How to Load a Staple Gun Properly for Easy Stapling

You all know and have seen a desk stapler before, but staple guns are much different, contrary to regular staplers. Do you know how to load a staple gun correctly?

First, what is a staple gun? It is a small tool used by handymen to force staples into heavy fabrics, wood, plastic, and thick paper. You can purchase three types of staple guns, either manual, pneumatic, or electric staple gun, to serve the following purposes: upholstery, carpentry, insulation, and other construction-related workloads.

You should know how to use these guns properly. Remember that knowing how to use these staple guns ensures your safety and increases the machine’s durability.

When purchasing a staple gun, one way or the other, you will have to load the staples into the device, but how do you do that? In this article, we will show you step by step process of how to load staples correctly. So, keep reading and let’s find out?

How to load a manual staple gun

You can use this type of staple gun manually, as the name suggests, only requiring just the strength of your arm muscles. This method is very easy to work with, considering it’s very mobile. This manual staple gun is easy to carry around, compared with the other two types; Electric and pneumatic, since you don’t need any power cord or battery.

Step 1: Load the Gun

You will need to turn towards the back of this device to load the staples. Basically, with just a few exceptions on the side, the chambers of a manual staple gun are situated at their backside. The chamber is a spring-loaded bar with a lever.

Step 2: Place the Rod

Place two of your fingers at the bottom of the manual staple gun to push the rod inside and downwards, which holds the staples in position. Then, remove the rod and load the staples on the bar slide in. Additionally, insert the rod inside, and while doing this, you will feel some tension. Follow by driving in the top fraction of the rod to lock it in place.

Step 3: Testing

Now the gun is ready for you to use; however, remember to check whether it’s working properly. But first, experiment on a material like the one you will be using on your project. Consider checking if there is any jam because sometimes staples jam inside the gun. When everything is ready and okay, then start shooting.

How to Load an Electric Staple Gun

Electric staple gun operates through electricity, that’s right! You guessed right. You can use this staple gun for framing pictures, padding carpets, and ceiling tiles. Most crafters and carpenters love the type of staple gun device. Also, you can use it as a brad nailer for firing braid nails.

Step 1: Unplug the Staple Gun

First, ensure you unplug the staple from the electric power before you start loading the staple gun. Follow by locating the lock, which is generally situated near the trigger to release the staples. For your safety as the user, consider unplugging since some staples do not have this lock.

Step 2: Load the gun

To load this type of staple gun, you need to turn it over. The electric staple gun has a release bottom at the bottom rear fraction. Push the release button. Furthermore, you will see a tray that grips the row of staples in position; Ensure that the staples face upside down and their legs facing up to the ceiling. Drive the clip inside after inserting the staples in the tray. Now your staple gun is ready to operate.

Step 3: Using as a Brad Nailer

When you want to use the electric staple gun as a brad nailer, remember to take the staplers out from the device; normally, there is an indication in the magazine bar for inserting the brad nails. Follow these suggestions to get your task done. However, ensure to check whether your staple has the alternative of shooting brad nails if there are no indications, else this could turn out to be dangerous.

How to Load a Pneumatic Staple Gun

You can use a pneumatic staple gun in construction workloads to force staples into hardwood materials like metal. Most pneumatic staple guns use compressed air to allow heavy-duty staples into objects.

Step 1: Switch off the Device

Ensure to switch off the staple if it is turned on and disconnect the staple gun from the hose pipe connected with a compressor. Moreover, activate the safety lock if your staple gun has one for the trigger, as this is very important in ensuring that the staples are locked as you are loading.

Step 2: Preparation

Follow by disconnecting the magazine follower by pushing the lever. This follower is a rod that provides immobility by holding the magazine. Still, go on by pulling the rod to its farthest point, and the gun is ready to get loaded.

Step 3: Loading

Load staples in the rail of the chamber, all while keeping the legs in a downward position. To confirm that the staples will move smoothly on the rail, use your hands to slide the staples for assurance. However, you can either drive one large row of staples or more than one smaller row of staples together to fill the rows.

Step 4: Push the Lever

Again push the lever to unlock the follower to relocate it to its previous location. It automatically pushes the staples once you push the lever. Nevertheless, you will have to push the rod if your gun is not automatic manually. Ensure you are cautious with it by not pushing it so hard, else it will later misfire.

Step 5: Last Step

Lastly, connect the hosepipe with the staple gun and plug in the compressor. Start the compressor to check whether the device s working properly and shoot on a material similar to your object. For safety reasons, wear safety goggles before shooting. If the gun shows no jamming issues, it works smoothly and according, and you are ready to go.