33 Lively Children’s Playroom Ideas That Foster Creativity and Fun

The best playroom should be fun and one that promotes creativity for the young ones. This is where you allow your inner child to come out and play while at the same time adding on some adult’s perspective.

A lot of thought should go into the paint color, furniture and accessories that will be used to decorate the room. Bright colors make the playroom appear fun and joyful encouraging play. Furniture that’s relaxing fosters comfort in the room. Accessories such as shelves make organization possible. Toys and murals also bring life to the playroom.

We have compiled a few playrooms for you to see. They’ll give you ideas on what to put in yours and how make your current one more fun.

1. A washable rug is ideal

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2. Add an accessory that encourages organization

Courtesy of Sweetpea & Willow

3. Add an open shelf for toys and ladder

Courtesy of Stacy Zarin Goldberg

4. Swings makes the playroom fun

Courtesy of Gordon Bell

5. Cool wall color and rustic chair make the playroom fun

Courtesy of Little Greene

6. An activity rag is a great addition

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7. Use the traditional approach depicting a home

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8. A wall with shelves and your child’s favorite animals is enticing

Courtesy of Kate Decorates

9. A classroom set up is a fun way to mimic school

Courtesy of Grzegorz Nelec

10. Turning your garage into a playroom is convenient and spacious

Courtesy of Amy Bartlam

11. Bold colors are not a bad idea.

Courtesy of Laura Metzler

12. A tv in the playroom is not a bad idea

Courtesy of Aubrey Kinch

13. Custom make the room for the children

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14. Design the room to be multipurpose with different furniture

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15. Incorporating pastel colors is a great way to decorate a girl’s playroom

Courtesy of Meisha Claire

16. A Chalkboard will come in handy

Courtesy of Jenni Yolo

17. Pillows make the room cozy and a great chill spot

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18. Incorporate whimsical lights

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19. Set up a theme for the room

Courtesy of David A. Land

20. Convert your un-used attic space into a sizeable playroom

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21. Include murals to spark imagination

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22. The right finish is a game changer for a playroom

Courtesy of Annie Schlechter

23. Make it simple yet elegant

Courtesy of Sara Ligorria-Tramp

24. Play around with shades of color

Courtesy of Thomas Kouh

25. Pump up the fun by building an indoor slide and paint it yellow

Courtesy of Studio DB

26. Turn the awkward spaces in your house into beautiful play areas

Courtesy of Sara Ligorria-Tramp

27. Design the bedroom to also be the playroom

Courtesy of Hey!Cheese

28. Make the room as playful as possible

Courtesy of Laura Metzler

29. Set up different zones for different activities

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30. A fort in the playroom would be a welcome idea

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31. Experiment with different patterns

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32. Make as much use of your walls as possible

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33. Use rugs and pillows to encourage floor play

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