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I rest my case

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My bookcase, that is. My (well, actually Ryder’s) bookcase got a new look and I’m quite pleased with the results. We’ve been busy the last few days with trying to finish up Ry’s room and with that comes one major time-consuming project (that I’m SO stoked about!!) as well as various smaller ones. So I thought I’d show you a quick project we finished up tonight. This is a bookcase that I picked up at an auction a while ago for next to nothing. (and by next to nothing, I mean it was either .50 cents or $1–can’t remember which)

I know it’s hard to see why it cost next to nothing…she’s a looker, ain’t she?
This thing was sitting in our basement for a number of years. Since that day at the auction, I knew this little bookcase had potential. That’s why I splurged my hard earned dollar on it. That, and it’s solid wood.
I started with wiping it down and sanding.
Then off came the flimsy, splintered backing. That part was fun–I got to smash it with a hammer like the “real DIYers” do on tv:)
Looking better already.
Then came the paint. This step is what took the longest. Not the actual painting part, but the choosing what color to paint it. Red, white, and navy blue all came to mind but none of them felt right. So I checked the stash of paint I had on hand and settled on Ben Moore Gray Owl.
(It was such a gorgeous day today that I took it outside on the deck and got to work.)



I decided to attach pallet wood to the back for a more rustic-boyish look (and it’ll fit right in with another feature of Ry’s room). This is where Mitch stepped in.

He measured everything out, cut the boards to size, and secured them in place with a nail gun.
All with Bryce’s supervision, of course. I’m glad to see that both were wearing proper footwear for this project.
 Sheesh, who’s that kid’s mom??

And here’s what it looks like currently. I really like how it turned out and can’t wait to fill it with books and other treasures.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison for ya.

It’s pretty cool what a little elbow grease and a beautiful afternoon can do for ya. How about you? Have you knocked anything off your to-do list lately? Or is there still an ugly-as-crap bookcase starin’ right back at ya? Hope this project can give you the motivation you need to pretty up that puppy! Even if it did only cost ya a buck.

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