best mulching blades for lawn mowers

5 Best Mulching Blades for Lawn Mowers

January 9, 2021

You might work very hard mowing your lawn and still end up with ugly clumps of cut grass sitting on that groomed lawn. Even people who want clippings to go back to the soil as nutritional mulch won’t gain many benefits from the large balls of grass. The solution to these burdensome bunches of grass is to break them up amid the cutting process with the best mulching blades.

Mulching blades are the best choice when it comes to furnishing your lawn with a clean and well-groomed appearance. It can also be referred to as the all-purpose blades. The mulching blades can do three jobs of mulching, bagging and discharging.

At first sight, a mulching blade might look very similar to a standard moving blade. They have a similar shape and installed on the same mounting holes. However, the standard blades are comparatively flat, with the little angle while mulching blades are drafted somehow like an aeroplane propeller, with the rear of the blade angled upward.

If you are looking for mulching blades for your mowers, then do not worry. We have researched on your behalf the best mulching blades available in the market as well as factors to put in consideration when purchasing either of them.

1. Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set for 42-inch

best mulching blades

The Maxpower 561713XB commercial replacement 2-mulching blade set stands out due to its longevity and quality build. The blades are suitable for mower models with a cut of 42 inches, mostly by Husqvarna, Poulan and Craftsman. Each measures 21 inches long by 2-1/2’’wide and comes with 5-point star centre hole shape. 

The jagged edge design of the blades is very efficient in that it cuts down grass quicker even the toughest grass. These blades will provide a thorough cut, you will only make a few passes every time. The Maxpower 561713XB commercial mulching blades are hardly affected by weather conditions.

 The Maxpower 561713XB commercial replacement mulching blades are one of our best mulching blades because they provide a heavy-duty solution and a solid performer with guaranteed output for all types of lawn. Although for new users the 5-point mount can be a little difficult to get right. However, it ensures a secure fit and assists the mower to maintain its best RPM with the blades installed.


  • Secure fit for right decks
  • Great for heavy-duty use
  • No chute clogging
  • Durable material


  • 5-point star mount can be hard to install for new users
  • Does come sharp, need to be sharpened
  • It is heavy

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2. Toro 22″ Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 

toro mulching blade

Toro 22’’ 59534P replacement blade has an impressive 4.7star rating on Amazon. This blade replaces 108-9764-03 Toro mowers blade. If you are looking for a budget-friendly blade that is great in mulching, Toro 22’’ 59534P will serve the purpose. 

Toro 22’’ replacement blade has a jagged edge that accelerates the cutting surface, promoting a powerful performance even on very tough grass. How about installation, is it easy or hard? Well, the secure fit and the rounded mount makes it a very easy to install option, therefore installing this blade is easy. They come pre-sharpened which means they are ready to use.

Toro 22’’ 59534P blade has a Toro mulcher design for Toro mowers, triple holes for firm mounting and narrow cutting edges effective for cleaner mulching of grass. The major drawback is that Toro 22’’ 59534P are made for Toro mowers and not exactly universal. The weight of these blades is also a major concern.


  • Very easy to install
  • Tough and durable blade
  • Value of money
  • Suitable for Toro mowers


  • Dulls easily
  • Not very sharp as expected

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3. Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal Mulching Mower Blade

maxpower mulcher

Maxpower designed the 21-inch mulching blade to fit any push mower with a 21-inch deck so you don’t have to ask the user manuals and part numbers to find the exact model number of your mower. The mounting hole is drafted to fit over both bow-tie shafts and five-point stars so the installation of this blade is easy. To make the process even glossier, Maxpower 331981B universal mulching blade include fittings and washers needed for mounting on most mowers.

Maxpower 331981B mulching blade has a greater cutting surface for increased mulching as well as a high-lift shape which is meant to send clippings straight into a bagger. The aggressive teeth on the blade are meant for a cleaner, fine cut and for crushing clumps.

