best mattrress toppers for side sleepers

Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pains

January 29, 2022

Even as people’s most popular position, side sleeping has potential drawbacks. Many side sleepers have reported that the biggest problem they experience is an accumulation of pressure around their hips and shoulders, contributing to back pains and aches. In addition, the best mattress topper for side sleepers can be used as a mobile mattress in itself because of its thickness.The problem with a mattress that’s too firm is that it adds to the issue at hand, and a mattress that’s too soft makes the individual’s hips and shoulders sink in too deep, thereby putting a strain on the spine.

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is a substantial removable layer of material that sits on top of a mattress to change its firmness to provide side sleepers with utmost cushioning and support. So, when you want to lay down out in your yard, you can comfortably roll out the mattress topper and lie down.

Though replacing your mattress is a potential solution for most individuals with back pains and other issues, side sleepers adjust the feel of their sleeping surface to solve their problems without the need to buy a new bed. Therefore, side sleepers see mattress toppers as a convenient and affordable solution. Usually, the mattress toppers measure between 1 and 4 inches deep to rest on top of the existing mattress properly; Hence acting as an extra comforter.

Differences Between Mattress Toppers and Mattress Pads

Generally, mattress toppers are more thick and supportive than mattress pads; However, a mattress pad often uses cotton or plusher materials to soften the bed.

The other difference between mattress pads and toppers is that toppers add a noticeable change, whether the firmness, thickness or feel on your mattress. Typically, a mattress pad makes your bed feel cozier. 

Types of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are made of different materials. The benefits and cons of different toppers changes depending on the material. Suppose you have allergic reactions to some materials like latex; you should consider other materials that may be suitable for you.

1. Memory foam toppers

This topper offers a great balance of comfort and support. Not only is it soft but also supportive. Memory foam toppers mold the body and distribute the individual’s weight evenly. A well-engineered mattress topper should also include a built-in cooling system to combat memory foam’s overheating tendency.

2. Cotton and Polyester-Blend toppers

These toppers are one of the most affordable on the market. You will find that these toppers will give you the same sensation as sleeping on a featherbed topper which is light and airy. The drawback of this type of topper is that they are easily worn out. The fills tend to shift from side to side, thereby unable to offer you short-term comfort with limited support.

3. Latex toppers

 These toppers are composed of a natural material that is naturally dusted mite and bacterium resistant. Latex toppers are hypoallergenic except for latex allergy individuals. This topper is at the higher end of the expensive price range. Oxidation causes discoloration and crumbling in the long run.

4. Wool toppers

These toppers are among the most expensive ones available in the market. They regulate temperature, however, less frequently than other materials.

5. Feather toppers

These toppers are among the softest toppers available in the market. You will find that they have the same feel as the feather-filled duvets. However, like cotton and polyester-blend toppers, feathers can get lumped on one side more than the other, resulting in a loss of body support. Moreover, feathers may also seep and escape from the fabric itself.

We’ll go over our top selections for the best mattress topper for side sleepers, as well as discuss how they’re made and how they work. Then, we’ll discuss things to look for when purchasing a mattress topper.

1. Linenspa 2-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A two inches thick Linenspa infused memory foam topper is well capable of giving side sleepers the relief they long for. You will notice that when you open the cover, you will feel its uniqueness with how soft and velvety memory foam it has; This topper will mold into the shape of any weight that lays on top of it by hitting all the pressure points. Unfortunately, it does not come with a cover, so you must buy a similar shape. However, even without the cover, it’s supposed to operate properly. Your body should keep cool as you sleep, even if the room temperature is a touch hot. Get a cover to keep the mattress contained, as bunching is an issue for smooth mattresses.  


  • Affordable
  • Available in 2-inches and 3-inches thick
  • It has an egg crate design that promotes airflow


  • No removable cover

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2. EASTLAND Mattress Pad Pillow Top Mattress Topper

EASTLAND mattress topper is filled with down alternative microfiber. It also has a cotton cover with a square baffle pattern to keep the filling in place. The deep pocket shape of the topper allows it to fit on most mattresses, and the all-around elastic keeps it in place. For those side sleepers who don’t want memory foam toppers, this alternative down the type of topper is machine washable, gives a pillow-like layer to all mattresses and is an economical option. The drawback with this type of topper is that you need to dry it in the sun for it to regain fluffiness and the cotton cover has less thread count than other brands.


  • Its machine washable
  • Has a barrier for allergens under the cotton cover
  • The cozy filling is an animal-friendly down alternative


  • Requires the sun to dry for it to regain fluffiness

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3. LUCID Lavender Memory Foam 2-inch Mattress Topper 

This mattress has a strange appearance; however, it’s just memory foam carved into swirls and patterns to produce a psychedelic effect. The swirls and patterns that form five distinct zones are important to relieve pressure at various contact areas within the body. Furthermore, the pattern also allows proper ventilation, which distributes hot air created by your body away from your body; Hence, preventing the build-up of heat throughout the night. The lavender-infused memory foam is intended for calming effects. Also, there is a 3-inch variant available and one with gel-infused memory foam for extra cooling.


