or any underutilized space in our houses. The most important aspect of such a project is to ensure that you plan carefully, invest in accessories, and get stylish furniture.
Therefore, whichever part of your home you choose as a work station, these simple office ideas will inspire you create an office space that promotes productivity.

1. Spruce it up with a gallery

Courtesy of Laurey Glenn

2. A wall-mounted desk with multiple shelves is a great idea for a small space

Courtesy of Cathie Hong Interiors

3. Install a vibrant wallpaper

Courtesy of Studio DB

4. The stairs landing can be an ideal place to set up a simple office

Courtesy of Chris Nook

5. Set up the office in your bedroom

Courtesy of Alvin Wayne

6. Utilize an empty space in your house

Courtesy of Luca Trovato

7. Have a DIY calendar on your wall space

Courtesy of Dan Duchars

8. Use plants to decorate the office space

Courtesy of Emily Henderson Design

9. Hang a mirror

Courtesy of Robert McKinley Studio

10. Have a fold-away office to maintain a neat space

Courtesy of Simon Whitmore

11. A barn door will being on the rustic theme you are going for

Courtesy of Leslee Mitchel/ JL Design

12. A minimalist look is great for an office

Courtesy of Cathie Hong Interiors

13. Decorate the office space to match that of the home

Courtesy of Katie Lee

14. Add speakers if you are a music lover

Courtesy of Bjorn Wallander

15. Include a mood board

Courtesy of Lobster and Swan

16. Use the space below your staircase

Courtesy of Tim Young

17. Use warm color tones for your office

Courtesy of Sarah and Sons Interiors

18. Use unique furniture such as translucent chair and table

Courtesy of David Giles

19. You can set it up outside

Courtesy of Laure Joliet

20. Add some glamour

Courtesy of Jules Interiors

21. It does not have to be a big space

Courtesy of Future PLC

22. Control amount of light using blackout shades

Courtesy of Eggshell Home

23. Use antiques for a desk

Courtesy of Jae Joo

24. Set up a corner office

Courtesy of Jenn Pablo Studio

25. Define your office area with a different paint color

Courtesy of Interior Fox

26. A side by side workstation is good for two people

Courtesy of Nick Glimenakis

27. Turn an alcove into an office

Courtesy of Jessica Lagrange Interiors

28. A shelf desk is simple and elegant

Courtesy of Nick Smith

29. Hang a piece of textile on your wall

Courtesy of Jessica Lagrange Interiors

30. Mount wall lights

Courtesy of Future PLC

31. Use the hidden spaces in the house

Courtesy of Candace Mary Interiors

32. Floating shelves and a desk make the space unique

Courtesy of Tim Young

33. Add some boho decor to spice it up

Courtesy of Blanco Bungalow

34. Add a tropical wallpaper for a vibrant theme

Courtesy of Casa Watkins Living

35. Long curtains are a great addition

Courtesy of Laure Joliet