The Maxpower 331981B universal mulching blade has an Amazon’s Choice badge with an impressive 4.3-star rating. This blade happens to be one of our best mulching blades for mowers because it is compatible with most 21-inch mowers, light and durable enough to take a hit without bending. 

Although the blade doesn’t have serrated teeth, the centrifugal airlift design works magic when it comes to uniform chopping distribution. The price of these blades is affordable even for a mower user who is on a tight budget.


  • Easy to install
  • Includes washers and fittings for mounting
  • Good for mulching


  • Does come sharp, need to be sharpened
  • Not a universal mount
  • Does cut grass well

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4. MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 


MTD 942-0741A replacement blade is drafted to fit 21-inch decks apart from those made of cast aluminium in certain models, the blades come with a four-point centre hole. However, only one is included in each pack. This mulching blade is one of the most durable blades we have in the market. It can withstand tough, wet grass and does a great job of mulching in general.

When sharpening this replacement mulching blade, it takes some time since they come with a kind of protective coating applied to them, which compromise their cutting capability for the first half-hour. Another drawback from the reviews is that random blades of grass stick out here and there during the mulching process.

What makes MTD 942-0741A replacement mulching blade one of the best mulching blades is the fact that it is compatible with most of the mowers because of the 21-inch length. The other reason is that it comes with a 90-day warranty for defects in workmanship or material. We can’t forget to mention that the blade has an impressive rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon.


  • Offers good mulching performance 
  • Affordable prices
  • Fits well on the lawnmowers


  • Require time to get sharp
  • Doesn’t fit craftsman 

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5. Oregon G3 Gator Blades, Set of 3

oregon gator

Oregon G3 gator blades are suitable and used for lawnmowers which spread the grass cuttings back on the lawn as fine trashes. In this way, the fine trash acts as a natural fertilizer to your lawn grass. Gator G3 blades are efficient in lifting the grass and exposing them to an extended cutting blade. These blades are particularly designed to re-trim the grass clippings several times before they are discharged.

The gator blade brings about an elevated airlift which carries the grass in an upper direction and then chops it. The grass clippings are redirected towards the back of the blade edge by using right-angled teeth. Gator blades are popular for their high level of performance in the mulching blades bracket.

The Oregon G3 comes in a set of three blades. These blades are fit for all weather conditions. Whether the lawn is dry or wet, the Oregon G3 gator blades still do a great job by offering high-level mulching with lower bag stops.

Oregon G3 gator blades have increased thickness which accelerates the longevity of the blade. For your information, characteristics of a good mulching blade are the sharpness of the blade, durability and an enlarged blade length. Gator G3 blades possess all of these characteristics. 

These blades normally give you the capability to accelerate the speed of mowing when compared to the usual mulching blades. With no doubt, Oregon G3 gator is one of the best mulching blades to keep your lawn in good shape and appearance. The cutting performance of the Oregon G3 blade is of high quality and results in energy and time savings.


  • Great for heavy-duty use
  • Durable blades 
  • Installation is easy
  • These blades have more thickness than normal blades


  • In some cases, the removed grass is not cut finely.
  • Not a universal mount

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 Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mulching Blades

When looking for mulching blades, you should have a clue of the product that you are looking forward to working with on your riding or push mower. Here are some of the factors to put in consideration.

  • Number of pieces

In case you are looking to upgrade the blades on your riding mower, then you have to buy a kit with the correct number of blades. Most riding mowers have two to three blades, and all should be replaced with identical blades for maximum mulching performance.

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t replace only one mulching blade.

     1. Mulching blades are much heavier compared to standard blades, therefore installing blades with different weight blades will interfere with the mower’s output. One blade tends to be run slower than the other. This can result in disordered mowing and unpleasant experience for the user.

2.You won’t see the advantage of better mulching or airflow, as the standard blades will still bring about clumping.

  • Length of the mulching blade

Having the right length mulching blade for your mower is important. Mowers and all of their constitutes are drafted particularly for a specific length of the blade. Installing a very-small blade will provide less than maximum results in three ways:

1.Your bagger will be inefficient because of the lack of airflow that a small blade provides.

