3 piece coffee table set under 100 dollars

Best 3-Piece Coffee Table Set Under $100 for a Stylish House

February 21, 2022

Nowadays, coffee tables are very expensive, that’s why acquiring the best 3-piece coffee table set under $100 is the best option in transforming your room into the focal point of the house. As the centrepiece at the heart of the house, a coffee table sets the living room tone, which then sets the tone of the rest of your house; therefore, it requires a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. You will find that some coffee tables are hyper-minimalist, intricate or unique, and the best thing is that they are budget-friendly and unbeatable.

However, there are so many options on the market, and the manufacturers all claim that they are best, so to help you make the right decision, we have reviewed the best 3-piece coffee table set under $100 and factors to consider when buying them.

What is a Coffee Table?

A coffee table is a small piece of furniture placed in the living room purposely for supporting beverages, decorative items, books and remote controls, and storage purposes. The top of the table should level with the seat cushions of the sofas and chairs. Now that we understand what a coffee table is, let’s check out the best 3-pc coffee table set under $100.

1. Black Nesting 3PC Coffee Table

coffee table set under $100

The next set we will look at is the Black Nesting 3-piece coffee table set for under $100. These coffee tables blend well with your home interior décor because they are designed with a black wood style, so you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place. In addition, since these end tables comprise high-quality metal frames and engineered wood, you have the guarantee that they will last for years.   

Due to their round and triangular design, they appear sleek and distinctive. Th coffee tables create modern and stylish atmospheres in a living room, offices and dining rooms when the rings combine. If your living room has less space, you can place these 3-piece coffee table set together, or you can ultimately separate them if you need more flexibility,

Though an excellent choice, you need to assemble it yourself. You are in luck because the coffee table includes a kit full of information and hardware you need to assemble it. Moreover, the coffee table features table legs with the shape of the hairpin to make sure that they will not cause any damage around your home.


  • includes assembly hardware
  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy


  • Hard to find a triangle shape

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2. DRM Nesting 3PC Coffee Tables Set

best 3-piece coffee table set

Another set we will look at is the DRM 3-piece nesting table. It brings style and functionality into your home or apartment. Especially for small spaces, these tables are a sleek and stylish solution to place your objects. The tabletop surface has an antique tone and a classic black metal to create a high-design aesthetic. You can place this set by your bed or a sofa.

The coffee table features a surface with a PVC sticker, steel stent legs that support the table and overall, it’s made of solid particleboard. The surface is smooth, appealing and durable in performance.

You can use the coffee table in a stackable placement to save space, all thanks to its design. Also, you can separate and scatter the tables throughout the living room. You can use it as dining, coffee or reading table, and you can use it at homes offices and schools. It features a scratch-resistant footpad to avoid wearing and tearing the floors.

It’s compact and lightweight hence easy to move and carry. You can use the Nesting table indoors or outdoors. However, avoid humid environments for long-term use and don’t place heavy items on the surface to avoid breakages.


  • Nesting Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Saves space
  • Easy to assemble


  • Can’t withstand humid environment for long-term use

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3. TANGNADE 3PC Stacking Nesting Coffee Table Set

3-piece coffee table under $100

We recommend the top pick of the TANGNADE 3-piece coffee table set for under $100. With a classic yet modern design, it adds to the aesthetics of various interior styles. Moreover, the tabletops are made from vintage wood with a rustic style, making them an excellent addition to your sitting, dining and bedroom area.

The coffee table features a strong metal frame; hence doesn’t wobble when you put heavy objects on the surface. In addition, the coffee table are metal coated with powder to avoid damage, rust and corrosion. The 3-piece coffee table is versatile; hence, you can work on your computer or take beverages.

Also, the set comes with a detailed instruction manual and the necessary hardware; hence it’s easy to assemble the table. Then, the only thing you must do is screw the legs into place, and the set is ready to use.


  • The design saves space
  • Durable
  • Versatile      
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some screws are not compatible hence fails to fits

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4. Giantex 3PC Coffee End Table Sets

Giantex 3-piece coffee table set

The next 3-piece set we will look at is that Giantex coffee table. It’s very convenient since each table has a different height to satisfy the needs of different people. These tables will accommodate your needs, especially if you have sofas that vary in height.                               

The strong hardwood frame offers a stable platform for a tabletop making Giantex one of the best 3-piece coffee table sets under $100. Be sure that this table set provides one with a firm base for your beverages and the surface will not be harmed. They have a solid foundation to allow you to lay heavy objects on them without causing breakage.

