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Getcha sum homemade fries

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As promised, here’s the recipe for those amazing homemade fries I had the other night. (if you follow MLST on FB, you know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, you definitely should!)

Mitch can make two things: shoo-fly cake from a box and homemade french fries. (both which are pretty dang awesome.) So the other night I was craving something crunchy and salty and after some slight begging on my part, Mitch broke out the spuds and coconut oil and went to town. These fries are cooked in refined coconut oil, making them a healthier alternative to “normal fries”.

While researching the benefits of refined coconut oil, Mitch discovered a video on YouTube of this guy (who’s a refined coconut oil lover) making homemade fries. (That’s part of Mitch’s job–he’s a quality control specialist at a food plant where coconut, among other oils, are manufactured. He gets asked a million questions about coconut oil, so if you have any questions yourself, feel free to leave it in the comments section and he’ll get right on that.)

We used a variety of fingerling potatoes that I had on hand, (Mitch just cut them in half) but Yukon Golds are the preferred variety to use. These fries start out on the cook top in a stainless pan (on high heat) then you throw them in the oven at 425 for about 15-20 minutes, stirring several times. In the video, truffle oil is added at the end (for extra flavor). We skipped this part and added our own seasoning to the fries which is amazing. Scroll down after the video to see what we used. This video is really helpful, plus he adds some good tips in it. Check it out.

I wanted our fries extra crispy, so we turned on the broiler at the end to give them that extra crunch. And then we sprinkled a healthy dose of this stuff on them.
If you live in Louisiana, you’re probably familiar with Getcha Sum. But for the rest of us, I’d never heard of this delicious Cajun Seasoning before. Until we sold our old kitchen island on Craigslist, that is. Huh? Yeah, the guy who bought our kitchen island was a native of New Orleans and was super cool. He ran out to his car, (after he took apart the island piece by piece) and grabbed us a can of this stuff. I guess he had a secret stash of it in there:) He swore by it, saying it made everything better. (He is a professional chef, BTW) We thanked him and stuck it in our pantry until about a year later when Mitch first made these fries. We’re big fans of seasoned fries so decided to throw this stuff on our new creation. And boy, was it ever so good! It’s got that little kick that leaves your mouth tinglin’ a bit and paired with a dip of ketchup…yum. Don’t know what we’re gonna do when we run out:/ I guess Getcha Sum more. haha.

So there ya go–our go-to recipe for homemade fries. You will not be disappointed, even if you don’t have any Getcha Sum. (Isn’t that name great?!) You should totally make these fries tonight. Do it.

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