30 Charming Girly Apartment Ideas That You Should See

When decorating a room, you consider the general outcome and purpose of the room. For a girly apartment, you’d like the room to be welcoming to women which forms the basis of feminine décor.
Feminine décor can be characterized by sophisticated decorations and artwork, elegant furniture designs, bright colors, and classical girly elements.
There are different ways to decorate a room and give it a feminine touch. We have compiled 30 different ways of decorating girly apartments. These concepts will give you a rough idea when you’re decorating yours.

1. Add a Piece of Art That Brings a Pop of Color

Courtesy of Ashley Hosmer

2. Incorporate Vibrant Colors In Your Décor

Courtesy of Ameliah Analei

3. Use Colorful Pillows to Spruce Up Your Bed Space

Courtesy of Style Your Sense

4. Hang an Abstract Painting

Courtesy of Etsy

5. Use Botanical And Floral Bouquets

Courtesy of Etsy

6. Incorporate Bold Prints

Courtesy of Studio London

7. White Color Makes The Room Brighter

Courtesy of Zy Homy

8. Bright Colors Always Make a Difference

Courtesy of Neva Interior Design

9. Lights and Large Mirrors Create an Illusion of Space

Courtesy of Roomy Retreat

10. A Pink Couch Sets The Tone

Courtesy of Steph Kaluza

11. Bits and Pieces of Bright Colors Make The Room Feminine

Courtesy of Most Lovely Things

12. Bright Colored Pillows Make a Statement

Courtesy of Roomy Retreat

13. Add a Pop of Color

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

14. Add Pink Curtains

Courtesy of Style Your Senses

15. Add Accessories With Bright Colors to Liven The Room

Courtesy of Katelyn Sailor

16. Bold Prints Makes a Space Brighter

Courtesy of Katelyn Sailor

17. Baby Pink Flowers Are a Great Addition

Courtesy of The Roomy Retreat

18. Color Blocking Brings a Minimalist Look Alive

Courtesy of Kaley Elaine

19. Add a Dash of Color Using Accessories

Courtesy of Liberty Interiors

20. A Pink Couch Is Welcoming

Courtesy of Domino

21. Color Your wall Pastel

Courtesy of Poster Store

22. A Splash of Turquoise Makes the Neutral Colors Vibrant

Courtesy of House of Turquoise

23. A Statement Chair Will Liven The Room

Courtesy of Amy Howard Social

24. Add Bold Throw Pillows & A Piece of Art

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

25. A Pop of Orange and a Splash of Green Bring Out The Chic

Courtesy of Misha Alexis

26. A Mix and Match of Colors Make The Room Homey

Courtesy of Edward George London

27. Pink Breaks The Monotony

Courtesy of Minna Henry

28. Add brightly Colored Pillows and Duvet

Courtesy of Interior Design Info

29. Install a Flowery Wallpaper

Courtesy of Gingham

30. Make The Room Colorful With Pink

Courtesy of Molly Monroe