You don’t have to put a lot of effort into ensuring that your table set is clean because they are made of smooth bamboo that’s easy to clean. You don’t have to buy a lot of excessive cleaning procedures because you only require a wet or dry towel. The instructions are straightforward, thus making it easy to assemble the pieces.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed for different table heights
  • Fits anywhere in your home       


  • Only ideal for smaller apartments

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5. FURINNO Camus Modern 3 Piece Coffee Table Sets

Furinho coffee table

FURINNO 3-piece coffee table set is the first one we will look at under $100. This furniture comes with three coffee tables for your living room or other indoor places like an office. The coffee table is made from a modern design; hence you can use them to store your objects, beverages and office paperwork. With its trendy appearance, which is a result of wood grain, the coffee table adds a classy look to your living room.

Each coffee table has a reinforced design at the bottom to ensure maximum stability and durability. The wooden legs deliver a solid performance and bear your loads without getting weaker. The top of the coffee tables is made from high-quality particle board, resilient enough to last for years.

The manufacturers have strengthened the bottom of the 3-piece coffee table set to guarantee stability and longevity. Furthermore, the wooden legs can withstand heavy objects without breaking hence durable. The tabletops comprise high-quality particleboard that is durable to last for a long period.

FURINNO coffee tables are waterproof, thereby making them resistant to moisture damage. In addition, the tabletop waterproof surface is smooth; hence it’s easier to clean spills and crumbs off the table.


  • Easy assembly
  • Stylish
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Modern design 


  • Requires two people to assemble

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6. Fleecy Day Coffee Table Triangle Sets of 3

fleecy 3 piece coffee table

Fleecy Day coffee table set is the 6th option we will look at. This 3-set coffee table set has the best end tables. The coffee table is made of high-quality pine wood with a distinct texture and appealing color. The set comprises one center table and two end tables that you can elegantly arrange in your house.

The set is light in weight; however, they offer you a firm surface for your items like plants. In addition, the legs have a wider angle to improve their aesthetics and stability. Therefore, these coffee tables enhance the utility and aesthetics of your living room.

These table sets improve your living room’s appearance and feel, thus making it more welcoming. Remember that you can customize their style to fit your interior décor even if you have plenty of space or many people. Also, it’s very affordable hence a better bargain considering the price.


  • Offers more storage space
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish


  • Additional expenses are incurred for the hardware

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What Are the Main Styles Options of Coffee Tables?

1. Shaker coffee tables

These coffee tables were originally developed by a Christian group known as the shakers. The tables have their distinct style. Usually, the top is a piece of solid wood and under there is a drawer. Also, there is a shelf for storing items.

2. Cottage coffee tables

 Cottage coffee tables celebrate their imperfections and convenience, thus known for being reserved and low-key. Usually, they are constructed with a mixture of pastel colors. 

3. Industrial coffee tables.

Usually, these coffee tables feature design motifs borrowed from the industrial revolution. As a result, they work best in minimalist interiors.

4. Parsons coffee tables

They have a flat and thick top with four large legs.

5. Modern coffee tables

Modern coffee table design makes smoke use of chrome and tempered glass. The surface is designed for your drinks, and the bottom is closer to the ground for magazine and other accoutrements storage.

6. Contemporary coffee tables

You would recognize these coffee tables from their designer elements. You will notice that they feature sticking motifs you weren’t expecting to see from modernist designs like striking shapes and fusions of natural and synthetic materials.

What Are the Functions of Coffee Tables

1. For decor

For formal settings, coffee tables are used for decorative purposes or accents. Usually, the tables are made of wood, glass, marble or Stones and often display floral arrangements or books.

2. Storage

Besides providing a convenient tabletop, coffee tables also function as storage space. Some coffee tables include compartments below the tabletop, while others include simple shelf arrangements. In addition, some manufacturers produce hinged top coffee tables that adjust the tabletop along with ranges of your preferred height; This means that you can use a lower table to serve coffee and a taller table to enjoy a meal.

3. Recreation

As a parent, you can play cards or checkers with your kids for recreational purposes. Moreover, kids have fun spreading out puzzles on a coffee table. You can also show off displayed models in a family room.

Type of Material Used to Create a Coffee Table.

Ensure that you consider the type of material a coffee table is made of. The maintenance of the table depends on this. Common materials that are used to make 3-piece coffee tables are: 

1. Wood

Wood is a traditional coffee table material and is also the most vulnerable. Therefore, ensure that you use coasters for your cup and glass since laminate still wears off with time.

2. Glass 

With glass, you don’t have to be worried about moisture damage. However, you have to clean it regularly since stains are most visible on the glass.

3. Stone 

Since coffee tables are fancy, maintenance requires a cleaner and sealer.

4. Metal 

Use coasters on metal coffee tables since they are also susceptible to rust.

Factors to consider before buying the best 3-piece coffee table set under $100

1. Space

Consider additional living room space before rushing to the nearest furniture shop or online store to look for available 3-piece coffee table sets. If your house is overcrowded, it will be difficult for you to fit in your coffee tables. However, you can organize your furniture well, sell some of your huge furniture and buy ones that will occupy less space.

