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Best Camping Air Mattress for Comfort in 2022

January 20, 2021

Camping is an amazing way to relax from stresses created by daily routine. It has gained a lot of popularity as urbanization has grown. However, camping in the wild is not as easy as one can think of, more so when it comes to sleeping in the outdoors. You need at least a camping air mattress during your stay.

Camping air mattresses ensure that you’re well relaxed during your stay, so you are able to walk and explore to your fullest while you’re up. After all, camping is all about getting close to nature, and you won’t be able to do that well with a painful back. Besides, you are looking for a lifetime experience, make it worth it.

When it comes to air mattresses, carrying a great one on a camping trip is like taking your home comfort with you to the great outdoors. While there are many air mattress brands and styles on the market, we reviewed the best air mattresses for camping and factors to consider before buying the mattresses. Let us begin.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

best camping air mattress SoundAsleep

The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress comes in Queen size. It is one of the most popular air mattresses we have in the market for the reason that it’s comfortable, made from high-quality materials and have amazing customer service. The mattress is designed with 40 discs on the surface that the firm refers to as “air coils,” as they are meant to imitate the firmness and bounce of a spring-made mattress. The “air coils “ensure a stable distribution of air throughout the mattress as it puffs up.

SoundAsleep Dream Series is made with eco-friendly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it more durable and waterproof. It can hold up to 500 pounds which is a good size for a couple to sleep comfortably. You can sleep on it with your kids too.

When it comes to setting SoundAsleep Dream Series up, don’t worry because it is very simple. It gets inflated silently and in less than four minutes. A high capacity pump is inbuilt into the mattress, so all you need to do is plug it in and set the dial to pump up until you have achieved your desired firmness.

The bottom of this air mattress has a holder material that ensures it stays in place also, the air mattress’s material is  puncture-resistant. Like any other new mattress SoundAsleep Dream Series, has the chemical/plastic smell but the smell disappears in few hours after airing it out.

The 1-click internal pump makes SoundAsleep Dream Series convenient for camping because you don’t need to drag with a pump and the fact that it can fit in a carrying bag when deflated. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top camping air mattresses you should consider. The only drawback is that everyday use will degrade the mattress.


  • Raised 19 inches from the ground
  • Comfortable
  • Inflates quickly
  • Built-in pump
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to set up


  • Not designed for everyday use
  • Deflates slowly when in use
  • Not durable

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2. Intex Dura-Beam Series Raised Airbed with pillow rest

camping air mattress for sleep outdoors

Intex Dura-Beam Series is a new 2020 model . It has a built-in pillow that rises when inflated so as to provide bed-like comfort. It can hold up to 600 pounds, which is a good size for two or three people.

Intex Dura-Beam Series air mattress is made with eco-friendly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it more durable and waterproof. When it comes to setting up this mattress, don’t worry because it is very simple. It gets inflated silently and in approximately 3 ¼ minutes. This mattress comes with a carrying bag.


  • Great for camping
  • It’s comfortable
  • Easy to inflate and set up
  • It’s affordable


  • The mattress leaks air
  • Not designed for everyday use

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3. Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

best camping cot

Coleman Camping Cot comes in two sizes, Queen size and twin size. This mattress has air coils that ensure a stable distribution of air throughout the mattress as it puffs up. Coleman Camping Cot comes with 3-combo an airbed, battery-operated pump so that you don’t have to depend on electricity to inflate it and best of all, two pull-out design side tables with cup holders so that you won’t spill water from the bottle in the middle of the night.

The top of Coleman Camping Cot is flocked covered with a soft leak-proof and sewn-in cover which also reduces slippage during as well as keeping the air mattress in place on the cot. If you prefer to have a little distance between you and the ground, Coleman’s Camping Cot is the mattress for you. This mattress has a strong steel fold-up cot that serves as a bed frame which can hold up to 600 pounds.

Coleman Camping Cot is undoubtedly one of the best camping air mattresses. It’s a one-stop purchase for all you need to make camping more comfortable and less rugged. All you need to do is unpack, set it up then inflate it for some minutes and you are good to go for the night.


  • Great for camping
  • It’s comfortable
  • Great product for the price
  • The cup holders are effective


  • The pump is noisy
  • The mattress doesn’t hold air for long
  • Defective pump

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4. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress 

instabed mattress

The Insta-Bed Raised Air mattress comes in Queen size. It is designed with a top layer of pierce-resistant PVC, making it more durable and water-resistant. This air mattress is built with 35 circular coils that ensure a balanced and supportive surface. It can hold up to 500 pounds, which is a good size for a couple to sleep comfortably or simply, two people. Another feature that makes it different from other camping air mattress is that it comes with two inbuilt internal pumps that continuously adjust the air pressure throughout the night ensuring that you will in no way wake up flat on the floor.

The main built-in pump pumps up the mattress to your desired firmness, allowing you to choose from three different options; firm, medium, or plush. The pump shuts off automatically when the air mattress has reached your preferred inflation. The secondary pump system monitors air levels and silently maintains the air mattress at your chosen level of firmness throughout the night.

Setting up the Insta-Bed Raised Air mattress is easy, all you need to do is plug it in and turn the NeverFlat dial to your preferred firmness level. It is one of the best air mattresses for camping if you ask me. The only drawback is that sometimes the secondary pump can be noisy. We recommend you sleep on the opposite side of the pump.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very comfortable
  • It’s durable
  • The primary pump shuts off automatically when the mattress is full
  • Secondary pump ensures the air mattress stays full inflated throughout the night


  • Leaks after several uses
  • Automatic pump makes noise throughout the night
  • The bad smell last long
  • some finds the secondary pump noisy

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5. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set with 2 Pillows 

airbed with pillow set

Intex Classic Downy Airbed comes in Queen size. It is made of heavy-gauge vinyl that is strong and thick enough for comfort. The top is flocked covered with a soft waterproof material which also reduces slippage during as well as the annoying sounds made by air mattresses when turning. The vinyl material does a good job in guarding the air mattress against unintended punctures.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed comes two inflatable pillows and a double-quick hand pump that you can use to inflate the pillows and the air mattress in less than 10 minutes. The 2-in-1 valve has an additional wide opening which allows quick and easy inflations and deflations with least effort. This mattress doesn’t come with a carrying bag so you need to have a suitable bag to store it.

