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Diy bulletin board

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All righty. We did it. We finished our bulletin board last night. Aren’t you so proud? Okay, even if you’re not, I’m going to show you what we did and how we did it–so I guess you can call this a tutorial. Yay, my first tute! (ha) Here we go.

First, this is where it all started. This is that Pottery Barn “tile thing” I was telling you about here yesterday. So we took two of these and unscrewed the back.


And this is what was underneath. A layer of cork, foam and particleboard. Nice and substantial–just what I was looking for.

Then Mitch measured the wall and took a utility knife to the boards. Sorry no pics of this process. Then we ghettofied the back with some duct tape.

Next step was cutting the fabric. I chose a linen looking fabric that was only a couple bucks a yard. I love the natural texture and thought it would hold up better than burlap would. Then I ironed it.
Time to break out the Elmer’s Spray Adhesive. This was my second project using this stuff. (I’ll share the other project with you soon!) Love it. Works like a charm.

We didn’t have any staples left in our staple gun (way to be prepared) so I just sprayed extra adhesive on the corners and folded them over. They should stay put. I hope.

Cutout for the outlet. I had a cutting board underneath to prevent nickage of the table.
Some more duct tape.
Safety first! Mitch was checking to make sure the electric was turned off with his new handy dandy electric gadget thingy.

Next up was applying Elmer’s Wood Glue to the back of the board. Notice the death grip I have on the bottle. Mitch read on the back of the bottle (after the fact) these words: KEEP FROM FREEZING. STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Just like that–in all caps. Well of course we had it out in our freezing cold garage. So after we took a brief hiatus, Mitch resumed eeking out the glue.

Fits like a glove. We then let it dry for a while and we were good to go.

And here’s the finished product. I had some upholstery finishing nails but they ended up being too long. So I might look for some more or I might just keep it as is. I’m very happy with how it turned out.


There we go. One project completed. Check that one off the list. It feels good when you have 5 million other projects started. And it didn’t even take that long. A couple hours and BAM now we have a message center. Whatcha think? Wanna tackle a project like this at your house? It’ll be a super handy spot. Can’t wait to put mine to good use!

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