  • Very affordable
  • Small ventilation holes for airflow
  • Super soft foam for pressure relief


  • Too soft for a mattress that is not extra firm

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4. Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The sleep innovations mattress topper is another best mattress topper for side sleepers. It is a dual-layer topper that features 2-inches of gel memory foam on top of another 2-inches quilted fiberfill. With sleep innovations topper, you will receive the benefits of contouring and support and a soft plush quilted topper.

The mattress topper comes with a removable and washable cover and a 10-year limited warranty. The disadvantage of this product is that it has some quality control difficulties, as some consumers have complained that after a few weeks of use, the memory foam does not recover, leaving a permanent dent in the foam.


  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Comes with a removable and washable cover
  • Built with 2-inch of gel memory foam which is topped with another 2-inch of quilted fiberfill


  • Has some quality control issues

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5. ViscoSoft 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A ViscoSoft gel memory foam topper is 2.5-inches thick with a 1.5-inch down substitute mattress pad on top. The topper has a soft layer that adds to more comfort and adapts to your body. As for the mattress pad, it’s a mattress topper protector that is detachable and washable. In addition, the ViscoSoft brand has made some tweaks in the production process to ensure that memory foam’s distinct smell turns people off disappears. So, when you unpack, you will notice almost no chemical odor.


  • Has adjustable elastic straps
  • Bamboo-rayon cover is machine washable
  • Dense memory foam


  • Pricier than other alternatives

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6. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper

The Tempur-Pedic brand has built a reputation for creating some of the best mattress toppers on the market. Aside from this model, Tempur-Pedic offer a variety of other mattress toppers on the market.You will notice that the topper nearly looks to cling to the mattress beneath it to provide side sleepers a weightless sleeping feeling. Moreover, it takes less than three hours to expand to its maximum thickness. Tempur Supreme mattress topper is a great choice for side sleepers who suffer from back discomfort, making pain ache issues disappear.


  • Built with memory foam for added comfort
  • 3-inches thick
  • Best for side sleepers with lower back pains
  • Easy to set-up
  • No movements or sliding while shifting to the side position


  • Quite costly

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7. Mattress Topper Queen Cooling Plush Pillow Top Mattress Pad

Like the duck down mattress topper, the Marine Moon mattress topper is a more traditional mattress made of a down alternative filling, which means it’s polyester. However, with a 400 thread count cotton cover, the topper is intentionally overfilled to give it extra loft and softness to give side sleepers the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. If you notice that the topper is becoming flattered a few months down the line, then place it in a low-heat tumble dryer for 20 minutes to fluff it up again.


  • You can re-fluff in the tumble dryer
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has 400 thread count cotton cover
  • Fluffy


  • Takes approximately two days before it fully inflated for usage

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8. COMFORT BOOST Extra Thick Mattress Topper

The 2-inches thick COMFORT BOOST mattress topper has a cotton cover with a down substitute filling. The COMFORT BOOST topper feels like high-quality bedding, and the underlayer has a thread count of 400, which is extremely thick for durability. The purpose of the square baffles is to keep the filler in place and prevent it from bunching up at the edges or corners. The deep pocket design allows the topper to be used on any mattress; This down substitute mattress topper is easy to care for and made to fit any mattress, making it ideal for side sleepers who seek cloudlike softness while receiving support. The topper is machine washable


  • 400 thread count cotton cover
  • Has a plush down alternative for support
  • Machine washable


  • Fillings can be too warm for some climates

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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

Selecting the ideal mattress topper takes a little longer because side sleepers have different demands than back sleepers. Thoroughly examine each product to learn as much as possible about your future mattress topper. Therefore, we will take a look and major factors to consider before purchasing the best mattress topper for side sleepers.

1. Heat retention and breathability

The only drawback side sleepers experience with memory foam toppers is heat retention. If you live in a hot environment, don’t go for cheap mattress toppers without sufficient ventilation because you will feel stuffy and heated all night long. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with a solution to solve this problem by generally enhancing airflow and ventilation within a mattress. The topper will release heat faster and more efficiently, improving ventilation beneath the covers and regulating the body temperature.

On the other hand, gel-filled mattress toppers are always available, which uniformly transfers body heat over the surface to make you comfortable. Though they may not have actual cooling properties, they can be handy, especially when the ambient temperature rises.

2. Maintenance

Memory foam mattress toppers are not waterproof. So, you can’t wash them in the washing machine because you will cause harm to the structure and render it unusable in the future; rather, spot cleans the topper if necessary. Remember to wipe away any excess moisture with a dry cloth afterward. Conversely, you may use a waterproof cover to make your memory foam mattress topper entirely water-resistant. The waterproof cover is a good solution to avoid accidentally staining your topper and comes in handy for children who may wet the bed.