For those who live in a small apartment, space may be a factor; that’s why you need to a set with a large center table and end tables that are smaller; Hence, allowing you to find the best area to position your end tables to ensure that you can still move around your house with ease. 

2. Size 

After ensuring that you have enough living room space, you now need to determine the size of the coffee table you want to buy. The size of the 3-piece coffee table depends on the available space. If you can acquire a measuring tape, it will be excellent so that you can take note of the size of your ideal coffee table. Since now you have the idea of what your coffee table should look like with your measurements, it will be easy to choose the tables available in the store. If space is not a problem, then go for that large coffee table that can cater for the whole sitting space in your living room.

3. Height

Apart from size, height also counts when it comes to the dimensions of the coffee table. Therefore, ensure the height of the coffee table is below or the same as the sofas’ to maintain the living room uniformity. Also, uniformity makes sure that the coffee tables fit in with the surrounding furniture and do not look like a piece of misplaced furniture.

4. Shape

The best thing about coffee tables is that they come in different shapes, so you don’t go for the usual rectangular shape. You will find that some coffee tables are round in shape, oval and others have multiple sides. However, some furniture designers go beyond the familiar shapes to make great coffee tables. You can find guitar-shaped coffee tables or four-leaf clover in a store where some are customized, making them a little bit pricey. 

5. Design and style

Another important aspect when choosing a quality coffee table is aesthetics since you want an impeccable living room. Consider choosing a coffee table color that goes well with your living room furniture. Moreover, go for a coffee table whose design is intricately carved or plain and minimalist. 

6. Ease of assembly

You will find that most coffee table sets are sold unassembled, thus requiring one to put them together. In this case, we are sure you would want a coffee table set that you can assemble quickly without professional help or advanced tools.

For this case, Bolt-on coffee tables are an excellent choice since they come with the proper hardware you require to assemble. Hence, assembling your coffee table and end tables should take just a few minutes. Ease of assembly should be on the list as you are shopping.

7. Storage Space

A coffee table adds more storage space. Certainly, you can place a vase of flowers for decorative purposes. You can also put some magazines and books for guests when they visit. Some coffee tables have extra storage below the tabletop, and others have drawers. However, the decision is yours at the end of the day, so ensure you choose the one that suits you best.

8. Material

Following the type of materials listed in this article, you should choose coffee tables that match the style and function of your space. For example, go for wooden coffee tables if you want a classic feel because they blend well with any living room space.

Go for a glass-top coffee table if you want a modern and contemporary style. However, it’s not a great choice for homes with small kids as they can easily break the glass.

Consider buying marble, granite or stale coffee tables if you want luxury. On the other hand, if you want your home to look classy, go for stoneware as it brings that unique appearance to your living room.

9. Maintenance

It’s very important to select a table that you can clean easily without the need for over-the-top methods. Thus, consider the function and the material of your ideal coffee table to ensure that you can clean up spills with Little to no effort.

Benefits of the Best 3-Piece Coffee Table Set Under $100

With a 3-piece coffee table set, you will get to several benefits, and they include:

1. Functionality

With a 3-piece coffee table set, you will improve your indoor space functionality because it will provide a place to put your objects. Therefore, you don’t have to throw items on the floor because you already have 3 coffee tables for that. Magazines, phones, beverages or refreshments are some of the things you would want to put on a coffee table; This comes with the advantage of putting items in place and reducing the chances of misplacing them on the floor.

2. Stylish

If you want to accentuate your interior style, get that coffee table because it adds interest and elegance to your sitting area, dining, and bedroom. It’s very easy to find one you like since coffee tables come in different shapes, colors, and designs, making your house more welcoming.

The aesthetics and functionality of your house are most crucial. Therefore, buy a coffee table that makes you more relaxed just by its looks.

3. Convenient

Even though one coffee table is perfect, it limits your usage because you will probably have to put it at the center of your living room. That’s why the 3-piece coffee table set comes in handy because you can find its use in ways more than one with the end tables. By placing the end tables at the areas you need their use more, you will enjoy their maximum convenience.

With how convenient the coffee table is, you can use its end tables to hold your indoor flowers or any decor that will help improve the room’s appearance. In addition, you will notice that you will get more flexibility with the 3-piece coffee tables, unlike with one.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best 3-Piece Coffee Table Set Under $100

1. Which is the best 3-piece coffee table set under $100?

The FURINNO Camus Modern 3 Piece Coffee Table Set is perfect for any living room space. 

2. How can I ensure that I choose a quality coffee table set?

You need to consider size, shape, height, design, and style.

3. Are 3-piece coffee end table sets worth the price?

Yes, because they will offer you excellent functionality and are convenient. Moreover, coffee table sets are convenient and stylish compared to a single coffee table.

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