30 Ideas to Light Up Your Bedroom

To properly light your bedroom and show off all its unique architecture, you need to to layer the lights. It is no longer enough to simply have overhead lighting. Instead, lighting a bedroom is all about mood, temperatures, dimmers, motion sensors, and creating a smart home ecosystem.

The rule of thumb is to have ceiling lights and recessive lighting on dimmers to avoid it being too harsh. The floor lamps and sconces can be used to light dark corners of the room. Whenever possible natural light should be accessible in your bedroom during the day. Finally, we can play a role in converse the environment by using energy-saving lights.

Here are 30 bedroom lighting ideas that will inspire you to decorate your haven. Be sure not to overcrowd your bedroom.

1. Install a ceiling fan with light for multipurpose use

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2. Install an ornate chandelier to add drama and elegance

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3. Hang pendant lights over specific areas like the bed or nightstands for focused lighting

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4. Use a flush or semi-flush mount ceiling lights for general illumination without taking up much space

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5. Bedside Table Lamps are a classic option for reading and bedside illumination

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6. Install adjustable lights mounted on the wall above or beside the bed

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7. Installing a desk Lamp would be essential for a bedroom that doubles as a workspace

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8. Add floor lamps to the collection

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9. Recessed lighting provides even and unobtrusive light throughout the room

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10. Track Lighting with adjustable fixtures can highlight specific areas or objects

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11. Install cove lighting for the recess areas such as the ceiling

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12. Use LED strips or rope lights around the bed for a soft glow

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13. Opt for string lights to add a whimsical atmosphere

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14. Install decorative wall sconces

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15. Highlight your bedroom artworks or photographs on the walls with picture lights

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16. Enhance your space with natural light using sheer curtains or have bare windows

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17. Install skylights for natural light during the day

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18. Use mirrors to make the room feel brighter and larger

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19. Install dimmable lights and adjust the brightness to fit your mood

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20. Use neon signs for a personal touch

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21. Lanterns complement a rustic or bohemian aesthetic

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22. Add candlelight for a romantic ambiance

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23. Light up your closet

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24. Add nightlights for soft illumination when navigating in the dark

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25. If your bedroom faces the sun, use blackout curtains to control the amount of natural light that gets in

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26. Project patterns or images onto the ceiling or walls using projection lamps

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27. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a creative way to add a warm glow to your bedroom and is believed to have health benefits

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28. Install smart bulbs which change colors and brightness with an app or voice control

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29. Install motion sensor lights in the bathroom for night time navigation

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30. Incorporate LED lighting into your bedroom wall art in an artistic way

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