Although Intex Classic Downy Airbed can hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds, it is more suited as a one-person sleeping to avoid air leakages. With a height of 9 inches when inflated, it provides a comfortable sleeping surface for a great night’s sleep when camping. Nevertheless, the pillows feel flat and uncomfortable in spite of full inflation, this is a big let-down although it doesn’t change the fact that Intex Classic Downy Airbed is one of the best air mattresses for camping.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed is a great choice when it comes to choosing an air mattress. It is one of the affordable camping air mattresses that will give you value for your money.


  • Great for camping
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s affordable and durable
  • Great customer service


  • Not designed for everyday use
  • Leaks air at night

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Factors to consider before buying a camping air mattress

1. Comfort of the camping air mattress

After a long busy day of hiking and exploring, you need a comfortable sleeping surface so you can relax. Internal air coils, however, keep air mattresses flat for comfort and support while flocking helps with warmth and is soft to the touch. Buy an air mattress that’s comfortable.

The comfort level presented by a good air mattress is directly related to the thickness. A thicker air mattress will be more comfortable than a thinner one, as you are going to have extra air underneath you all night long. With a thinner mattress, you will start the night comfortably, only to wake up with your body on the ground as it has deflated.

2. Type of the camping air mattress

It is crucial to consider the type of air mattresses. Before, blow up mattresses were just a thin layer of air that kept your body off the ground. Today, there are many models on the market, each with their own pros and cons. Making a decision which type to buy comes down to the intended purpose of the product, the budget you have available for the purchase. Since the purposes here is camping, then it will depend on the kind of camping. Consider things such as portability, method of inflation, and mattress height.

Many people are going to be looking for a self-inflatable camping air mattress that has the pump built right into the product, which is an advantage. Another option is a mattress with a battery-operated pump so that you don’t have to depend on electricity. This type of air mattresses, you can camp even in the remote areas with no power supply.

3. Material 

People prefer Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) camping air mattresses over other options because of the waterproofing quality of the material. The PVC material is also affordable, very durable and easily flexible making it a great contender for a camping air mattress. However, the phthalates which make the PVC material softer and more flexible may give off a smell that might be unpleasant to some people.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) offers a good alternative to PVC. The TPU material is flexible, lighter, odourless, durable and more environmentally friendly as compared to PVC material. In addition, TPU is perfect for extreme outdoor temperatures.

The covers for most air mattresses are mostly textured or flocked to prevent slippage during sleep and to maintain warmth. Most of the air mattresses have waterproof covers to counter the fringes of the great outdoors. Consider the cover material too.

4. Mattress weight and packed size

Consider the weight and size of your air mattress when it is packed down for travel. This may not be an issue if you are planning on using your own car to get to your camping location. However, heavy mattresses can be a headache during a backpacking trip.

Pay attention to the size also depending on how much space you will have in your sleeping area or tent and how many people will be using it at once. If you are going camping with your family, then look for a big mattress that will be enough for you. No need to drag a huge mattress when going camping alone.

5. Budget of the camping air mattress

Fortunately, there are camping sir mattress brands to cater to every budget, be it high, moderate or low. What you need to understand is that low cost normally means less durability and fewer convenient features, but it can be beneficial in certain circumstances. For instance, you may have already bought an electric pump, and you don’t want to pay extra money on a costly air mattress that comes with its own. The good thing is you have an option of buying a cheap camping air mattress that doesn’t have its own pump to save cash and use the already existing electric pump.

If you go for the high-cost air mattress, you will enjoy more convenient features and your mattress will be durable. The high-cost mattress is made from the best materials and is perfect for extreme outdoor temperatures. However, we suggest that you buy an air mattress that you can afford.

6. Customer reviews 

There are numerous popular brands of camping air mattresses in the market, but going by brand name alone can result in a poor decision. Customer reviews show a truer colour of the camping air mattress’s performance and durability, and you should go through them before you decide on buying an air bed. In this review, for instance, we cover the pros and cons of each mattress, search and compile customer reviews to make the best recommendations depending on what kind of camper you are.

7. Ease of use

There are different methods of inflation, from standard foot pumps to battery-operated hand pumps. Consider the value of suitability and what will work best for your camping trip. Battery-operated pumps can be the best because you can always carry backup batteries, but batteries can add more weight to your overall camping gear.


Camping is a hobby that you should enjoy like any other hobby you know. After you are exploring all day, you need to relax comfortably at night. That where a good camping air mattress comes in. A camping air mattress is not the biggest purchase you are going to make in your life, but it is one that you want to get right. With so many options on the market today, it can be hard to settle on a specific pick but not for you now that you know what to look for when buying the best camping air mattress.

Our top best air mattress for camping is SoundAsleep Dream Series. The fact that it comes with an internal high capacity pump that inflates the mattress in less than four minutes. This air mattress is created with ComfortCoil technology that makes it extremely comfortable. The material is durable and waterproof. Last but not the least, SoundAsleep Dream Series has an impressive 4.4-star rating and an Amazon’s Choice badge.

However, don’t limit yourself to SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattresses. We have reviewed the five best air mattress so that you can make the best decision when buying the camping air mattress, depending on the kind of expeditions you want to undertake. Enjoy your camping moments!

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