33 Exciting Ideas For a Fireplace in the Living Room

Fireplaces give a nod to past centuries in that they are both vintage and timeless. When I think of a fireplace, I’m thinking of homey vibes and curling up by a seat next to it for that warm cozy feeling especially in the winter. The current market provides you with a variety of choices for your fireplace from traditional setups to the electrical types. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing or revamping your fireplace, check out these 30 lovely fireplace ideas for your home.

1. Install a traditional mantelpiece for that timeless look

Courtesy of Dustin Peck

2. Use natural stone for the fireplace

Courtesy of David Burroughs

3. For the minimalistic design , install a freestanding fireplace

Courtesy of Stephen Johnson

4. Have a double sided fireplace to serve two adjoining rooms

Courtesy of Brittany Ambridge

5. Incorporate a built in shelves around the fireplace for books and decor

Courtesy of Mint Images

6. Use decorative tile for your fireplace

Courtesy of The Interior Archive

7. Install a marble fireplace for that elegant polished look.

courtesy of Zeke Ruelas

8. On the mantel, use a thick wooden beam for a rustic aesthetic

Courtesy of Lindsay Brown

9. If you are short on space, install a corner fireplace

Courtesy of next luxury

10. Install an electric fireplace in place of the traditional fireplace.

Courtesy of walmart

11. Add a floating mantel for a contemporary look

Courtesy of Joshua McHugh

12. Add shiplap design to the wall around the fireplace

Courtesy of  @flippingnuts_ca / Instagram

13. Play around with colors for the mantel and surrounding wall

Courtesy of Virginia Macdonald

14. Exposed brick fireplace increases its aesthetic

Courtesy of dwellaware/ instagram

15. Add a television set above the fireplace

Courtesy of gray space interiors

16. Add a herringbone tile pattern for the fireplace

Courtesy of Madeline Harper

17. For an industrial look , add steel surround

Courtesy of Tony Soluri

18. Incorporate a seating area for the fireplace

Courtesy of Tim Furlong Jr.

19. Add pebbles to the fireplace earth for a natural look

Courtesy of Alain Couillaud

20. Opt for a glass enclosure for the fireplace

 Courtesy of Heidi Harris

21. Create an eclectic mosaic using tiles

Courtesy of Max Burkhalter

22. Display artwork on the mantel

Courtesy of Justin Jordan

23. Install a concrete fireplace for a minimalistic design

Courtesy of anthony concrete design

24. Add creative mirrors around the fireplace

Courtesy of Nicole Franzen

25. Use a custom carved stone surround as a statement piece

Courtesy of Stephen Kent Johnson

26. Install an outdoor fireplace

Courtesy of gibeon photography

27. Add decor pieces like statues, figurines, orbs on the mantelpiece

Courtesy of Stacey Goldberg

28. Have a seamless look by extending the wall over the fireplace up to the ceiling

Courtesy of Julie Soefer

29. Use an intricate design for the mantlepiece

Courtesy of Simon Upton

30. Add a vintage grate to your fireplace

Courtesy of Sara Ligorria-Tramp

31. Install a fireplace surround using stacked stones

Courtesy of Michael Robinson

32. Install a unique fireplace for this rustic theme

Courtesy of Joyelle West

33. Display a nice piece of art above the fireplace

Courtesy of Haris Kenjar