2. you will have work extra hard because the cutting area your mower can cover is smaller.

3. For multi-blade mower decks, you will be missing small strips of grass altogether, the lawn will end up looking like a mosh pit with several Mohawk haircuts.

On the other hand, very large blades will slow your mower down in case they even fit under the deck. You are might cause more clumping as well due to the lack of space under the deck that the larger blade creates also because of the slower speed of the mower. Furthermore, a very long blade can be dangerous.

The good thing is most lawnmowers label their cut size on the side of the mower, so check your model first before purchasing the right length and the best mulching blades for your mower. The other option is referring to the owner’s manual under the replacement parts area.

  • The durability of the mulching blades

Mulching blades happen to be more durable than standard mowing blades because of their design and thickness. That is for commercial machines with belt-driven decks and riding mowers. However, push-mowers with direct-drive shafts have a durability issue. Here’s why:

  1. For belt-driven decks, blades are normally attached to spindles, which are then fastened to pulleys. A belt links all the pulleys while also being fastened to the drive pulley on the motor. When a thick mulching blade hits an object, it will probably slip a bit on the belt. The blade may bend, but the mower itself will be intact.
  2. For direct-drive mowers, like standard push mowers, blades are attached directly to the mower’s output shaft without a pulley or belt. This allows the smaller motor to spin the blade very fast, but it does not provide any fail-safe competence. A standard blade will bend if it hits a rock, leaving the mower undamaged.
  • The weight of the mulching blades

Mulching blades are heavier than standard mower blades. They are thicker, and the design of the more hostile lift angle needs more material by default. Due to this, they may cause your mower to run slower. Mower users with older riding mowers may find that their mower wants to stop when engaging the deck. The accelerated inertia of the mulching blades provides more defiance than the mower was drafted for.

While this is an essential evil in the mulching process, you may evade blade-induced bogging if you halt the mower before engaging the cutting deck. This will decrease the amount of strain on the engine and eventually, the blades will be up to speed, the machine should function without sputter or complaint.

  • Mounting options of the mulching blades

There are different mounting hole styles on the current’s mowers. The most common ones are the six-point star, universal fit, bow-tie, and five-point star. The part where the blade attaches under the mower deck is drafted for one of the shapes we have listed above. The installation is easy if the blades match the spindle (where the blade attaches). The simplest installation methods happen to be the five-point and six-point stars, as they just require the user to detach one bolt. However, universal kits are not consistently the best choice since they are not drafted specifically for any particular mower, but they do take the assumption out of which blade is appropriate for your mower.

  • Value of your money

Although the cost of the mulching blades should be the last thing to consider, it is good to purchase the product that is worth the value of your money. Some mulching blades can be priced so high but when it comes to performance, you end up being disappointed. However, there are those mulching blades that are rightly priced and the performance is worth it. Therefore, you should make the right decision.


 A well-maintained lawn is necessary for a beautiful looking home. If you wish to make your lawn look decent and neat, then you need to apply the process of mulching to spread fine debris and grass cuttings again into the lawn. This will add a protective layer to the lawn. Furthermore, having the best mulching blades will make your lawn mowing experience much more effective as well as ensure great growth across your lawn.

Mulching blades are particularly designed for the disposal of grass. Therefore, it is important to choose a mulching blade that is suited to your lawn mowing needs. These blades are essential in preventing mounds of grass trimmings on the lawn. Mulching blades are of high quality and this ensures that there is no issue when looking for replacement blades.

We feel that Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set for 42″ is the overall best mulching blades. These blades have jagged edge design which is very efficient in that it cuts down grass quicker even the toughest grass. These blades will provide a thorough cut, you will only make a few passes every is not affected by weather conditions, work perfectly on a dry and wet lawn.

However, don’t feel limited to Maxpower 561713XB mulching blade, we have recommended all the five mulching blade so that you can decide on the mulching blade that is suitable for your lawn. Furthermore, consider the above factors when purchasing your mulching blades.

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