3. Warranty

Depending on how much you use regularly, the best mattress topper for side sleepers normally lasts 4-5 years. It would be best to get a topping that covers the entire 4-5-year period because of this lifespan. A warranty comes in handy when you have difficulties like excessive sagging or other material deterioration or generally the product is defective.

4. Off gassing

Even if you have never used a memory foam topper, most likely, you are aware of the stench that arises after the product is unwrapped and laid down to unwind. The odor is distinctly unique to memory foam. The chemical odor may irritate sensitive nostrils, but some users will not be affected. The good news is that is the mattress topper is built with high-quality materials, the stench only takes a few days to fade. However, you will notice that the odor will linger when resting on your bed if you don’t buy a topper constructed with quality materials.

To avoid a lasting off-gassing stench, check for credentials that guarantee the product’s quality and materials used in the manufacturing process. Ensure that you buy the mattress topper where it was originally manufactured because some are imported and don’t always pass the same quality testing as domestic products.

5. Material

Mattress toppers are made of various materials, including latex, memory foam, wool and down feathers. Side sleepers can narrow down their ideal material based on how soft or firm you want your topper to be and other factors like motion transmission qualities, pressure relief and allergies. Some side sleepers may be on a tight budget and go for less expensive materials like polyester blends, while others prefer organic materials like natural latex or natural wool fleece. The wide range of toppers available in the market ensures something for everyone.

6. Price

The quality and materials used in the topper are frequently reflected in its price. Mostly the prices are budget-friendly for most toppers while others are a little bit expensive. Of course, some customers buy higher prices but keep in mind that expensive toppers mostly wind up being a better bargain as it doesn’t need to be replaced frequently.

7. Sleeping position

Side sleeping puts additional weight on the hips and shoulders because they are wider. A topper assists in easing pressure by distributing the sleeper’s weight more evenly. Considering this factor plays a role in helping you find a mattress topper that has the perfect thickness, firmness, and materials for your sleeping posture.

8. Quality materials

The quality affects the comfort and longevity of the mattress topper as its very paramount. High-quality alternatives tend to resist long-term imprints and other signs of wear for prolonged comfort with regular usage. Normally, quality materials are more expensive, but their durability may improve their overall value.

9. Firmness level

Unlike back sleepers, side sleepers prefer a softer sleeping surface. Though firmness preferences are personal, there are a few factors to consider to assist you in getting the optimum feel for you. Unlike back sleepers, side sleepers prefer a softer sleeping surface. Though firmness preferences are personal, there are a few factors to consider to assist you in getting the optimum feel for you.

If the current mattress is too firm for you, find a little topper and if your mattress is too soft, check out the firmer option for you. We anticipate that most sleepers under 130 pounds will choose a soft to the medium-soft topper, those between 130 and 230 pounds will want a medium to medium-firm choice, and those over 230 pounds will prefer a medium-firm to a firm topper.

10. Thickness

Mattress toppers typically range from 1 to 4 inches of thickness. The thickness of a mattress topper determines how much difference it makes to the sleeping surface. Thinner toppers alter the feel little; however, thicker toppers make a more noticeable difference. Side sleepers who prefer a thicker topper with enough room to cradle their hips and shoulders prefer a thicker topper with enough room to cradle their hips and shoulders. However, a thinner topper might suffice if the mattress is slightly too firm.

Reasons Why Side Sleepers Should Use a Mattress Topper

Unlike other sleeping postures, side sleeping is more prone to create pressure points. Most peoples` weight is unevenly distributed over the shoulders and hips, which causes these areas to sink into the mattress; Hence, causing additional pressure points because it interferes with spinal alignment.

As a result, side sleepers require greater cushioning and reinforcement for their shoulders and hips. Too soft mattresses may sink excessively for side sleepers, while firm surfaces with less cushioning may cause aches and pains. If you are a side sleeper and bothered by how firm the mattress is or the lack of support it provides, then a topper with your perfect firmness level is most suitable for you to help relieve these aches and pains.

Other factors Side Sleepers Can Consider to Improve Their Sleep

In addition to using the best mattress topper for side sleepers with optimal firmness level to adjust the feel of an unsuitable mattress, there are ways to improve alignment and alleviate pressure.

1. Get the right pillow for your neck

Side sleepers should all have the ideal pillow to keep the head and neck level with the spine. It would be best to properly consider the pillow loft and thickness as the key factor. You will find that pillows with a high loft that raises the head and neck obstruct spinal alignment, similar to low-lost pillows that usually force the head to slump back. Most side sleepers commonly go for medium-loft pillows 3 to 5 inches thick. Moreover, some pillows have an adjustable loft, which means that you can add or subtract the fill as needed to achieve the thickness you desire, especially for people who are not sure what kind of loft they want.

2. Place the ideal pillow between your knees

Your hips and lower back should be level with your head, neck and shoulders to maintain consistent alignment and prevent pressure points from forming. Concerns arise when side sleepers sleep on one leg on top of the other. It makes the lower back and hips sink deeper into the mattress; However, you can avoid this by placing a pillow between the legs to help improve alignment while also reducing pressure.

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