Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles Falling on Roof

Pine trees offer a refined look to a home compound, as you bask in the morning sun you can admire the beautiful view. However, you’ll find yourself forgetting the peace that the tree offers as you waste time trying to clear out the pine needles falling off the pine trees to your home gutter system occasionally. That can be extremely tiresome. Having the best gutter guards for pine needles will help a lot.

Gutter guards are considered to be a home improvement method that stops the homeowner from climbing up and down the roof to wipe their gutters. Without this protection, your home gutter system becomes vulnerable from leaves, sticks and pine needles as well, which can attract pesky rodents and birds.

gutter guard needed here
Man clearing debris from roof gutter

Since nobody wants that, then gutter guards are the best option for your home gutter system.

The market is full of many gutter guards, so you need to know the best gutter guards to use on your gutter system. Well, this article got you!

The Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

1. Raptor Gutter Guard

raptor gutter guard

If you are looking for the best, budget-friendly gutter guard, Raptor is the best option. Raptor gutter guard is exceptional in protection from pine needles and other fine trash. It has a stainless steel surface with micromesh body, which is effective in keeping out different contaminants of the gutters at the same time allowing rainwater to move through the gutter.

Raptor gutter guard withstands all harsh elements like corrode, warp or rust besides that fact; you can enjoy the 25- year warranty that comes with the product. Raptor comes in different sizing choices, 5-inches width for standard and 6-inches width for super standard gutter systems.

Concerning installation, Raptor is still the best option. The process of installation is simple any individual can install with a ladder. All the installation hardware required comes with the product, which includes a magnetic hex-head driver and corrosion-resistant screws.

“Stop cleaning your gutters for good” is a marketing statement that we can’t agree with although Raptor gutter guard is a great method to prevent pine needles from getting to the gutters system. Installation of the Raptor doesn’t mean that you’re completely free from cleaning and maintaining the gutter systems. The truth is you’ll be needed to clean the gutters after every few months but at least not on a daily or weekly basis.


  • Never corrode, warp or rust
  • Effective in keeping out the pine needles
  • All installation hardware included
  • Simple to install
  • 25-years warranty


  • More expensive in comparison to other DIY gutter guards
  • Some rainwater may still drip over the edge

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Other Great Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

2. LeafTek Gutter Guard

leaftrek best gutter guards

LeafTek guard is another option to go for when looking for the best gutter guards for pine needles, pine straw, and other fine trash that may end up into your house gutter system.

The company has come up with an efficient solution. They understand that the damage caused by clogged gutters can be overwhelming to a homeowner. LeafTek gutter guard doesn’t just prevent gutters from clogging but also protects against foundation damage, rotting wood, basement flooding and roof damage.

LeafTek guard is effective because of the surgical-grade stainless steel surface and the micro-mesh body that can never corrode, never rust and always protects against pine needles and unwanted leaves. The steel surface also hinders pine needles covered in sap from sticking to the gutter. The LeafTek guard frame made from PVC also makes it effective because it can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays from the sun.

Although the LeafTek gutter guard is much expensive due to the added professional labour cost, you can be sure you will be buying the best gutter guard. You can measure the to fit your particular space, that’s good news, right? As if that is not enough, LeafTek has Lifetime transferable warranty.


  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Durable frames
  • Guarantees pine needle protection
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • No specific sizing option
  • Easy to install


  • Requires additional installation hardware
  • Clogs easily

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3. Amerimax 86670 Snap-in Filter Gutter Guard

amerimax best gutter guards for pine needles

Amerimax 86670 gutter guard is among the most effective methods used to prevent pine needles from the gutters for people who are on a budget. A single pack of Amerimax contains 25 different gutter protection parts that can cover approximately 75 ft. of the house gutter system. Amerimax 86670 gutter guard is made from high value, rigid PVC and has managed to retain an impressive 4.5 stars.

Amerimax 86670 has a slanted design, which ensures the entire gutter is protected from fine trashes such as pine needles. If you’re looking for added downspout protection, look no further because Amerimax is designed for that purpose. This guard comes in different sizing options, 4-inches, 5-inches and 6-inches width and is very compatible with almost every K-style gutters.

