22 Simple Ideas for a Pink Bedroom Makeover

Pink has a lot of shades from a hot bold pink to a pretty pale pink which gives you an array to choose from and decide what works for you. Admittedly, it does take a lot of conviction to deck your entire bedroom in hot pink, especially seeing how it has been commercialized as a little girls’ color.

However, that should not be the case because if you love something you should get to flaunt it. So for all the pink lovers, let’s get to it and see how you can make your most private space as pink as you possibly can with the following ideas.

1. Choose a soft, blush pink for the walls to create a gentle and calming backdrop

Courtesy of Little Terraced House

2. Add an accent wall using a pink-patterned wallpaper

Courtesy of Kate Marker Interiors

3. Upholster your bed in a shade of pink

Courtesy of Max Kim-Bee

4. Add a pink cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair

Courtesy of Karyn R. Millet

5. Use furniture with white or gold accents that complement the pink tones

Courtesy of Emily J. Followill

6. Layer the sheets, duvet, and pillows in different tones of pink to add depth

Courtesy of Decor Pad

7. Incorporate soft, textured throws and pillows in pink

Courtesy of 118 the victorian villa

8. Opt for pink floral or geometric patterned walls

Courtesy of Read McKendree

9. Choose lamp shades in pink tones to enhance the overall color scheme

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

10. Install a chandelier with pink crystals or accents for a touch of elegance

Courtesy of Sam Gray

11. Hang artwork that features pink hues to tie the room together

Courtesy of Kelly Marshal

12. Use sheer pink curtains to let in light while adding a soft pink glow to the room

Courtesy of Laquita Tate Interiors

13. Add pink floral blackout curtains

Courtesy of Josh Thornton

14. Install shelves in white or light wood with pink décor items

Courtesy of Stephen Karlisch

15. Drape a pink throw blanket over the bed or chair

Courtesy of Eric Boman

16. If space allows, create a cozy desk area with pink accents and a comfortable chair

Courtesy of Read McKendree

17. Combine the pink tones with other colors such as green, lavender, blue

Courtesy of Decor Pad

18. Texture the walls using materials with different shades of pink

Courtesy of Home Designing

19. Use pink storage baskets or boxes for organizing items

Courtesy of Sohomod

20. Use mirrors with pink or rose gold frames for the illusion of a spacious pink space

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

21. Place a soft, plush pink rug beside the bed or in the center of the room

Courtesy of Camilia Home

22. Use a bright and bold pink

Courtesy of Ilana Harky