In terms of DYI installation, Amerimax 86670 has snap-in design, which makes it easy to install. Ensure you use many screws if your home is in a high-wind location.

Although Amerimax 86670 made it to our best gutter guards for pine needles list, it’s not as durable as compared to Raptor or LeafTek guard. However, some homeowners prefer it because it’s affordable. More so, it still serves the purpose, thanks to the slanted design for downspout protection.


  • Affordable gutter guard
  • Snap-in installation
  • Fits most home gutter systems


  • Limited colours
  • No warranty coverage information

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4. E-Z Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

e-z best gutter guards for pine needles

E-Z gutter guard provides cover for your whole gutter system and ensures that it’s protected from all kind of debris like pine needles. They have a sizing option of 5-inches width, which is appropriate for the residential house gutter.

E-Z gutter guard is painted in heavy-duty aluminium to prevent it from rusting. This guard is easy to install because it doesn’t require additional installation hardware.

E-Z gutter guard has an exceptional 30-year warranty coverage as a guarantee of quality. This is one of the reasons, E-Z guard is on the list of best gutter guards for pine needles. The easy installation process is another reason why E-Z gutter guards managed to be on this list.

If you are looking for the best gutter guards, E-Z guard should be at the top of your list.


  • 30-year warranty
  • No additional installation hardware required
  • Filter all kinds of debris
  • Resistant cover available


  • Not effective during a downpour
  • Not suitable for all weather seasons

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5. A-M Aluminium Gutter Guard

a-m aluminum gutter guard

A gutter guard made from aluminium is also durable and able to protect gutters from pine needles and other elements the same way a gutter guard made from stainless steel does. The great part of selecting an aluminium gutter guard is the price since aluminium is cheaper compared to steel. A-M aluminium guard managed to be on our list of best gutter guards for pine needles because of its affordability.

This guard is made from 100% heavy gauge aluminium that doesn’t rust and prevents it from rotting, rusting or even product self-deterioration. This product is designed for hidden hangars, including K-styles hangars. It can also look nice in any house.

The product comes in varying lengths and widths including 23”, 50”, 100” and 200”, 5” and 6” inches respectively. The longer options come in 5-inches width, therefore, if your gutter system has 6-inches width, you’ll be needed to buy and install many of this A-M Aluminium gutter guards to fit. This can be a drawback to a homeowner.

A-M Aluminium guard is not made with micromesh. Although the holes lining on the surface of this guard are small, they’re still not micro. We can’t deny that A-M Aluminium does a great job in reducing the number of pine needles and other debris from getting into the gutters, but the truth is, it’s not as efficient as other micromesh guards.


  • Less expensive gutter guard
  • Suitable for all hangars
  • Invisible from the ground
  • Can handle a heavy downpours


  • Not efficient as micromesh guards
  • Not suitable for 6-inches gutters

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6. GutterStuff Pro K-Style Foam Gutter Filter

gutterstuff gutter guard for pine needles

GutterStuff Pro uses a unique mechanism to prevent pine needles from entering the gutter system.  The gutter guard insert fits inside the gutter completely providing full protection without sacrificing aesthetics. This gutter guard has a slanted layout that allows water in the gutter system to flow as planned.

The GutterStuff is easy to install, cost-effective and eliminates the safety risks related to gutter cleaning. The design of this GutterStuff Pro insert can only fit a 4-inch K-style gutter. Many homes have this K-style gutter, so you won’t struggle with getting this gutter guard installed.

This gutter guard has a body that is protected from UV rays therefore preventing it from premature ageing. GutterStuff has a 15-year warranty. Although this gutter guard doesn’t require additional installation hardware, you might require some fasteners to make sure the guard is intact.

GutterStuff gutter guard has a rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon. Some customers negative feedback was about the gutter guard not being able to sustain snowballs and heavy downpour. Water can flow over the edge of the gutter system. Although GutterStuff is a bit expensive, it serves the purpose.

If you’re a looking for the best gutter guards for pine needles, GutterStuff is one of the best solutions to go for.


  • Easy to install
  • 15 years warranty
  • Guarantees pine needle protection
  • Fits most home gutter systems


  • Not effective for 6-inch gutter system
  • May require additional installation hardware
  • Not able to sustain snowballs

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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

Pine needles are pointy, which is a big problem for your gutters. The needles can fall in clumps or individually and overrun the guard gutters. The cleaning can be extremely tiresome. To avoid this, consider the following factors when looking for the best gutter guards for pine needles.

  • The gap size of the gutter guard

The gap size matters a lot. You cannot just buy a block guard that will block even the rainwater from passing through the gutters, making the gutters useless. You need a gutter guard with sort of a screen that has openings large to let then rainwater into the gutters as per the intention.

However, the holes or openings must be smaller for your gutter guards to prevent all debris like pine needles and leaves from getting through into the gutters.

Large screen or reverse curve gutter guards are inefficient because of the large openings. This will let debris enter and clog the gutters. A micromesh gutter guard has proven to be effective in keeping the pine needles out of the gutter system. Therefore when choosing a gutter guard go for the micro mesh guard.

  • The method of installation of the gutter guard

If you’re looking for the best gutter guard for pine needles, consider installation methods. You should select a gutter guard that is easy to install. An easy to install gutter guard will also ease the cleaning of the gutters since you can remove the gutter guard from the gutter system and return it easily.

You need to ensure that the method of installation doesn’t bring you any problems. There are those products that state that when you install them under the first row of your shingles, the roof warranty will be void. You should be aware of such products.

Some gutter guards are installed under your first row of shingles, and this creates an extremely steep slope. This causes water to run off, which ends up causing slippery walkways.

  • Warranty coverage of the gutter guard

Consider the warranty period that the gutter guard company offers. You may also read the customers reviews of the gutter guard before deciding to purchase it so that you may know how long the product will last. A gutter guard that has lifetime warranty coverage is the best option. Check whether the warranty is transferable when you sell your home.

  • The material type of the gutter guard

The best gutter guard for pine needles has to be made from the best materials. This shows that the material used to manufacture gutter guards matters for specific reasons. Choose the guard that is tough enough so that fine trash doesn’t make it sag. That can keep the rainwater out of your house gutters as well – you don’t want that.

There are sticky materials that allow fine trash like pine needles to stick on them blocking the openings of your gutter guard to let out the water. Some fine trash such as grit can be stuck inside the gutter guard’s holes hence blocking the rainwater from getting in the gutters.

The best material when looking for the best gutter guard for pine needles is stainless steel. This material isn’t weak or sticky as plastic and doesn’t rust or have issues with UV rays. The material lasts long and works more effectively.

  • Value of your money

When you consider the value of your money, it means you are looking for the best gutter guard that is less expensive, efficient and can last for long. This calls for other factors like the type of material and warranty coverage. Although it’s hard to find a gutter guard with all the factors, they are still available. You deserve to get a product worth your value for money after all.


There are many options to look at when choosing the gutter guard which will prevent debris from clogging the gutter system in your home. Many good gutter guards will do a great job in preventing large debris out of the gutter system, but how about when dealing with small and thin debris like pine needles, how can you manage to keep your home gutters clean?

The truth is none of the common gutter guards is capable of trapping pine needles well, but at least some of them can do this trick. So, what are the best gutter guards for pine needles? What makes this gutter guard special?

Well, the best guard has to be a micro-mesh gutter guard. The product’s surface is made of steel cloth that seals the whole surface of your gutter guards, ensuring that pine needles don’t get into the gutter system to cause blockage and clogging. Some types of gutter guards may also perform this task well, but in case you don’t want to risk it when dealing with pine needles, choose micromesh products.

The six best gutter guards for pine needles in our review that may change with time, but at the moment, consider them as a guide to buying gutter guard that will save you from everyday cleaning of the gutter system.

Our best choice is the Raptor gutter guard.

Remember, when buying gutter guards, keep in mind the determining factors before choosing the gutter guard you want. These include the gap size, type of material, installation methods, warranty coverage and last but not least value for money.